Right for the Wrong Reasons

Right for the Wrong Reasons

Burn Book on Purposivism

Leah and Kate recap the textualist bonanza in Niz-Chavez v. Garland, and the recent arguments in Americans for Prosperity Foundation (during which Justice Alito signaled that he’s a fan of the pod) and Mahanoy School District. They also preview the final case of the term, Terry v ...   Show more

Barking Goldfish

Kate, Leah, and Melissa go over new opinion, recap the previous week of oral arguments, and preview the next batch of cases to be heard at the Supreme Court.  

Tsunami of Slime

Leah and Kate are joined by Sen. Sheldon “Whiteboard” Whitehouse to discuss the courts subcommittee hearing on dark money and how the topic of the hearing relates to the Court’s upcoming case in Americans for Prosperity Foundation v. Becerra/Thomas More Law Foundation v. Becerra.  

Sausage Fest

“Live” from Yale Law’s ACS chapter, Leah and Kate recap the end of the March sitting, break down recent opinions, and kvell over some court culture -- the first batch of judicial nominees from the Biden administration!  

Spaceships and Serial Killers

Melissa and special guest Ginger Anders recap the first week of the March sitting and preview the second week of the March sitting.  

Dear Steve

Melissa, Kate, and Leah preview the March sitting and have a romp through court culture cancel culture, the monarchy, media bias, and so much more!  

Amend: The Fight for America

Melissa, Kate, and Leah are joined by Robe Imbriano, producer of Amend: The Fight for America, and Michelle Adams, Cardozo Law Professor and one of the experts featured in the Netflix docuseries.  

Get to the Punchline

Leah and Kate recap some February arguments (Brnovich v. DNC and United States v. Arthrex) before pleading with the Biden administration to give them some court culture material. Oh, and, Justice Breyer they have a request for you -- with respect, of course.  

Toddler Logic

Leah is joined by Josie Duffy Rice, President of the Appeal, and Jay Willis, senior contributor at the Appeal, to discuss some Court related news, preview the upcoming Voting Rights Act case, and chat about some emerging Fourth Amendment issues on the Court’s docket.  

Wilding Out

Melissa, Kate, and Leah recap opinions, preview the first week of arguments in the February sitting, and discuss the perils of Zoom filters and group texts.  

Dude Process

Kate and Leah do a “snap” episode on the most recent impeachment proceedings.  

Gold Highways

Leah and Kate are joined by David Schleicher and Sam Moyn, cohosts and creators of “Digging A Hole,” a legal theory podcast. They discuss Supreme Court reform and why none of them were invited to join the court reform commission.   

Dirty Damages

Leah, Melissa, and Kate recap the January sitting and the inauguration festivities. They also extend a few invites to join the pod -- so listen in!  

My Name Is Pauli Murray

Leah, Melissa, and Kate are joined by Julie Cohen, Betsy West and Talleah Bridges McMahon, the team behind the new documentary, My Name Is Pauli Murray.  The film premieres at the Sundance Film Festival this week.  

Rinse & Repeat

Leah, Melissa, and Kate are joined by Rutgers Law Dean Kim Mutcherson, host of “The Power of Attorney” podcast, to break down (FOR NOW) the Court’s recent grants, the decision in FDA v. ACOG, and to recap and preview some January cases.  

The Meme Lives

Leah, Melissa, and Kate discuss the insurrection, their new BFF Joe Manchin, the upcoming January sitting, and the 25th Amendment.  

No Coup For You

In this monster episode, Leah, Melissa, and Kate recap all of the December arguments, and the opinions we’ve gotten to date. They also deliver some disappointing news to Texas et al: NO COUP FOR YOU!  

Our Favorite Things

Melissa, Leah, and Kate bring some BIG OPRAH ENERGY to share some of their favorite things around the holidays and new year.  

When Reality Is Surreal

Leah and Melissa are joined by Alexandra Petri, author of Nothing Is Wrong And Here Is Why, and Washington Post columnist. They discuss how to cover news by laughing rather than crying, and how to satirize reality when reality is surreal.  

Normal Scrutiny

Leah and Melissa are joined by the first repeat guest on Strict Scrutiny, Elie Mystal, to discuss his recent column about Democratic leadership on the Senate Judiciary Committee. They also provide some dramatic readings and reenactments of some of the hearings and filings from th ...   Show more

Big Whiteboard Energy

It’s the episode you’ve been waiting for our breakdown of Justice Alito’s keynote speech at the Federalist Society convention. And as our guest, we have the Senator living rent free in Justice Alito’s head Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island, who gets his own Strict Sc ...   Show more

Call For Filings!

Send us your favorite, crazy election law filings from this cycle. And we'll do a dramatic reading!  

Unfeathered Discretion

Leah and Melissa preview the first week of the December sitting and recap a lot of Supreme Court and Supreme Court adjacent news about turkeys, COVID, and more.  

Cute as a Button

Leah and Melissa and Kate are joined by Meera Deo, Professor of Law at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, William H. Neukom Fellows Research Chair in Diversity and Law at the American Bar Foundation, and author of Unequal Profession: Race and Gender in Legal Academia (Stanford U Pre ...   Show more

Vice Signaling

Leah and Kate are joined by Marin Levy to recap the Affordable Care Act argument and wonder about the role of lawyers in contributing to the demise of democracy.  

Unlawful Generally

Kate and Leah break down the first week of arguments from the November sitting, as well as some developments on the Court’s shadow docket.  

Yes, Virginia

Leah, Melissa, and Kate take a virtual road trip to UVA Law to dish on the upcoming November sitting with the hosts of the Common Law podcast, Dean Risa Goluboff and Professor Leslie Kendrick.  

Hot Mess

Leah, Melissa, and Kate, discuss some recent activity on the Court’s “shadow docket” related to the election. Oh, and the fact that we have a new Supreme Court Justice.  

We The Women

Kate and Melissa talk with Julie Suk, author of We the Women: The Unstoppable Mothers of the Equal Rights Amendment.  

Big Dog Energy

Leah, Melissa, and Kate discuss some of the highlights of the October sitting, as well as the conclusion of the Barrett confirmation hearings.  

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