TBD || S3:E37 // Root Issues

TBD || S3:E37 // Root Issues

TBD S3:E42 // The Better Option

In today's society, we often hear the notion that all we really need is ourselves. Today I look at the danger of always or only relying on ourselves in this life.  

TBD S3:E41 // Embracing The New Normal

It's been a whole year + since most of us have been forced into living with a 'new normal'. Today I share my thoughts on embracing the new normal and how it will impact our lives.  

TBD S3:E40 // Tempted to Give Up?

Giving up on yourself is a temptation that should be resisted. In today's episode I share why we should not allow ourselves to be overcome by this temptation.  

TBD S3:E39 // Fighting Freedom

Are you so accustomed to fighting that you are resisting the process that will lead to the freedom you seek?  

TBD || S3:E38 // Check Up Time

Getting a checkup may not be the most fun activity, yet the benefits are worth more than the time taken to do a checkup. Have you done a checkup lately?  

TBD || S3:E36 // Things That Beset

In today's episode I look at clutter, the possible negative effects it has on our lives and a few tips from my own journey to eliminate clutter. I also share some benefits of being more organized.  

TBD || S3:E35 // Wide Wide Road

In today's episode we look at the journey of life and what we should consider when deciding which road we should take to get the the right destination.  

TBD | S3:E34 // Turn Up The Heat 🔥

Practical ways to be a thermostat in a cold world.  

TBD | S3:E33 // Check It Or Set It?

What impact are you having on the space that you are in?  

TBD | S2:E32 // Subtract Worry and Add Trust (In God)

How does worry help really?  

TBD | S2:E31 // The Rope That Tied The Elephant

You are stronger than you think.  

TBD | S2:E30 // A Curse and A Blessing

There's a blessing in humility and a curse in pride. Today I share my thoughts on the topics of pride and humility.  

TBD | S2:E29 // You Don't Have To Pay

5 simple steps to maintain peace and contentment that cost $0.00  

TBD | S2:E28 // Problems, Decisions, Anger, Mercy and Miracles - Neisha-Ann Moyston Testimony

Today I speak with a passionate young lady who has proven on various occasions that God cares about everything in our lives and that He will come through for us if we have the faith to believe.  

TBD | S2:E27 // Wrong Turn

Have you ever made a mistake that seems irreversible? Well maybe it is irreversible but it doesn't mean you can't recover from your wrong turns.  

TBD | S2:E26 // Givers vs. Takers

In this episode we look at givers versus takers and I share some advise for these two kinds of people.  

TBD | S2:E25 // Secrets Between The Hands

Today I talk about out culture of generosity and what motivates our kindness.  

TBD | S2:E24 // Free Life Masterclass From Mr. A

Masterclasses are currently a thing. You can enroll in masterclasses on so many different topics. Why not take this free masterclass from the ants?  

TBD | S2:E23 // When Wanting To Be Right Goes Wrong

How could wanting to be right ever go wrong? It’s good to want to be right, right? Well… It all boils down to motive! Why do you want to be right?  Join me as I share my thoughts on a few of the times when wanting to be right can go wrong.  

TBD | S2:E22 // Lessons from Nature: Ducklings vs. Steps

Today I share lesson from a interesting video of ducklings try to climb some steps.  

TBD | S2:E21 // Living in China During the Covid19 Outbreak with Lafaine Wiggan

Listen to the story of how God protected and preserved Lafaine's life during the outbreak of Covid19. Hear her share how she overcame and the lessons she learnt.  

TBD | S2:E20 // Throw Out The Burn: Tips To Avoid Burnout

Have you ever experienced burnout? Do you feel like you are on the brink of burnout? In this episode I share my experience with burnout and how I overcame by using these tips.  

TBD | S2:E19 // Happy New Year🎉🎉🎉 Welcome to Season 2 of Thoughts Before Dawn!!

What a year! Congratulations! You survived! Welcome to all our listeners to season 2 of the Thoughts Before Dawn Podcast. I am excited about season 2 and I am happy to be sharing with you today. If you are new to the Thoughts Before Dawn Family, I am extending a special welcome t ...   Show more

TBD S1:E18 // Season 1 Finale of Thoughs Before Dawn 🎊

Season 1 ends today. Let's hear from and about the listeners to TBD and also get a preview of what's coming up for season 2.  

TBD S1:E17 // A Must Have Attitude

In this episode I share how gratitude helped to keep me grounded in times of frustration and hopelessness and the benefits of cultivating an attitude of gratitude.  

TBD S1:E16 // Persistent to be Consistent: My Testimony

In this episode I speak about my struggle with consistency and what I have learnt about consistency since I started this podcast.  

TBD S1:E15 // No Bushel Business

You were created to shine, but have you been shining your light? Is your light shining on dim or is it on bright?  

TBD S1:E14 // How Do You Look?

There are many perspectives that we can see people and situations from. In this episode I look at seeing from the perspective of compassion.  

TBD S1:E13 // Seeing Beyond The Darkness

Have been experiencing dark days? Do you feel alone and forsaken? Then this episode is just for you.  

TBD S1:E12 // Unbothered

Being unbothered may seem irresponsible, but is it really irresponsible?  

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