Fast Break

Fast Break

As We Proceed

Blvxk speaks on the current state of the 1FR Stars. Him and Kyseem go into the current dating narratives. Women who double back. Being yourself. Their different dining experiences. The recent tension between Meek x Ross. Being appreciated. The JBP situation. Gettin vaccinated. An ...   Show more

Kickin it w/ Nerd and Mally

Today Blvxk chops it up w/ Nerd Nash and Mally62st of the legendary “Church for the wild podcast. We speak on several topics including their “Leave Women Alone” campaign. Philly vs Jersey rappers. Kur signing to DreamChasers. Leaf Ward. Opp culture. Philly Reddit. DMX. JayZ and m ...   Show more

Sumi Raw

As we proceed! Another great episode featuring the great Sumi Floyd of the Rawcast magazine. We speak on the origin on Rawcast. The juneteenth event. Sumi’s journey into editing. The recent notorious Joe Budden Podcast Reunion episode. The recent Steve Harvey viral clip. Have you ...   Show more

Sisi Stringer

It’s the 1FR Stars once again. Today it’s Blvxk alongside special guest Siani Leigh. They speak on Philadelphia’s top 5 songs. Their 5 favorite albums from the south. The late, great DMX. Derek Chauvin. Makhia Bryant. The recent Asian hate bill. Men being steered away from being ...   Show more

Love ft RyAnn

Today we chop it up w/ RyAnn. We speak on several topics including relationships, love, past situations, Reese Royce and more. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @1famradio  


After a 3 week hiatus the guys are back to it. The guys recap on there episode about fatherhood and speak on a question brought to them by a listener. Where we stand on being role models to the youth. The disconnect between generations of men. The false narrative of being a entre ...   Show more

Neighborhood Hero

Today we kick it w/ Buddha (@deezy4ever) of the Power Circle, a community activist from the Frankford section of the city. We get into what got him on his path, the ups and downs of being an community activist. Violence now compared to back then. 224 day. How he gets the attentio ...   Show more


Today we talk w/ Yvngprimo about his latest EP “ATTVS”. He walks us through his project as well several other topics and questions. Follow @yvngprimo on twitter and Instagram. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @1famradio  


Back w/ another one for yo ass! Today the guys speak on fatherhood after the announcement of Mar expecting his first child. We speak on how it felt when you first found out you were having a child. The balance between nurturing and providing. The battles we face as men fightin to ...   Show more


Today the fellas kick it w/ Uncle Cutty and Wonnie from Frankfords own OvaGrind clique. We speak on the introduction of OvaGrind. Their musical influences. Growing up in Frankford. What’s next for their music careers and their opinion on the new age of music. This episode was als ...   Show more

When To Say No

The fellas are back on a Super Bowl weekend. We speak on... The Super Bowl. The NBA. MJ vs Lebron. Where 50 Cent went wrong w/ the G Unit legacy. Eminem. We give advice to one of our listeners about when to say no. The Florida trip. Where we wanna travel next. And for our BHM seg ...   Show more

The 1FR-Stars

It’s the 1FR Stars! Down a couple players, just blvxk this episode. He speaks on his weekend in NY. Lori Harvey. His experience/ beef w/ Pretty Ricky. The current culture of hip hop in Philadelphia. The death of Milan Loncar. Why he hates talkin on the phone, and the current stat ...   Show more

Northside Bizzy

Today we kick it w/ Philadelphia up and comin artists @Northside_bizzy. We speak on his upbringing, influences and music and speak on the recent chaos in Washington DC  

Matt’s Perspective 2

Today the fellas kick it w/ Matt one of the original special guests from the stationhead series. We chop it up on several topics and even speak on the infamous Pop Hunna situation. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @1famradio  


Today the fellas act a fool, recalling the progress of the podcast and other topics. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @1famradio  

Let’s Make A Playlist

Today we talkin all music. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @1famradio  

Without Further Ado

And like that, we gone! Follow us on IG and Twitter @1famradio Also follow @deardopevisuals  

Girls Trip

Love. Trust. Intentions. Enjoy.  

Somebody Playin

Today Blvxk is in the studio solo. Speaking on recent events including the Breonna Taylor verdict, Tory vs Meg, the lost of a neighborhood friend and the importance of lying. Follow us on @1famradio  

High End Music Club

Today the guys sit and chop it up w/ Philadelphia artist Olom. We speak on his newest album “Legends Never Die”, his music and life experiences and his clothing merch “High End Bear Co.” follow us at @1famradio  

Focus On Yourself

Today the fellas kick it w/ the legendary Nerd Nash. Tune in and follow us on IG and twitter @1famradio  

The Playoffs

Today the fellas have fun w/ some of their favorite adult film stars w/ a bracket called the playoffs. Follow us on twitter and IG @1famradio  

E For State Rep

Rest In Peace Nylah, we love you. #1FxR  


Today the fellas get down about how they met and things that experienced from Frankford, the neighborhood they met in.  

Double Down

Today the guys kick it Matt and Chad of TRPE (The Realest Podcast Ever). We speak on the creation of TRPE, Sports, Music, and The “Double Down” KFC Sandwich Lol. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @1famradio  

Bryan Turner

Today we talk w/ special guest Bryan Turner, a former Police Officer. He speaks On his experiences during his career including blatant racism, internal harassment, the death of David Jones and his arrest after being falsely accused of falsifying paperwork. He walks us through ove ...   Show more

The “Breakup Break”

Today we kick it w/ Philadelphia Author Shakira Thornton(Kira). She walks us through her publishing process, influences, how she got started and her upcoming poetry showcase. We also cover a couple topics including the infamous “Breakup Break”. Enjoy. Follow us on IG @1famradio  


Today the fellas sit down w/ special guests RyAnn and Sumi Floyd. We let the ladies enlighten us w/ the current climate of black lives matter from their perspective along w/ several other topics.  

Politics Unusual

Back in the studio this time w/ special guest “Yvng Primo”. The fellas discuss family court, wars goin on in the streets and the current climate in The United States w/ police brutality.  

Live From Duece Cookout

Today we post up w/Duece out Logan. We talk to him topics surrounding up and comin entrepreneurs and creatives. How to utilize your platform, being humble enough to accept advice and how to never give up on your passions. Also shout out to all the black owned businesses striving ...   Show more

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