The Oscars (GUEST: Samuel Erdahl)

The Oscars (GUEST: Samuel Erdahl)

The Mummy

3,000 years of podcasting has led us to this... Your four favorite movie fans are headed to the mystical city of the dead to fight to the death...or are we? Dive into the 1999 classic, The Mummy and let's talk about the hottest cast we've come across yet. And also, the movie..... ...   Show more

Now and Then

It's the Summer of 1970 and we're here to fight! Back to regularly scheduled programming, the love fest is over and the Cinephiles are back at each other's throats. It's the classic, star-studded, coming of age story Now and Then. Let's put this friendship to the test like only w ...   Show more

Shrek : 20th Anniversary

This story has a Happy Ending... Your four favorite movie lovers are paying respect to one of the best animated movies ever made; Shrek. It's all love(and a little fighting) as we talk about what makes this movie the classic we all quote and adore. Characters, Quotes & Fun Facts; ...   Show more

Godzilla vs. Kong

You know we love a good fight around here, right? This week, it's two titans against four movie lovers and we're ready to rumble. Join us as we discuss the monster mash four movies in the making. Place your bets, finish your popcorn and press play! New Episodes Every Monday!! Twi ...   Show more

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle

Good Morning, Cinephiles It's a great day for a fight. Three movie stars, four movie fans and one of the most outrageous action movies that we've brought to the show. Find out which host absolutely loves this movie and is ready to fight to the death for it. Cameos galore, gravity ...   Show more

Hairspray (GUEST: Homer Gonzalez)

Hey there, Guys & Gals! This week we're twisting and turning to the tune of that Baltimore sound. It's Hairspray! A very special guest joins us to talk about his amazing connection with one of our hosts and then we dive right in on our opinions on the 2007 movie musical. Gush ove ...   Show more

I Am Legend

This could never happen to us...right? This week, the Cinephiles dive into the not-so science fiction scenario of the Will Smith-starring vehicle. We hit it all; Sam the dog, those cars, that ending. And then put your ultimate survival knowledge to the test...could you make it on ...   Show more

Spirited Away

An animated film for the week must mean peace & agreement...right? Your four favorite movie fans are watching a classic this week; the animated masterpiece Spirited Away. You know how this goes; beloved film, four opinions, fights to the death...another Monday here at WCA. Press ...   Show more


What is WCA, if not friends constantly fighting? This week, Josh, Lacy & Ra'Shawn get sucked into the Hex and are ready to discuss all things WandaVision. Find out how they each felt about the MCU's latest outing. No fighting...promise ;) Now that all 9 episodes are available, bi ...   Show more


Diablo Cody, we're back at it!! We jump back a few years this week to the Oscar-winning debut, Juno. Put on your track pants, grab some Sunny D and plop down in our front yard. The Cinephiles are fighting, just another Monday. Press play and weigh in. New Episodes Every Monday!! ...   Show more

Jennifer's Body (GUEST: Kayla Pavia)

High School can be Hell... This week the Cinephiles are joined by the amazing Kayla Pavia, a great guest for the Diablo Cody horror comedy. We get into everything Jennifer & Needy, the dialogue, the succubus of it all. Does it live up to the Academy Award winning debut? The kiss, ...   Show more


The cast. The director. The writer. This Monday it's all about the 2018 crime thriller that never got its due. Find out just how much one cinephile loves this heist flick and take a guess or two during this week's game. New Episodes Every Monday! Twitter & IG: @CinephileAttack  

Moulin Rouge!

Truth. Beauty. Freedom. & Fighting... It's Valentine's Day with the Cinephiles and your four favorite movie fans want to talk about love. Can we put our pride aside for one week and come together as one? Then, what's your favorite onscreen couple? It's a week of romance with WCA! ...   Show more

Groundhog Day

Four friends, Bill Murray & a screaming match; have we been here before?? This week, your four favorite Cinephiles head to Punxsutawney and battle it out over the Bill Murray classic, Groundhog Day. It can't get any more heated than it did last time...right? right? New Episodes E ...   Show more

The Greatest Showman (GUEST: I Drink Your Podcast)

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's time for some company! This week we're taking on our first musical and for this special occasion we're joined by 3/4 of the amazing show, I Drink Your Podast; Ben, Emily & Wes. Our first guests definitely don't disappoint and you won't want to miss a mi ...   Show more


Just when you thought it was safe to press play... The Cinephiles are back to business as usual. Four opinions. Old grudges. Blood in the water. And a classic movie in the middle. Steven Spielberg's iconic blockbuster is up next; you know how we do...Press Play!! New Episodes Eve ...   Show more

The Top Movies of 2020

New Year, New Us? It's our first episode of 2021 and we're going backwards for a bit. The best movies of the past year. We love a good list almost like we love a good fight. And this episode has both, so jump on in! It's so good to be back. New Episode Every Monday!! Twitter & IG ...   Show more

New Year's Eve & 2021 Movie Resolutions

3...2...1 We leave this year behind with a frothy choice. Talking briefly about the mega-star ensemble, Gary Marshall's NYE. It's a low key affair before moving into our cinematic choices for the year to come; what we're excited to watch, the movies we're giving another shot, and ...   Show more

Wonder Woman 1984

80's Baby! The cinephiles are jumping into the present by going back to the past. It's our first new release review and we're happy to report, the fighting doesn't stop. Join us to talk about DC's newest superhero film and weigh in on Diana's latest adventure, Kristen Wiig, and w ...   Show more

Bonus Episode: A Very Cinephile Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except four friends who just had to get on the mic and share more movie moments....Fight! Happy Holidays 2020 Catch you on the other side! Twitter & IG: @CinephileAttack  


What's your favorite color! Another round of Christmas cheer with Santa's favorite helper, Buddy! Will Ferrell's holiday classic is up for discussion this week and the cinephiles are back at it again. As always, arguments ensue. Grab some holiday love with your favorite four! New ...   Show more

The Preacher's Wife

Do you believe in miracles? Continuing the holiday (fights) cheer with the Whitney/Denzel flick, The Preacher's Wife. If you want to know what love really sounds like, press play and join us to talk about the angel sent from heaven and the voice that can never be replaced. Season ...   Show more


Christmas Time is Here. This is the episode. The lines are drawn. The loyalties are tested. The cinephiles attack. And Christmas will never be the same. Who knew this was the movie that would end us? Let the holidays begin! New Episodes Every Monday! Twitter & IG: @CinephileAttac ...   Show more

Never Been Kissed

You're invited to the Prom!! This week, it's back to high school with Drew Barrymore's rom-com favorite. We talk all things Josie Grossie, high school firsts, and baseball, baby. Another week with the cinephiles. New Episodes Every Monday! Twitter & IG: @CinephileAttack  

Soul Food

Happy Thanksgiving! We're giving thanks for each other this week, with a focus on the 1997 dramedy. Join us with a full plate and big heart for the discussion and then get ready to play a game that will tear apart even the strongest families. This year, we're thankful for you all ...   Show more

The Princess Bride

This is a story about four friends and true love... Welcome to our 20th episode, friends! This week we're diving into the timeless classic, The Princess Bride; everyone loved it, we agreed on all points and lived happily ever after, right?...Right? Press play and let the fighting ...   Show more

I Love You, Man

Prepare to be Rush-ified! The Cinephiles are back and feeling good. This week is all about the bromance to end all bromances, I Love You, Man. Grab your air guitar and jump right in, there's plenty of room to fight. New Episodes Every Monday! Twitter & IG: @CinephileAttack  


Leaving the spookiness behind and headed towards the holiday season! First up: The musical biopic, Selena. Join the Cinephiles for another week of movie love and friendship testing. Carmella's gives a unique perspective on an iconic figure in history and the movie that tells her ...   Show more


The Night He Came Home! Quite a celebration this year but it wouldn't be an October spook-fest without the OG. Tonight, we discuss the John Carpenter classic. Grab your favorite candy, make a drink, light your jack-o-lantern and get into the Michael Myers mood. Happy Halloween, c ...   Show more

Bonus Episode: What's Your Favorite Scary Movie?

Spooky Season never dies!! We're bringing a bonus episode where the cinephiles just kick back and talk about all things horror. What's the scariest scene you've ever watched? Your favorite final girl? All that and more in this next hour. Happy Halloween movie lovers!! New Episode ...   Show more

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