Filtering and Its Impact on Confidence and Performance

Filtering and Its Impact on Confidence and Pe...

Making Mountains Into Molehills - Reducing the Importance to Perform

Is winning and losing life or death in sport? Nah, but that is often how we feel in the moment. Humans often catastrophize the consequences of a performance and it creates much stress and anxiety. Why is that? We discuss it in sport in general and as a rampant condition in tennis ...   Show more

Blocked, Random and Serial Teaching Practices and Transferring Performance to Matches

In this episode, we dive into why players are not able to transfer performance from practice to matches, and it is not always anxiety (or at least that is not the core issue needing change). How we practice determines in large part how we will perform. We discuss the differences ...   Show more

Common Cognitive Distortions in Tennis

The CLC team is back together discussing cognitive distortions or "faulty thinking". We discuss some of the most common distortions that tennis players exhibit and provide specific examples from our experience. Our hope is that players, coaches, and parents will be more aware of ...   Show more

Stop the Siloing! Working Together Connects the Unconnected

Want to increase learning, motivation, and teamwork? The podcast team is back with a discussion about working in teams and how it creates more efficient and effective learning for players. Coach Johnny talks about a book he read, Innovative DNA, and how associative thinking and f ...   Show more

Is Success a Barrier to Genuine Leadership and Motivation

In this episode, we review a Psychology Today article on how success engages the ego and then can undermine genuine leadership and even motivation. We talk about it mainly from two examples. One, a coach moving into a management position, and two, a junior player having success a ...   Show more

Objectification of Children in Sports by Parents and Coaches

To develop their talent and skills, players must make sacrifices as do their parents. How do we know if or when we've gone too far? We discuss in depth the Achievement by Proxy Distortion model created by Dr. Ian Tofler and how parents (and coaches, too) can, at times, objectify ...   Show more

Sticking With Your Philosophy and Standards Under Adversity With Coach Henner Nehles

Fresh off the Australian Open, Coach Henner Nehles professional tennis coach and current coach of Ann Li, joins the podcast to discuss the quarantine and how to best prepare and perform in challenging circumstances. We dive into how he and Ann dealt with the quarantine, prepared ...   Show more

The Role of Accountability in Improving Culture and Coaching

Good coaches have high standards and communicate them; it seems universal even to other professions and venues of life. In today's episode, the team explores the standards that create program and coaching excellence. They also dive deep into how to communicate and uphold these st ...   Show more

Restarting Tennis after a Quarantine

Tennis Down Under came with a quarantine, and even a hard quarantine, for the players. How did they deal with it? Were they ready? How did they perform? We try to tackle some of these questions and talk about how to deal witih the isolation of a quaratine and come out ready physi ...   Show more

The Role of Empathy in Coaching

Empathy is often considered a soft skill, but we argue that is an essential skill in coaching. Empathy is crucial to developing and maintaining relationships and not just a "soft" strategy for "soft" coaches. We take you through what empathy is, how it relates to emotional intell ...   Show more

From the Battlefield to the Court

Howard Green, Head of Sport Science at Bolton Arena Regional Performance Development Centre, joins the podcast team to discuss how his service in the Royal Marines has influenced his work with tennis players. Join us as we discuss how Howard approaches preparation including rehea ...   Show more

Learning from Failure: Time to Reboot, Friends

It's become a common phrase in pop culture: "We have to fail in order to succeed." But are athletes really adapting and growing because of failure, at least as much as we would expect? Coach Johnny and Dr. Larry argue that maybe we are not doing enough to help players cope with f ...   Show more

Inspirational and Motivational Coaching

Are we inspiring or motivating players? The episode details the relationship between these two actions in sport and tennis. We dive into the power of self-determination and the role coaches and parents play to facilitate this inspiration. We look at the ways rewards and consequen ...   Show more

The 10 Benefits of Gratitude

The team is back after a tumultuous 2020 with the second episode of the new year, examining the concept of gratitude. Frequently cited as a means to well-being, gratitude is pitched by self-help professionals and therapists as an important skill to engage in. Just how important i ...   Show more

New Year's Resolutions Revisited - Setting Goals for Long-Term Change

The new year is the perfect time to set new goals. As we enter 2021, Dr. Larry and Coach Johnny are talking about resolutions again. We examine the importance of setting realistic goals that you can live with and discuss how to stick with those goals. http://www.playerdevelopment http://www.playerdevelopment ...   Show more

Combining Mental and Physical Skills

Coach Johnny and Dr. L revisit the idea of integration and maximizing player development. We discuss how effort is a choice and that focusing takes effort, how coaches give feedback to enhance the confidence of athletes, and how visualization/imagery is used to enhance training. ...   Show more

Lessons in Leadership from the Military

The Army overhauled how it selects battalion commanders because they felt they had a lack of qualty leadership. They were promoting based on legacy. We review the article and talk about if sport organizations are identifying talent accurately. In addition, we discuss how sport or ...   Show more

Resilience in the Workplace: ADP Study Updates

A recent ADP research study found that 19% of employees surveyed about their workplace are reporting feeling highly resilient. That is a small percentage and we discuss why that might be the case and review more important results from the study. This episode gets into the importa ...   Show more

CLC 100th Episode Special

THE 100th EPISODE SPECIAL! A milestone for the CLC podcast team. In this episode Coach Johnny, Dr. Larry, and Coach Mick take a trip down memory lane to review some of the more poignant moments from the first 100 episodes. We feature clips from past episodes with some fantastic g ...   Show more

Integrating Mental Skills Onto the Court: Interview With Dr. Duncan Simpson

Dr. Duncan Simpson, Director of Mental Conditioning at IMG Academy, joins the team to discuss how he integrates mental skills training onto the court to maximize transfer to matches. We examine the importance of collaborating with coaches to enhance the learning of players. In ad ...   Show more

A System for Measuring Mental Performance

How to measure how a player is performing mentally and if they are improving their mental strength? This has been a concern for as long as sport psychology has existed. In this episode, the team dives into a 3-Level System for measuring mental performance created by Dr. L. It is ...   Show more

How to Handle a Tough Loss

Do you struggle getting over a tough loss? Losing is inevitable in sport, but the biggest losses can be extremely emotional and take some time for the player to recover from. In this episode Dr. L and Coach Johnny discuss their thoughts on how to recover from these tough losses a ...   Show more

Sport Nutrition With Tara Collingwood

Tara Collingwood drops by the podcast to discuss nutrition in general and for high performing athletes. We discuss the important differences in the needs athletes have. In addition, we examine the importance of timing, the type of foods to eat, and when (including pre-match, duri ...   Show more

How To Be Ready For Every Point Using The 4 R's

This podcast is a special episode solely on between point routines. How can players learn to be ready to play each point? We detail the 4 R's approach to between points, breaking each part of the routine down and describing it with practical ways players can integrate mental skil ...   Show more

How To Be a Better Problem Solver - Part 2

In part 2 of the series on problem-solving Dr. Larry and Coach Johnny talk more how to train problem-solving, the P-E-R model for decision-making, and how to develop independence in players (versus being dependent). Instagram: @teamusatennis / @johnny_parkes Twitter: @larrylauer ...   Show more

How to Become a Better Problem Solver- Part 1

The team reunites to examine the importance of problem-solving in high-performance sport and tennis. We discuss why it is important to be able to quickly and accurately solve problems and the characteristics of those that do it well and those that don't. We also begin the discuss ...   Show more

Inside the US Open Men's Final Review

Inside the US Open concludes with Dave Ramos and Geoff Russell joining us again to discuss the Men's Final. A riveting five-set match that went to Dominic Thiem, we discuss the stats behind the match and how momentum changed midway through the match. Instagram: @teamusatennis / @ ...   Show more

Inside the US Open Women's Final- Stats That Made the Difference

Inside the US Open continues with another discussion about the Women's Final but from a statistical point of view. Dave Ramos and Geoff Russell join us again to discuss the stats that made the difference in Osaka's three-set victory. The discussion includes recommendations for co ...   Show more

Inside the US Open Women's Final with Coach Chris Tontz

Coach Chris Tontz joins us to discuss th Women's Final at the 2020 US Open. We talk about what has been giving both Osaka and Azarenka a huge edge on the field; the serve and their positivity. This morphed into a discussion about the individuality of players and how to help playe ...   Show more

Inside The US Open Semi-Finals: Belief and Physicality

The Inside the US Open Series continues with a look at the second week of the tournament. The guys talk about Serena's belief and coming back from a set down. They also discuss the physicality necessary to win best of 5 matches for two weeks, and the lack of retirements. Instagra ...   Show more

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