Mound Over Matter

Mound Over Matter

Rooted In Fantasyland (feat. Alex Coffey)

Mid-week special! Alex and Bobby talk about the Houston Astros providing housing for players and give quick reactions to the Oakland A’s ballpark ultimatum. Then they bring on Alex Coffey, A’s beat writer for The Athletic, to break down how negotiations got to this moment, how Ro ...   Show more

Working Class Power Hitters

Bobby and Alex talk Kevin McCarthy’s ramblings on the All-Star Game move, the return of minor league baseball, an unceremonious halt to Albert Pujols’s career, and #RatcoonGate in New York. Then they take some calls on franchises half-heartedly tanking and the prospect of real la ...   Show more

Bet On It (feat. Kyle Bandujo)

Alex and Bobby banter about Rob Manfred and pace of play vs. betting, and listen to a couple voicemails about some downtrodden teams. Then they bring on Kyle Bandujo, host of “Big Screen Sports” and “From Phenom to Farm,” to talk about the realities that come with being drafted, ...   Show more

The Theory of Everything Perfect (feat. Shaker Samman)

Alex and Bobby break down A-Rod’s takes on social media, electronics, spreadsheet, and more. Then they bring on incoming associate editor at Baseball Prospectus Shaker Samman to unfold his theory of consecutive perfect games, as well as what the Super League can tell us about bas ...   Show more

Anti-Trust Issues

Bobby and Alex talk Alex Rodriguez finally getting his sports team, MLB’s timely investigation of pitchers using foreign substances, what would change if the league’s anti-trust exemption was actually stripped away, and host families in a pandemic. This week’s Three Up, Three Dow ...   Show more

All That Jazz

Alex and Bobby ring in the new season by talking about a hypothetical Red Sox losing streak and COVID cases abound on the Nationals. Then they discuss Francisco Lindor’s extension with the Mets and how it fits into baseball financial landscape, as well as MLB’s decision to pull t ...   Show more

The 2021 MLB All-GIF Draft, Part 2

Part 1 featured the obvious Tatis, Lindor, even Bau*r. But part 2 is where the depth of this year's draft really starts to show. Tune in to hear Jake Mintz, Jordan Shusterman, Meg Rowley, and Randy Wilkins round out the rest of the 2021 All-GIF draft. Read a blog post (featurin ...   Show more

The 2021 MLB All-GIF Draft, Part 1

Bobby and Alex ring in the start of a new MLB season the only way they know how: drafting the most GIF-able players to watch this year. They bring on a series of guests to draft against and discuss Fernando Tatis Jr., Francisco Lindor, Shohei Ohtani, and more with a few surpris ...   Show more

If Ginny Was Commish... (feat. Ginny Searle)

Alex and Bobby talk MLB’s plan to disrupt the sport with “innovation” and “technology,” and the prospect of NFTs of ground balls. In the final installment of their “If I Were Commish” season preview series, they talk to Ginny Searle of Baseball Prospectus about team owner account ...   Show more

If Randy Was Commish... (feat. Randy Wilkins)

Bobby and Alex grieve for A-Rod and J-Lo’s relationship, and discuss the rationale behind some of the rule changes being tested in the minors this year. Then they bring on filmmaker and writer Randy Wilkins for the second installment of their season preview series. They talk abol ...   Show more

If Rhea Was Commish... (feat. Rhea Butcher)

Alex and Bobby chat about can openers and listen to a couple voicemails about the Giants and Cleveland. Then they bring on comedian and friend of the pod Rhea Butcher for the first in a series of episodes asking: If you were commissioner, what would you do in your first 100 days? ...   Show more

F.C. Rancho Cucamonga (feat. Ryan O’Hanlon)

Bobby and Alex talk about why A-Rod’s new SPAC is the hot stock to grab, and how Kevin Mather’s comments were far from an anomaly. Then they chat with Ryan O’Hanlon, soccer writer and editor, about how European soccer’s youth development pipeline compares to youth baseball states ...   Show more

Tipping Pitches: A Baseball Podcast

Welcome to Tipping Pitches the baseball podcast trying to nationalize our national pastime. Available anywhere you get your podcasts. Follow us on Twitter @tipping_pitches. Email us at Tell us why you hate your team's owner at 785-422-5881.  

Tim Tebow Transfers the Torch to Tatis

Alex and Bobby chat about what else?  — Fernando Tatis Jr.’s payday and what it says about the San Diego Padres, the financial health of the league, and so-called “small markets.” Then, they get into some Open Season voicemails about Bob Nightengale’s best source, Jerry Reinsdo ...   Show more

Arbitration Nation

Alex and Bobby banter about vaccinations and the looming reality of in-person baseball games. Then they talk about Jack Flaherty’s arbitration case with the Cardinals and why fans should care about labor battles in the sport, as well as the history erased with the renaming of the ...   Show more

No Critical Thinking, Just Vibes (feat. Jen Ramos)

Alex and Bobby kick off the pod with the first edition of ‘Open Season,’ answering listener voicemails on the utter mismanagement of the Cubs, the joy of being able to root for Sean Doolittle, and the broken public trust between ownership and fans. Then, they’re joined by Jen Ram ...   Show more

The Big Short Porch (feat. Mike Schubert)

Bobby and Alex talk about Nolan Arenado and the concept of “onerous contracts,” as well as Steve Cohen, GameStop, and the freaking stock market, baby. Then they bring on Mike Schubert, podcaster extraordinaire at Multitude Productions and obnoxious Yankees fan, to talk the Bronx ...   Show more

Alex Rodriguez and the Legal Definition of Racketeering

Alex and Bobby reflect on the legacy of Hank Aaron and wonder whether it’s possible for him to be...underrated? Then they dive into some free agent news hello, Toronto Blue Jays! and probe the Baltimore Orioles in their quest to screw over their players. Then they talk about ...   Show more

The 2021 State of Labor in Baseball (feat. Michael Baumann)

Bobby and Alex bring on Michael Baumann, staff writer at the Ringer, for their annual look at the state of labor in baseball. Their conversation includes how the landscape has shifted over the last year, what the frigid free agent market means for players, breaking down Rob Manfr ...   Show more

Francisco Lindor or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Baseball

Alex and Bobby discuss the Mets trading for Francisco Lindor, the Padres pushing in all their chips, and the Cubs’s manufactured window. Then they chat about their defining moments as baseball fans and how they give context to the way they think about the sport, including a perfe ...   Show more

So You Want to Own a Baseball Team (feat. Rob Mains)

Bobby and Alex kick off the new year by bringing on Rob Mains, writer at Baseball Prospectus, to talk about the business of baseball from an owner’s perspective, how teams actually make (and lose) money, what’s changed about owners in the last 50 years, and much more. Follow Rob ...   Show more

Once More, With Feeling

Alex and Bobby take a look back on their favorite memories from 2020, including an impassioned debate on jerseys vs. shirseys, an investigation into whether fans could own a baseball team, Sean Doolittle’s Star Wars rankings, a critical look at baseball’s most pointless tradition ...   Show more

The Negro Leagues Have Always Been Valid (feat. Clinton Yates)

Bobby and Alex discuss the Cleveland baseball team’s decision to drop their team name...eventually, and weigh in on the bubbling debate over the length of the 2021 season. Then they bring on Clinton Yates, columnist at the Undefeated and panelist on ESPN’s Around the Horn, to tal ...   Show more

Gifts, Grifts, and Taylor Swift

Alex and Bobby run through a collection of items from the baseball world this past week, including but not limited to: the best (read: worst) gifts that the MLB shop has to offer, new faces in front offices, Giancarlo Stanton’s contract, insurance lawsuits, Taylor Swift’s new alb ...   Show more

Redemption for Josh Gibson (feat. Sean Gibson)

Bobby and Alex look at the best and worst references to baseball players in rap songs (shout out to Action Bronson). Then they bring on Sean Gibson, executive director of the Josh Gibson Foundation and Josh Gibson’s great-grandson, to discuss the campaign to rename the MVP award ...   Show more

Baseball Will Be Okay (feat. Collin McHugh)

Alex and Bobby talk about the Tampa Bay Rays’ desire for “financial” “flexibility,” MLB’s long and winding history of championship trophies, and Shohei Ohtani getting in his feels. Then they bring on free agent pitcher Collin McHugh to discuss what it’s like being at the bargaini ...   Show more

The Book of Theo

In this abbreviated episode, Alex and Bobby talk about Robinson Canó’s PED suspension and how his legacy came undone, what Theo Epstein’s departure from the Cubs means for baseball, and why the World Series champions are laying off employees. Back next week! Links: Dodgers are la ...   Show more

Weeks Where Decades Happen

Bobby and Alex open with a discussion about Kim Ng’s historic hiring and what it means for baseball’s landscape. Then they tackle a lineup of news items from the past two weeks, including Tony LaRussa’s DUI, Jeff Luhnow suing the Astros, Cleveland’s commitment to mediocrity, Awar ...   Show more

The Concept of Baseball (feat. Rhea Butcher)

Alex and Bobby are joined by writer and comedian Rhea Butcher to discuss the Los Angeles Dodgers and their World Series title, the arc of Rhea’s fandom, separating the concept of baseball from the product of baseball, alternate histories in the sport, and much more. Alex and Bobb ...   Show more

So Things Got Weird Fast

Alex and Bobby talk about the Los Angeles Dodgers winning the World Series, and dissect the timeline of events that immediately followed, including Justin Turner testing positive for COVID-19 and Rob Manfred’s sea of boos. They discuss the Rays and what their postseason showing m ...   Show more

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