Satan's Lawyer 302: The sense of humour is the worst sense! (with Alexei Toliopoulos)

Satan's Lawyer 302: The sense of humour is th...

Satan's Lawyer 303: There can never be too much Star Wars! (with Chris Taylor)

It's Star Wars Day and Satan is feeling the franchise fatigue, so Andrey and Ivan invite author, Mashable editor and genuine Star Wars scholar Chris Taylor on to prove that the sweet Lucasfilm tap should NEVER be turned off. Also, Ivan doesn't realize what year it is, Andrey is i ...   Show more

Satan's Lawyer 301: VR is better than just regular R! (with Sophie Buddle)

As Season Three kicks off, our heroes welcome award winning comedian and spokesperson for the Ketchup Hater Community Sophie Buddle to discuss the joys of virtual reality. Also, Ivan is betrayed from within, Andrey can't shut up no matter the stakes, and Sophie is cheated by a ch ...   Show more

Satan's Lawyer 210: Christmas songs are Christmas WRONG, etc! (with Fiona Revill)

On the resplendent second season finale, Fiona joins Ivan and Andrey to tabulate the sins of Christmas songs and carols - which she happens to LOVE.  Also, Ivan is bamboozled by an internet huckster, Andrey has dirt blindness, and Fiona is bad at keeping it secret that she's keep ...   Show more

Satan's Lawyer 209: Patriotism is, like, bad! (with Cameron James)

Ivan and Andrey welcome Australia's Cameron James (comedian, podcaster, wonderboy, sort-of detective, in a way) to talk about why patriotism no bueno.  Also, Ivan admires/eats various water fowl, Andrey thinks Vampires are real for a bit, and Cameron abjectly spurns his local bar ...   Show more

Satan's Lawyer 208: This is NOT the darkest timeline! (with Duncan Shields)

With COVID Halloween and the U.S. Presidential Election looming above a climate-addled hate zoo, Ivan and Andrey invite author, poet, artist and podcaster Duncan Shields to help them take perhaps the most dubious position they've ever assumed: That things will in fact be okay. Al ...   Show more

Satan's Lawyer 207: No thanks, "nature"! (with Emma Overton)

Nature's been a real unfit mother lately, and Satan teleports in Beaverton/This Hour Has 22 Minutes writer Emma Overton to help with an intervention.  Also, Ivan does not have COVID, Andrey is attacked by a table, and Emma is vexed by her unresolved feelings regarding a man, a li ...   Show more

Satan's Lawyer 206: Vacations are a waste of everything!

Satan's bummed out that with COVID there won't be any summer at the lake for him with his chill summertime crew. Ivan and Andrey, not on said crew, set out to prove to him that vacations are friends to no-one.  Also, fully cogent adult Ivan returns to Los Angeles from Canada as i ...   Show more

Satan's Lawyer 205: Education. WHO NEEDS IT!

Satan's had it up to here having to self-isolate with his son, but Ivan and Andrey are having none of his pro-scholastic rhetoric.  Also, Ivan tries to incept cakes into existence, and Andrey just wants a little taste of that sweet, sweet nectar: condensed milk.  

Satan's Lawyer 204: Be productive or die!

Satan, nothing if not productive, demands that Ivan & Andrey quit wasting time and convince the world why unceasing productivity should be the norm. Also, Ivan is the sh**ty king of puzzles, and Andrey has devolved substantially.   

Satan's Lawyer 203: Hollywood is HollyGREAT! (with Alexei Toliopoulos)

With Satan self-isolating down in hell, Ivan and Andrey welcome Australian comedian Alexei Toliopoulos back to talk about the flawless perfection of everyone's beloved eternal utopia Hollywood. Also, Ivan enters a forbidden tunnel, Andrey terrorizes an old man, Alexei incepts his ...   Show more

Satan's Lawyer 202: Friendship is garbage! (with Wes Mack)

After alienating Satan, Ivan and Andrey welcome country music superboy Wes Mack to talk about why there's nothing more annoying and unnecessary than friendship.  Also, Andrey abuses the help, Ivan sleeps away a years' worth of work, and Wes selflessly cancels plans at the last po ...   Show more

Satan's Lawyer 201: Millennials can shove it!

They said it couldn't be done! Or at least probably shouldn't! And yet here we are with season TWO. To kick things off, Satan demands millennials be taken down a peg or two, because of all the generations they definitely deserve it most, right? Also, Ivan has a dark secret in his ...   Show more

The War on Christmas Specials Christmas Special (with Fiona Revill)

In the final episode of season 1, and of 2019, Ivan and Andrey welcome producer of this show and famed Christmas-lover Fiona to wade into the morass on whether Christmas Specials should even exist.  Incidentally, this is our Christmas Special.  Also, Fiona laughs in someone's fac ...   Show more

Satan's Lawyer Halloween Brexit Spook-tacular Special 2019

With Satan off trick-or-treating, Ivan and Andrey welcome The Beaverton's Alex Huntley to talk about Hallowe'en, but all he wants to talk about is Brexit.  Also, Ivan is easily upsold, Andrey gets a little too close to a milk carafe, and Alex fully pilots a plane into the wrong a ...   Show more

Satan's Lawyer 12: Thanks, but no thanks(giving)!

Satan is scandalized to find out that in Canada, Thanksgiving encroaches dangerously on Hallowe'en. He demands that Ivan and Andrey cancel it, which they reluctantly do. Also, Ivan beefs online with a Scottish Pub, and Andrey throws a tree at a chiropractor.   

Satan's Lawyer 11: School is for losers!

School's back in session, and Satan is in tatters missing those long summer days with his cute little son Damien (the Antichrist). Ivan and Andrey help out by convincing him that school is no place for a child. Also, Ivan ghosts a friend in need, and Andrey unveils a Box of Lies.  

Satan's Lawyer 10: Summer hatin'

It's a hot one out there, and Satan's keen to hit the beach and/or his favourite patio. Ivan and Andrey, however, HATE summer - and they're going to make you hate it too, or at the very least hate listening to them during it.  Also, Andrey is given the WRONG salad (except he isn' ...   Show more

Satan's Lawyer 9: Social contract? Social schmontract!

Canada Day is upon us, and to celebrate Ivan and Andrey tear up the Social Contract - Canada's most cherished unwritten document.  Also, Andrey hates strangers and Ivan commits toilet seat fraud.  

Satan's Lawyer 8: The 40 hour work week? F&^K YES! (with Andrew Barber)

Satan's so over-worked this month that he can't stay and chat, so Vancouver improviser, producer and general man-about-town Andrew Barber joins Ivan and Andrey to talk up the merits of the 40-hour work week.  Also, Ivan comes off as deeply racist, Andrey visits scandal upon an ar ...   Show more

Satan's Lawyer 7: The British Monarchy is just perfection!

As hot goss about the Royals hits the social meeds, Satan demands that Ivan and Andrey join him on the bandwagon. They hate the bandwagon. Also, Ivan trivializes a kidnapping at his own peril, and Andrey learns the term "blue light blockers" through much heartache.   

Satan's Lawyer 6: Always be on social media! (with Alexei Toliopoulos)

In another double-length double whammy of an episode, Satan is distracted by a (literal) flame war with some (literal) trolls and so Ivan and Andrey welcome Aussie comedian Alexei Toliopoulos (from hit podcast "Finding Drago") to extol the virtues of Social Media. Also, Ivan scam ...   Show more

Satan's Lawyer 5: Climate change is totally fine!

Hell is unseasonably cold, and it's got Satan buggin' about climate change. Our heroes marshall science, common sense and recalcitrance to convince him that irreversible global temperature increases are actually A-Okay. Also, someone gets in Ivan's personal space while sleeping o ...   Show more

Satan's Lawyer 4: Romantic love is awful!

In a lovey-dovey double-length Febisode, Ivan and Andrey try to cheer up lonely lifelong bachelor Satan by convincing him that romantic love is for the birds. Also on the subject of birds, Ivan is menaced by a mutant one that thinks he's its father. Andrey tells a scandalous wedd ...   Show more

Satan's Lawyer 3: Eat all the sugar you want!

This month, Ivan and Andrey try to get Satan to break his New Years' Resolution by convincing him that sugar is amazing and everyone should always be eating as much of it as possible. Also, Ivan shares a shameful holiday party life-hack and Andrey reveals another time he rocked h ...   Show more

Satan's Lawyer 2: Fossil fuels are amazing!

This month, our heroes prove that fossil fuels are absolutely the best source of energy in the cosmos. Also, Ivan works through his issues with chicken delivery, and Andrey runs into problems with his name at a coffee shop, but NOT HOW YOU'D EXPECT.  

Satan's Lawyer 1: Democracy is the worst!

Welcome to Satan’s Lawyer, the podcast where Juno-winning comedian Ivan Decker and person Andrey Summers defend the indefensible! This month, as the U.S. midterm elections kick off, Satan challenges our heroes to argue that democracy is the world’s worst form of government. Also, ...   Show more

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