Funeral Lakes: "The issue is we’re running out of time...Direct action works."

Funeral Lakes: "The issue is we’re running ou...

Maysa Daw: "I cannot be political 24 hrs a day....That would completely ruin me."

This week, Yasmin has a candid conversation with singer-songwriter Maysa Daw. We discussed Arab identity, how music can impact communities, the unexpected downsides of passport privilege, the false illusion of an existing binary separating powerful and “vulnerable” women, the inf ...   Show more

Jowan Safadi: "What kind of life is it if you have to live under fear?"

This week, Yasmin sits down with Palestinian musician Jowan Safadi to discuss the changing nature of resistance, "artivism" as a catalyst for change and the role of creativity under a context where indigenous culture is erased to make way for settler colonialism. Jowan is known a ...   Show more

MeAgainstMisery: "The wheels of capitalism are brutal and relentless..."

We sit down with MeAgainstMisery to discuss his debut album: Songs from the Divided Kingdom. Written during the global pandemic, this album explores Welsh Independence, our apathetic society and the what a future would look like in a post-pandemic world.In this episode we will di ...   Show more

Trailer - Introducing Sounds of Wahala

Welcome to Sounds of Wahala: a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Tiwa Odukoya and Yasmin El Beih, exploring the soundcapes of music activism.In this podcast, we will sit down with artists from all over the world to understand how their socio-political landscape shapes their music and c ...   Show more

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