Guns, Germs, and Guns with Melina Abdullah & Sofiya Alexandra

Guns, Germs, and Guns with Melina Abdullah & ...

The 'Woke Mob' vs Real Mobs with John Iadarola & Emily Maya Mills

Francesca is jabbed and jazzed, while Piers Morgan defends Disney royalty, and Ben Shapiro’s only problem on God’s green earth is trans-inclusive language. John Iadarola of The Damage Report joins Francesca to discuss the right’s 'woke mob' outrage mill, and whether or not Joe Bi ...   Show more

Messy Ass Human Beings with Alicia Garza & Matt Lieb

Want to understand power and left political strategy? Alicia Garza of Black Futures Lab is just the thinker and organizer to listen to. She joins Francesca to talk openly about Biden’s surprisingly progressive plans and how social movements need to keep up the pressure specifical ...   Show more

It Gaetz Worse with Rep. Anna Eskamani & Nate Craig

A suspect voicemail from Matt Gaetz, Biden nears 100 days in office and a Disney World Dad gets mad. Florida state representative Anna Eskamani joins to talk about how she was creeped on by Matt Gaetz and his convicted-of-sex-trafficking tax collector friend, the Democratic machi ...   Show more

*BONUS* Why the Amazon Union Vote Failed & What Comes Next with Robin DG Kelley & Nato Green

After so much excitement, sadly the workers at an Amazon warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama weren't able to form a union. Still the fight isn't over! Labor organizer and comedian Nato Green joins to give his post mortem on the campaign, as well as Professor Robin D.G. Kelley whose wr ...   Show more

Ending Racial Capitalism with Robin D.G. Kelley & Nato Green

How can a Black Marxist analysis help us stop fascism? Solid easy question for Yahoo Answers. Professor Robin D.G. Kelley joins Francesca and comedian Nato Green to discuss the importance of both an anti-capitalist and an anti-racist analysis. He digs into the roots of the curren ...   Show more

GAETZILLA! with Jamie Loftus & Ken Klippenstein

Let us bask in the glow of creep Rep. Matt Gaetz's smoldering political career! Comedian Jamie Loftus and investigative journalist Ken Klippenstein join Francesca to dive into all cringey details of a political douchebag's downfall. Plus, Trump donors were duped into donating som ...   Show more

Reparations and Milkshake Ducks with Jackie Kashian & Symone Baptiste

When it comes to reparations, think local! That's the advice of film director Symone Baptiste who joins Francesca to talk about her comedy short $16,000, and the worst case and best case scenarios for reparations in America. Plus comedian Jackie Kashian on the Capitol rioter says ...   Show more

BONUS: Yang Gangs of New York with Rafael Shimunov and Matt Lieb

It’s up to you, New York! The mayoral race is around the corner and somehow the libertarian entrepreneur who poses as progressive, Andrew Yang, is one of the front runners. NYC-based activist Rafael Shimunov joins Francesca Fiorentini and comedian Matt Lieb for an in-depth look a ...   Show more

Is the Iran Deal Done? With Aamer Rahman & Trita Parsi

Biden might be missing a crucial window to fix the broken Iran Deal. That’s according to Francesca’s guest for the week, foreign policy analyst Trita Parsi of the Quincy Institute. They discuss how the U.S. can FINALLY leave the Middle East without Saudi Arabia, Israel, or its ow ...   Show more

A Greed Vaccine with Bill McKibben & Anthony Atamanuik

After Covid-19, let’s inoculate humanity against libertarians! The environmental activist and professor Bill McKibben ( joins Francesca to assess Biden’s plan to combat climate change. Will it be fast enough to take advantage of the few years we have left to prevent massi ...   Show more

Big Stimulus Energy with Emma Vigeland & Nato Green

The Senate passes the Covid stimulus package! Lots-o-money for unemployment, vaccines, schools, live venues, $1400 direct payments to parents and kids, child tax credits and not a single Republican voted for it. Fun. Yet some conservative Democrats, after stalling the entire proc ...   Show more

BONUS: A Window To Not F*ck Up with Naomi Klein

“Left to their own devices, this will be a one-term administration.” Naomi Klein, author, journalist and proof that you SHOULD meet your heroes, pulls no punches when speaking about the Biden Administration. She joined Francesca and Nato Green for a bonus episode to discuss clima ...   Show more

Cop-a-ganda with Baron Vaughn & Alex Vitale

When the bias trainings, body cams, and oversight doesn’t work, it’s time to defund the police. Maybe even time think about why we ever needed police in the first place? Gasp! Professor Alex Vitale breaks down why the connection between austerity politics of cities and the polici ...   Show more

Amazon Workers VS Goliath with Mike Drucker & Kim Kelly

No war but the class war! Journalist Kim Kelly joins to talk about a union drive in an Amazon warehouse in deep red Alabama, led mostly by women and black workers. Also comedian and writer Mike Drucker joins Francesca to talk about capitalist deregulation failing Texans during a ...   Show more

Oops I Acquitted Again with Eugene Daniels & Matt Lieb

Trump’s second impeachment came and went faster than a Tinder date on Valentines. As predicted, Republican Senators voted to acquit former President Trump, proving that yes, you can unleash MAGA hounds onto elected officials when you lose an election with no little to no conseque ...   Show more

Foot Massages on the Frontlines with Harsha Walia and Nato Green

"Modi is far worse than Trump," says activist and author Harsha Walia. She joins Francesca and comedian Nato Green to discuss the millions of farmers in India rising up against exploitative agricultural reforms. What’s the history of farmer resistance in India, and how does the r ...   Show more

*BONUS* Cancel Wall Street with Alexis Goldstein & Matt Lieb

Redditors may have won the battle but they’ll never win the war, since entire battlefield is controlled by fat cats on Wall Street. Former finance professional turned advocate for financial reform, Alexis Goldstein stopped by The Bitchuation Room to drop knowledge on what Gamesto ...   Show more

All The Single Payers with Michael Lighty & Danielle Perez

Is Medicare For All possible in California first? Not without cajoling these industry-cozy Democrats. Organizer Michael Lighty of Healthy CA joins to discuss the strategy moving forward and the pressure needed to win. Plus comedian Danielle Perez talks about being scolded by her ...   Show more

Big Tech Must Die with Mike Bridenstine & Katharine Trendacosta

Just because Facebook did the right thing by booting Trump, doesn’t mean it will stop monetizing hate. Katharine Trendacosta of the Electronic Frontier Foundation joins The Bitchuation Room to talk about breaking up big tech while preserving actual free speech, saving our privacy ...   Show more

Exit Through The Grift Shop with Miles Gray & Alexandra Rojas

Moving day has arrived for Don. After the failed coup, being impeached (again) and with donors jumping the GOP ship, this is perhaps the most predictable end to a trash presidency. Now comes Biden, with some bad ideas and some good ones, and a lot of work ahead. Miles Gray (The D ...   Show more

Coup Anon with Bill Fletcher Jr. & Nato Green

A karen, a proud boy and a confederate walk into the Capitol building trying to overturn an election… stop me if you’ve heard this one. We’re digging into the implications of this chilling attack on lawmakers and democracy with author and organizer Bill Fletcher Jr.. Was the crow ...   Show more

Bernie Tales with Chuck Rocha & Brandie Posey

Trump puts the squeeze on Georgia’s Secretary of State, and former Bernie campaigner Chuck Rocha talks about lessons from the campaign. Plus Francesca’s take on the Squad voting for Pelosi, and comedian Brandie Posey suggest squirting anti-maskers with a spray bottle. You know li ...   Show more

Trash Year with Matt Lieb & Tej Nagaraja

Smell you later 2020. We look at the biggest stories and lessons from this god-awful rotation around the sun. Plus Francesca is being Taylor Swift-pilled, Matt Lieb wants to off Henry Kissinger, and history professor Tej Nagaraja drops some New Deal knowledge. It gets deep, it ge ...   Show more

Problems Twitter Can’t Solve with Shane Bauer & Anna Valenzuela

A bad faith debate on Medicare for All and sifting through the disinformation of the Syrian Civil War. Plus, why are Covid-denying Republicans getting the vaccine before essential workers? Journalist Shane Bauer (Author of "American Prison”) and comedian Anna Valenzuela (Comedy C ...   Show more

Ruled By Geezers with Astra Taylor & Nato Green

Dianne Feinstein is losing her marbles and Covid relief hangs in the balance. Writer and organizer Astra Taylor joins Francesca and comedian Nato Green to talk about pushing Biden to immediately abolish all student debt, an idea that’s catching on even with Chuck Schumer. Plus ho ...   Show more

The Empire Strikes Biden with Brent Terhune & Juan Cole

It’s global hegemony not Adam and Steve! From very real US wars abroad to the imagined “war on Christmas”, Francesca digs deep with comedian Brent Terhune and historian Juan Cole. They discuss what foreign policy might look like under a Biden administration, from the Iran Deal to ...   Show more

Cabinet Pressure with Nelini Stamp & Greg Edwards

Biden’s staff picks are a mixed bag, while #DiaperDon tries to start as many fires as possible before leaving office. Organizer Nelini Stamp of Working Families Party and comedian Greg Edwards join Francesca to discuss how Biden can deliver for working Americans as quickly as pos ...   Show more

Thanksgrifting with John Fugelsang & Erika Andiola

The turkey in the White House refuses to concede while Covid cases surge. Comedian John Fugelsang and activist Erika Andiola of RAICES join Francesca to discuss more GOP grift, Christian hypocrisy, and the future of immigration justice. Who will undo the Stephen Miller agenda of ...   Show more

Organizing Places Democrats Left Behind with Jonathan Smucker (BONUS!)

Democrats have been “bleeding their working-class multi-racial base” for years. That's according to Pennsylvania organizer and strategist Jonathan Smucker who joined Francesca and comedian Nato Green to discuss how an effective grassroots strategy helped deliver Biden a victory, ...   Show more

A Vaccine for White Supremacy with Barbara Smith & Nato Green

America still hasn't found a cure for the virus of racism. And its super spreader won’t concede the election. Legendary black feminist and pioneer of the term “identity politics” joins Francesca and comedian Nato Green to discuss a vision for solving white supremacy in America. I ...   Show more

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