20: On Wellbeing, Profit & Grace and Frankie (feat. Sandra Francisco)

20: On Wellbeing, Profit & Grace and Frankie ...

22: On Interviews, Visibility & Dateline (feat. Margy Feldhuhn)

What comes first - a polished, magnetic message or the perfect platform? What really matters when it comes to visibility - is it truly all about your eyeliner or backdrop? How can a camera-shy business owner make a lasting impact?This week, Annie P. is joined by the brilliant Mar ...   Show more

21: On Confidence, Relatability & Lizzo (feat. Dre Valenzuela)

How much of you is too much? We hear about authenticity, transparency, and uniqueness all the dang time. But, what does it really feel like to show up as 100% you? Is resilience a prerequisite or is it earned? And, how do we get past the fear of being judged?This week's guest, Dr ...   Show more

19: On Leaning Out, Saying No & Bret Michaels (feat. Crista Grasso)

What keeps your fans returning, year after year? What stays in their hearts and grows with them? And - what is just noise? For most small businesses knowing what to ditch, what to delay, and what to double down on is a constant battle. What should we do when we simply cannot do i ...   Show more

18: On Lawyers, Risks & The Ferengi (feat. Noel Bagwell)

Which profession has a worse reputation - salespeople or lawyers? In this episode, Annie P. (of The Non-Sleazy Sales Academy) sits down with Noel Bagwell, Esq., arguably the most ethical lawyer of all time. Noel presents his fresh (and affordable!) approach to small business lega ...   Show more

17: On Boldness, Speaking Up & Lady Gaga (feat. Suz Chadwick)

How are you showing up in your business? How about online? Is your brand a true representation of your brilliance? Are you amplifying the best parts of your message with confidence and charm? If not, why not?This week, Annie is joined by international branding expert and speaking ...   Show more

16: On Community, Conversation & Cobra Kai (feat. Ryan Alford)

"Real wants to do business with real." We've all been told a million times that authenticity and transparency are essential, right? But - why does it actually matter? This week, big-time marketer and multi-business-owner Ryan Alford breaks it all down and reminds us that building ...   Show more

15: On Authority, Delegation & Jeopardy (feat. Terry McDougall)

How are you investing your time and energy as a small business owner? Are you spending the majority of your workday in your zone of genius? Or - like so many of us - are you determined to do damn-near-all of it yourself only to get mired in administrative muck?This week, Annie P. ...   Show more

14: On Success, Identity & The Matrix (feat. Lauren Saunders)

"Hustle is out, alignment is in." That's art-teacher-turned-entrepreneur Lauren Saunders' motto. How are you showing up in your business every day? How will the next, more evolved, more successful version of yourself respond differently? What stale behaviors are knocking you out ...   Show more

13: On Audio Branding, Archetypes & The Hero's Journey (feat. Dave Monk)

Who do your prospects and clients need you to be? What approach, tone, or style will most attract them? And what if you remove the visual aspects from your brand - relying solely on your voice to make your mark?This week, Annie is joined by the marvelous Dave Monk, out of Perth, ...   Show more

12: On Authorship, Encouragement & Doctor Who (feat. Alexandra Uth)

Does the sight of red ink give you flashbacks to Grade School English? Many of us carry that typo-trauma with us into adulthood and our entrepreneurial endeavors. How can we publish our brilliance without our voice being tainted?This week, Annie P. sits down with her favorite edi ...   Show more

11: On Intuition, Ambition & Frozen 2 (feat. Ciara Rubin)

How can we keep ourselves - our egos, our ideas, our best and dearest character traits - safe in the increasingly connected, digital, demanding  Small Business world? What role does intuition play in the ambitious pursuit of your Purpose?This week, TLTQ takes a walk on the woo-si ...   Show more

10: On Branding, Reinvention & Cafe Tropical (feat. Chelsie Tamms) - Schittsfest 2 of 2

What the heck is a brand anyway? How do you know yours is sending the right message out into the world? Too many small businesses struggle with finding the perfect fit - where cleverness, color, cohesion, and clarity combine.This week, Annie P. returns to Schitt's Creek accompani ...   Show more

9: On Writing, Self-Protection & Rose Apothecary (feat. Kelsey Hoff) - Schittsfest 1 of 2

Small business owners can be so wildly sensitive about their writing. I certainly have been. We desperately want everything to come out exactly right every time - but don't trust our own skill. AND/OR the idea of letting someone else speak for you? Forget it! No way! How can we s ...   Show more

8: On Misfits, Mentors & Dumbledore's Army (feat. Mel McSherry)

Launching a business takes gumption and a dream. Sustaining that business? Well, that requires patience, tenacity, support, and a rock-solid plan. How can we take our profitability seriously without killing what's shiny?On this raucous episode, Annie P. is joined by the utterly h ...   Show more

7: On Feminine Power, Permission & Megan Thee Stallion (feat. Rhonda "The Disruptor" Glynn)

Business is about risk - yet so many entrepreneurs cling to what is comfortable. The entrepreneurial mindset requires a lot of unlearning - of rules, standards, and restrictions. How can we push past hesitation and into innovation?This week, the utterly sensational Rhonda Glynn j ...   Show more

6: On PR, Uniqueness & Collecting Vinyl (feat. Christa Chavez Martay)

Your competitors are loud - how can you hope to be heard above their noise? The tried and true strategy of Public Relations may be your secret weapon as more media attention shifts to small ventures than ever before.This week, agency-vet-turned-founder of A La Carte Media Consult ...   Show more

5: On Video Marketing, Fear & Green Lantern (feat. Nick Bonitatibus)

Video marketing outperforms other methods time and time again - and yet, many small business owners remain camera shy. Why and at what cost?This week, Annie P. sits down with digital marketer extraordinaire Nick Bonitatibus to talk about two opposing forces: the willpower to be m ...   Show more

4: On Money, Expectations & Gossip Girl (feat. Kate Grayson)

Most small business owners I know would rather have a root canal than dig into their financial information. Why is money - even our own money - so intimidating?This week, Kate Grayson, Money Coach and Founder of Beyond Money, joins Annie P. to take the sting out of facing your fi ...   Show more

3: On Persistence, Talent & Dave Matthews Band (feat. Bryce Conlan)

There are approximately 9 billion pieces of content about starting a small business - but sustaining that business? Not so much. What does it take to find your footing in your market, and how can you stay put once you reach the top?Strategic storyteller and Dave Matthews Band dev ...   Show more

2: On Rejection, Validation, & Musical Theatre (feat. Positively Penny)

As small business owners, our products and services are precious to us. We are eager to tell the whole world about them - but doing so means we must take risks. Does hearing "no" ever get easier?Baker, fruit and veggie peddler, and multipotentialite Positively Penny sits down wit ...   Show more

1: On Authenticity, Drive & Ren & Stimpy (feat. Diann Wingert)

We hear so much about authenticity, transparency, and the need to stand out. But what does any of that actually mean - and how do you know if you're showing the right sides of yourself? Therapist-turned-coach Diann Wingert sits down with Annie P. to share her own path out of evan ...   Show more

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