S10: Episode 13 - Make A Move Vocationally

S10: Episode 13 - Make A Move Vocationally

S10: Episode 15 - One Week to Make A Move

There has perhaps never been a more relevant and important time for a book like "Make A Move: How to Stop Wavering and Make Decisions in a Disorienting World".   It is one week until the book's official launch and today Stephanie and Jo have a short conversation designed to get y ...   Show more

S10: Episode 14 - Make A Move Through Decision Fatigue

Stephanie and Jo wrap up the Make a Move series with a conversation around a the very relevant topic of decision fatigue. Listen today for examples from their own leadership experiences, plus practical tools for dealing with this all too important topic for leaders.  Come to Step ...   Show more

S10: Episode 12 - Make A Move Spiritually

Stephanie and Jo continue the "Make a Move" series this week with more conversation about decision making in this disorienting world.  This week they talk about experimenting to try and learn or determine things, sometimes revealing things you never expected to see and leaving us ...   Show more

S10: Episode 11 - Make A Move

Decisions are a constant part of our every day life and the biggest decisions of our life cause us the most stress and also the most joy.  Stephanie and Jo begin a new series exploring the themes in Stephanie's new book "Make a Move: How to Stop Wavering and Make Decisions in a D ...   Show more

S10: Episode 10 - The One Year Mark - Leadership Lessons in a Pandemic

Jo and Stephanie take a look back at this past year and reflect on what they've learned, how their perspectives have changed and what it means for their leadership contexts moving forward.   Connect with Lead Stories, Jo and Steph Instagram & Facebook: @LeadStoriesPodcast Connect ...   Show more

S10: Episode 9 - The Meaning of Ezer with Danielle Strickland

Lead Stories is doubling down with this special episode featuring Jo Saxton and Danielle Strickland which will air not only on the Lead Stories podcast, but on the Danielle Strickland Mind Blown Season on her podcast.  Today Jo and Danielle engage in a powerful and engaging conve ...   Show more

S10: Episode 8 - The Equity Challenge

The conversation continues in honor of Women's History month.  Today Jo and Stephanie look at the question of equity and how we as individuals, as families, as organizations, as churches and as leaders can forge a more gender equal world.  They'll look at some listener responses ...   Show more

S10: Episode 7 - Jo and Steph on International Women's Day

Stephanie and Jo kick off a new series celebrating Women's History Month talking about what it means to be empowered as women and what it means to empower women.  Today's episode is broadcast on International Women's Day.  The theme this year is "Choose to Challenge:  How will yo ...   Show more

S10: Episode 6 - Agile Leadership for Times of Crisis and Change with Scott Ridout

Today Stephanie wraps up the Agile Leadership conversation with Pastor Scott Ridout, President of Converge.  Scott and his wife Lisa led Sun Valley Community Church, Gilbert, Arizona, from 1998 to 2014. Sun Valley has grown from 375 to roughly 5000 attendees on three campuses und ...   Show more

S10: Episode 5 - Agile Leadership in Times of Crisis and Change with Jo Saxton

Jo's back!  In this new episode, Stephanie and Jo continue with the Agile Leadership series.  Jo shares her experiences and reflections on the times she's led through crisis and change.  Don't miss this powerful and relevant conversation.  Jo is an author and leadership coach.  H ...   Show more

S10: Episode 4 - Agile Leadership In Times of Crisis and Change with Dr. Tod Bolsinger

Today Stephanie speaks once again with Tod Bolsinger, Professor and Vice President for Vocation and Formation at Fuller Seminary.  A former pastor himself, Tod is a leader and equipper of pastors. Tod is the author of Canoeing the Mountains and Tempered Resilience.  More informat ...   Show more

Agile Leadership Opportunity!

Stephanie invites you to take the next step in your leadership by joining the next cohort for Agile Leadership in Times of Crisis and Change!  This course addresses timeless theological frameworks as well as current leadership theories on the topics of change and agility. The con ...   Show more

S10: Episode 3 - Agile Leadership for Times of Crisis and Change with Rev Angela Yee

Today Stephanie speaks with Angela Yee, Chief Ministry Officer of the National Office of the Evangelical Covenant Church.  Her leadership there involves breaking down silos and creating collaboration and places where people can work together, as well as overall strategy.  Listen ...   Show more

S10: Episode 2 - Agile Leadership for Times of Crisis and Change with Dr. Donna Harris

Stephanie continues the Agile Leadership series with a conversation with Dr. Donna Harris, superintendent of Minnehaha Academy in Minneapolis.  In 2017,  a gas leak caused an explosion that killed two employees and destroyed major portions of the school.  Listen to her powerful s ...   Show more

S10 - Episode 1 - Agile Leadership For Times of Crisis and Change with Dr. Dwight Zscheile

Lead Stories is back with a brand new series!  Stephanie will be interviewing expert leaders to help you learn how to respond with agility rather than simply react to change and crisis.  Today she speaks with Dr. Dwight Zscheile, Vice President of Innovation for Luther Seminary a ...   Show more

S09: Episode 14 - How to Say Hello to 2021

The conversation continues around redefining Hello/Goodbye for this extraordinary and unprecedented year.  How do we say "hello" to what will likely be more of the same as we begin 2021?  Looking past fear and loss of control to ask the question "where do I have agency in this si ...   Show more

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S09: Episode 13 - Goodbye to 2020? - Processing the Year

Today, Jo and Stephanie ask perhaps hard, but important questions like "What does it mean to say Goodbye to 2020?"  "What does is look like to move on?"  "What has 2020 revealed and how do we respond?"   Hello/Goodbye Event December 13 at 7:00pm CST on Facebook Live Hello/Goodbye ...   Show more

S09: Episode 12 - Hello Goodbye #redefined

Jo is back!  Today Jo and Stephanie reconnect, catch up and begin the launch of Hello/Goodbye 2020-21 and ask the question "How do we redefine Hello/Goodbye"? Listen as they discuss moving into a new year and what those benchmarks look like.  Hello/Goodbye Event December 13 at 7: ...   Show more

S09: Episode 11 - Tempered Resilience with Tod Bolsinger #UnprecedentedLeadership

Today Stephanie speaks with Tod Bolsinger, professor of leadership at Fuller Seminary and author of two books, on the timely topics of leading in uncharted territory and unprecedented change.      Tod Bolsinger Tempered Resilience: How Leaders are Formed in the Crucible of Change ...   Show more

S09: Episode 10 - Self Care and Self Leadership #UnprecedentedLeadership

Leadership and Self Care is a topic that's been addressed before on Lead Stories, but it felt important to acknowledge that in this unprecedented time, self-care is more critical than ever. Listen as they talk about specific ways you can "lead yourself" to self-care.  Tara Haelle ...   Show more

S09: Episode 9 - Pastor Daniel Hill #UnprecedentedLeadership

Today Steph and Edrin host Pastor Daniel Hill, author of White Lies and White Awake, in a powerful conversation about race relations in the wider church and what it means to follow Jesus and lead in this area.  River City Church Pastor Daniel Hill interview on Lead Stories Podcas ...   Show more

S09: Episode 8 - Compassionate Leadership #UnprecedentedLeadership

Sometimes, focused and driven leaders need to slow down and care for the people they're leading.  Today Stephanie and Edrin go a bit deeper as they talk about the necessity of compassionate leadership in the midst of crisis. #UnprecedentedLeadership  Chief Learning Office Article ...   Show more

S09: Episode 7 -Decision Making #UnprecedentedLeadership

Today Stephanie and Edrin offer five things to consider for decision making during this specific and unprecedented time.    Unprecedented Leadership: Decision Making Mission and Vision as a compass  Capacity for change Decision fatigue & Decision paralysis  Who is at the decision ...   Show more

S09 - Episode 6 Questions from Leaders About Unprecedented Leadership

Pastor Edrin and Pastor Steph respond to listeners questions when it comes to how to lead in these unprecedented times.  Connect with Lead Stories, Jo, Steph and Edrin: Instagram & Facebook: @LeadStoriesPodcast Connect with Jo at www.josaxton.com @josaxton Connect with Pastor Ste ...   Show more

S09: Episode 5 Unprecedented Leadership - Dialogue in Divisive Times

Recognizing that division is real and a part of the brokenness of this world, Steph and Edrin talk today about how to manage dialogue in divisive times.   Listen in to this timely and timeless conversation.  Connect with Lead Stories, Jo, Steph and Edrin: Instagram & Facebook: @L ...   Show more

S09: Episode 4 Unprecedented Leadership Competencies

Steph and Edrin take the conversation deeper this week by looking at the competencies and skills needed to be an unprecedented leader.  They ask the questions:  How do we lead our organization? How do we lead ourselves and others during this season?  Connect with Lead Stories, Jo ...   Show more

BONUS Lead Voice - Eugene Cho // Engaging Politically as a Jesus Follower

Rev. Eugene Cho sits down with Pastor Steph and Pastor Edrin to discuss the tension surrounding how Christian leaders engage politically in these divisive times. Eugene is the President of Bread For The World  - A Christian advocacy organization that is a collective Christian voi ...   Show more

SO9: Episode 3 Unprecedented Leadership

We've probably heard the word unprecedented more in the last year than ever before, but it true that we are living and leading in unprecedented times.  Today Steph and Edrin begin to tackle some important questions around what it means to be a leader in unprecedented times and wh ...   Show more

S09: Episode 2 - The Necessity of Leadership // Jo Saxton, Pastor Steph and new co-host Pastor Edrin

Welcome to the Lead Stories Podcast Pastor Edrin Williams. Pastor Edrin is joining as a bonus co-host this season! Listen in to get to know Pastor Edrin and hear him discuss the necessity of leadership along with Jo and Steph! Connect with Lead Stories, Jo, Steph and Edrin: Insta ...   Show more

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