Ben Folds and Bob Discuss How to Find the Best Work & Common Ground Through Music & Comedy

Ben Folds and Bob Discuss How to Find the Bes...

Dr. Jon LaPook, CBS Chief Medical Correspondent, Talks to Bob About Covid-19 Vaccine Hesitancy and Sheds Some Light on Common Medical Misinformation

Dr. Jon LaPook of CBS News joins Bob for an insightful conversation on the Covid-19 Pandemic and the amazing efforts scientists and doctors are making to help people during this time. He explains how the variations of Covid-19 vaccines were developed and just how crucial the need ...   Show more

Mary Lynn Rajskub and Bob Talk About Her New Special, a Film They Just Shot Together, and How She Found Her Comedic Voice

After wrapping a film together in the Cayman Islands, Mary Lynn Rajskub and Bob sit down to talk about their experience on set. Mary Lynn also talks about how she auditioned for the Office with a story about a prostitute, her upcoming movie with Chris Pratt, and how she shot her ...   Show more

Candace Cameron Bure Talks Growing Up With Bob on Full House and Becoming “The Queen of Christmas"

Bob’s TV daughter, Candace Cameron Bure, calls him from quarantine in Vancouver while shooting another Aurora Teagarden Mystery. Candace tells Bob all the places life has taken here since the two met 34 years ago on the set of Full House. With 27 Hallmark films under her belt, he ...   Show more

Joe Mantegna Talks with Bob about 13 Years Starring in “Criminal Minds,” "Godfather III,” Voicing the Simpson’s Fat Tony, And Winning the Tony

In 1986, Bob met Joe Mantegna on the set of Critical Condition- and they’ve been friends ever since. The two spend time catching up, covering everything from Joe Mantegna’s local turned Broadway theatre roots, his 13 year run on Criminal Minds, and how his pizza guy was the first ...   Show more

Bob Newhart Looks back at His Career: Standup, The Bob Newhart Show, Catch 22, and When He Knew Elf Would Be a Hit

From his early comedy records to the Bob Newhart Show; from your favorite Papa Elf to winner of Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series for his work on CBS' "The Big Bang Theory,” Bob Newhart is here and he’s got some hilarious stories to tell. Stories like: the time he tried ...   Show more

Loni Love and Bob Discuss the Beauty in Comedy and the Importance of Sharing Our Stories

As a comedian, actress, author, and former electrical engineer, Loni Love is proof that you can do it all. Loni talks to Bob about her book “I Tried to Change So You Don’t Have To” and why it’s important to share your story with the world. She also tells the inspiring and hilario ...   Show more

Jamie Kennedy Reminisces Over Their Philly Roots, How He Broke Into Bob’s House, and Shot a Music Video With Him

Jamie Kennedy shares the story of how he got his start as a background extra in film and television, what it was like for him to attend his first open mic at age 19, and how he developed his show,The Jamie Kennedy Experiment. Bob and Jamie also look back at their shared Philly ro ...   Show more

Cedric the Entertainer and Bob Discuss: “The Neighborhood,” Going Back Onstage, and Their “Fallback" Careers

If there’s one thing Cedric the Entertainer has been missing this past year, it’s performing for a live audience. Bob and Cedric talk about the nerves that come with returning to the stage and wonder if they’ll just have to return to lives of adjusting auto claims and cutting del ...   Show more

Brittany Furlan and Bob Get Candid About Mental Health, Losing Loved Ones, and Brittany’s Very Specific Fear of Spiders

Former Vine-Star and current host of the podcast “Worst Firsts”, Brittany Furlan opens up to Bob about her past struggle with being well-known on social media, what it’s like being “cancelled”, and her life-long struggle with depression and anxiety. The two recall their experienc ...   Show more

Brian Regan and Bob Talk About Writing for Comedy, Being Willing to Fail, and Brian's New Special “On the Rocks”

Stand-up Brian Regan and Bob look back at the early days of comedy, where all you needed to get on stage was a tank of gas. They also talk about taking chances in your art, finding the humor in the mundane, and how sometimes the best writing takes place on stage. Plus, Brian and ...   Show more

Fortune Feimster and Bob Discuss Facing Disappointment, Shifting Your Dreams, and Why Honesty is So Funny

Comedian Fortune Feimster joins Bob to tell her story of growing up in North Carolina and hilarity that came with being a debutant. They discuss how facing disappointment is critical to discovering who you are and the necessity of shifting your dreams following disappointment. Pl ...   Show more

Gilbert Gottfried Talks to Bob About Doing Impressions, Blue Comedy, and His Unusual Problem With Birds

No topic is off the table in this hysterical and heartwarming conversation with iconic voice actor and comedian, Gilbert Gottfried. Bob and Gilbert spend time discussing the arts of ventriloquy, impressions, and acting- all while derailing into jokes and non stop laughter. They a ...   Show more

Jon Lovitz Tells Bob Stories From His Childhood, SNL, movies, and How He Develops His Hilarious Characters

Sitting in his own personal home zoo, Jon Lovitz tells Bob hilarious stories from over the years; including ones from his time on SNL and various movies. Plus, Bob and Jon laugh and reminisce on a vacation they took together and agree that if you can’t laugh at yourself, you shou ...   Show more

Randy Rainbow and Bob Discuss the Cathartic and Healing Nature of Musical Comedy

Comedian and singer, Randy Rainbow joins Bob for a delightful conversation on musical comedy, how he worked with Patti Lupone, and his journey producing his show online for the past decade. While his art often has a political focus, Randy finds a way to brings a smile to everyone ...   Show more

Steve Leder and Bob Have a Discussion About The Beauty of What Remains When Dealing with Death

Steve Leder, scholar, author, and the Senior Rabbi of Wilshire Boulevard Temple in Los Angeles, sits down with Bob for an open conversation on our perception and fear of death. Bringing up important points from Rabbi Leder’s book “Beauty of What Remains”, they have an insightful ...   Show more

Bert Kreischer Leaves His Shirt On Almost the Whole Time, as He Shares Comedy War Stories

Stand-up comedian, host of The Bertcast podcast, The Machine, and author, Bert Kreischer stops by to share his hilarious stories with Bob and how his shirtless comedy sets came to be. The two new friends talk about odd humor, innuendoes, and what makes some jokes controversial. Y ...   Show more

Josh Gad and Bob Discuss Chasing Your Dreams, Failure Before Success, and the Happiness Good Work Brings

Actor, Singer, and voice of your favorite animated snowman, Josh Gad calls Bob to talk about how he got his start, musical theatre, and how close he was to giving up on acting before he got his big break. Bob and Josh talk about failure, success, perseverance, and every set back ...   Show more

John Stamos & Dave Coulier Call Bob While He’s Recording a Special New Year’s Eve Callers’ Episode

It’s New Year’s Eve and 2020 is finally over! So Bob is celebrating by calling some listeners to check in on them and talk about their challenges, growth, and overall experience with this past year. He talks to a singer-songwriter who was evicted from her LA apartment and forced ...   Show more

Kevin Nealon and Bob Talk About Comedian Survival Instincts and Look Forward to the Future of Stand Up

Actor, Comedian, and SNL alumni Kevin Nealon calls Bob from his home to catch up, reminisce on good times shared together, and talk about the future of stand-up comedy. The two friends share a good laugh as they discuss their shared disdain for pranks, the “survival instincts” of ...   Show more

Johnny Rzeznik and Bob Talk About Great Music, the Good in This Year, and The Goo Goo Dolls Christmas Album

Long-time friend, guitarist, and frontman of the Goo Goo Dolls, Johnny Rzeznik joins Bob to reflect on 2020 and beyond. Johnny describes his view on work ethic, getting lucky, and the importance of not taking yourself too seriously. Plus, he talks about how he wrote the Goo Goo D ...   Show more

Jason Sudeikis and Bob Share the Ted Lasso Inspired Belief of Replacing Cynicism With Positivity

Actor, writer, producer, and former SNL cast member, Jason Sudeikis reveals his secret to his infamous high jump, the inspiration behind his dancing, and tells Bob what’s really inside the cakes featured in Ted Lasso. Plus, the two new friends share their views on how they get th ...   Show more

David Portnoy and Bob Diffuse Current Problems with Out of Context Jokes and Their Shared Love of Great Pizza

Barstool Presidente, David Portnoy, sits down with Bob for an intense conversation on mistaking irony, out of context jokes, and how he got shadowbanned on Instagram. They also take a deep dive into what makes a great pizza and why David’s dad thinks he leaked his own sex tape. L ...   Show more

Michael Rosenbaum and Bob Discuss Redefining Their Purpose During Hard Times

Bob sits down with actor, singer, and former super villain Michael Rosenbaum for a hilarious and open conversation. Breakups, divorce, cancer scares, and chest hair- this episode covers it all. Plus, Michael and Bob get transparent about just how powerful passion over success can ...   Show more

Marc Maron and Bob Think You Gotta Be Insane to Want to Be a Comedian

Stand-up comedian and fellow podcaster Marc Maron joins Bob for a heartfelt and hilarious conversation where they reflect on their early careers, first shows in high-school, comedy in the 80’s, and the moment they realized they might actually be funny. Amidst the laughs, they ope ...   Show more

Colin Quinn and Bob Talk About Trying to Be Funny Amidst America’s Great Divide

With America on the verge of a bad break-up, Colin Quinn joins Bob to discuss why the country is so divided and how we can learn to better understand each other. But it doesn’t stop there, they also dive into Colin’s new comedy special (Summer 2020 A Drive in Comedy Special), com ...   Show more

Paul Reiser Calls Bob From His Basement to Talk About Making Movies and Comedy

Actor, comedian, and old friend Paul Reiser calls in from his basement (suspected dungeon) to catch up with Bob. They recount their early days in comedy, bombing their sets, and share their similar experience staring in 90s sitcoms. They also go through Paul’s iconic filmography ...   Show more

Alison Rosen and Bob Discuss Why We’re All So Exhausted

Podcaster, writer, and TV personality Alison Rosen joins Bob this week in a lively discussion that covers an abundance of topics. They reminisce on the joy of having government-funded pipe cleaner shoved up their noses and unpack why most people are feeling existentially drained. ...   Show more

Phil Rosenthal and Bob Talk About His New Shows and Mistaking Friends for Food

Bob sits down with creator of long-running sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond and current host of Somebody Feed Phil, Phil Rosenthal. They talk about his experience writing for television, traveling the world to try amazing new foods, and his belief of eating old friends to make room ...   Show more

Simonetta Lein and Bob Discuss How Cheesesteaks and Influencers May Help Humanity

Entrepreneur and one of Forbes Top 5 fashion influencers, Simonetta Lein joins Bob to talk about her journey immigrating to the United States and what it's like living the American dream in Philadelphia. Bob and Simonetta share their similar stories of unexpected opportunities an ...   Show more

Greg Fitzsimmons and Bob Talk About Stand-Up and Sabotaging Each Other's Acts

Bob sits down with writer, producer, radio-host, stand-up comedian, and self-proclaimed “King of Podcasting”, Greg Fitzsimmons. They discuss just about everything from sabotaging each other’s acts on stage, to how Greg balances his one million podcasts, to the true meaning of the ...   Show more

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