Why We Meditate: Purposes, Methods, and Common Misconceptions

Why We Meditate: Purposes, Methods, and Commo...

The Heart of Zen with Henry Shukman

Henry Shukman, the guiding teacher of Mountain Cloud Zen Center, joins Rick and Forrest to explore self-transcendent experiences, relaxing self-identification, and the warm heart at the core of Zen practice.About our Guest: Henry Shukman is a writer, poet, and Zen Master of the S ...   Show more

The New Normal with Dr. Jennifer Ashton

Dr. Jennifer Ashton joins Rick and Forrest to discuss everything you need to know about the current state of the pandemic. This includes what vaccinated people should feel comfortable doing, the J&J vaccine pause, how to think about risk, and how we can support our mental health ...   Show more

Working With Your Anxiety

Over the last year we’ve all been through a lot. In addition to the many major costs, there have been smaller, subtler costs as well, including a pervasive feeling of anxiety. In this episode, Rick and Forrest walk through a normal experience of anxiety and offer some suggestions ...   Show more

Mindful Practice in the Real World with Stephen Snyder

How can we bring useful qualities of contemplative practice into our normal, everyday lives as people living in the real world? Senior meditation teacher and author Stephen Snyder joins us to explore that overarching question, alongside a variety of topics related to “not-self,” ...   Show more

Building Healthy Boundaries with Nedra Tawwab

One of the hardest, and most important, parts of creating great relationships is setting healthy boundaries with other people. Boundaries expert Nedra Glover Tawwab joins the show to explore how we can trust our instincts, work through codependency, and build better boundaries. A ...   Show more

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with Dr. Steven C. Hayes

The creator of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dr. Steven C. Hayes, joins the show to help us explore how to use techniques from this powerful approach to therapy to address major challenges and improve our wellbeing.About our Guest: Dr. Steven C. Hayes is Nevada Foundation Pr ...   Show more

Becoming Wise with Dr. Roger Walsh

How can we bring together psychological science and contemplative practice, and what can we all learn from the world’s great wisdom traditions? Dr. Roger Walsh, a professor of psychiatry, philosophy, and anthropology, and expert on the world's great wisdom traditions, joins the s ...   Show more

Understanding The Replication Crisis

Ever heard of the marshmallow experiment? The 10,000 hour rule? How about the Dunning-Kruger effect, the Stanford prison experiment, or willpower fatigue? These are some of the most well-known pieces of research from the social sciences. And they all share one problem: they're wr ...   Show more

How to Meet Your Needs for Connection: Attunement

During this time of increased isolation our needs for connection are harder to meet than ever. Today Rick and Forrest are exploring how we can use the psychological technique of "attunement" to connect better with others, and meet our own need for connection.Life After COVID Summ ...   Show more

Accepting Our Needs

Everyone has needs, there’s no avoiding them. In order to "be well" we need to meet those needs. But being "needy" is often viewed as a weakness, and accepting that we have needs can be painful.On today's episode, Rick and Forrest explore how we can accept our needs, identify the ...   Show more

Building Relationships That Last with Dr. Stan Tatkin

Relationships are hard, and making them last is even harder. Today we’re exploring how we can be happier and healthier in all of our relationships with a wonderful clinician, teacher, and researcher: Dr. Stan Tatkin.About our Guest: Dr. Stan Tatkin is an expert on human behavior, ...   Show more

Personalize Your Nutrition with Dr. Tim Spector

We generally focus on topics related to mental health, but there's nothing like a pandemic to throw the importance of our physical health into sharp relief! Today Forrest is joined by Dr. Tim Spector to explore the importance of personalizing your nutrition, how our diet can help ...   Show more

How to Change for Good

There are times in our lives when we recognize that something’s got to change. Today Dr. Hanson and Forrest explore a big question: What goes into making who we are, and how can we give ourselves the freedom to grow and change over time? Life After COVID Summit: Join Dr. Rick Han ...   Show more

Radical Compassion with Tara Brach

Tara Brach joins Rick and Forrest to explore how we can find more compassion and acceptance while maintaining our motivation to change ourselves, and our world, in positive ways. About Our Guest: Tara is the founder and guiding teacher of the Insight Meditation Community of Washi ...   Show more

Do We Control Our Happiness?

With so much challenging stuff going on in the world around us these days, it's natural to ask a simple question: how much control do we have over how happy we are?On this episode of "10 Good Minutes," Forrest explores the research behind happiness, reveals the most important fac ...   Show more

How to Deal with Dissociation

When we’re presented with challenging circumstances it’s natural for us to cope with them through a wide variety of behaviors. Today Dr. Hanson and Forrest explore one of the most common coping mechanisms: dissociation. This includes what it is, the function it serves, the experi ...   Show more

How to Cope During a Pandemic with Dr. Bruce Perry

On this timely episode, Dr. Bruce Perry joins the podcast to explore how we can limit the long-term impact of stressful events, and heal from past traumatic experiences. About Our Guest:  Dr. Bruce Perry is one of the world’s leading experts on childhood trauma, and his clinical ...   Show more

Being More, Doing Less

We’re somehow both more efficient than ever before, and, at the same time, busier than ever before.  All of the many ways that we’ve found to optimize our performance has led to much more "doing," and not nearly as much "being." Today Rick and Forrest explore how we can get more ...   Show more

Optimism and Influence with Dr. Tali Sharot

What allows people to push on even during the darkest times?  And how can we use that answer to influence our behavior, or the behavior of other people? Today Rick and Forrest are joined by Dr. Tali Sharot to explore the optimism bias, how optimism can exist alongside negativity, ...   Show more

Guided Practice: Achieving Your New Year's Resolutions

What do you want to achieve in 2021? In this short episode, Dr. Rick Hanson walks you through a guided practice focused on helping you achieve your goals. From Dr. Hanson: The Foundations of Well-Being brings together the lessons of a lifetime of practice into one year-long onlin ...   Show more

How to Make 2021 Your Best Year

We all have something we want to do "someday," but for most of us "someday" just never seems to come around. Here's how to make 2021 the year you finally put all the pieces together, and achieve the goals you've set for yourself.From Dr. Hanson: The Foundations of Well-Being brin ...   Show more

Facing Your Dreaded Experience

We all have things that frighten us. But some fears can become so core to who we are that we start to organize our lives around not having to experience them. In this not-to-be-missed episode, Dr. Hanson and Forrest explore how we can identify and face our "dreaded experiences," ...   Show more

Why Does Therapy Work?

Why does talking to a therapist have such a huge impact on people's lives? On the first edition of "10 Good Minutes," Forrest Hanson dives into the research behind the key factor in any therapeutic relationship. If you enjoy this episode, you'll love our Patreon account!Studies:P ...   Show more

Compassion, Power, and Human Nature with Dr. Dacher Keltner

Does power corrupt? Where does compassion come from? And do positive or negative emotions serve as the basis for our true nature? Today we're exploring these questions with Dr. Dacher Keltner, a world-class expert on emotion, power, and morality.About Our Guest: Dr. Keltner is a ...   Show more

What We Learned from 2020

It’s been a long, strange, challenging year. As we get toward the end of it, and look forward to 2021, it feels appropriate to start by taking a look back and seeing what, if anything, we can learn from the year that’s gone by. Support the Podcast: We're on Patreon! If you'd like ...   Show more

Unlearning Bias and Prejudice with Dr. Jack Glaser

We're all subject to forms of bias and prejudice. On this episode, Forrest and Rick are joined by Dr. Jack Glaser, an expert on intergroup bias and racial prejudice, to explore what we can do to overcome our innate tendencies. About the Guest: Dr. Jack Glaser is a Professor at th ...   Show more

Meditation: Gratitude and Finding Pleasure

On today's short episode, Dr. Rick Hanson leads a guided meditation aimed at experiencing gratitude and finding the small pleasures in life. Support the Podcast: We're on Patreon! If you'd like to support the podcast, follow this link.Connect with the show:Subscribe on iTunesFoll ...   Show more

Sadness and Disappointment Around the Holidays

The holidays are coming up, and for many people they’re likely to be very different this year from usual. Experiencing sadness or disappointment around the holidays is normal even among the best circumstances, and we're far from those. On this episode, Dr. Hanson and Forrest expl ...   Show more

Learn Faster, Learn Smarter with Josh Kaufman

Learning is the single most important skill: if you know how to learn, you can get good at anything else. Today we're joined by Josh Kaufman, author of The Personal MBA, to explore the 20 hour rule, the problems with 10,000 hours, cognitive biases, and how you can learn anything ...   Show more

Relaxing Anxiety During Stressful Times

If you live in the United States and probably for many people who don’t it’s been a bit of a stressful week. Today Dr. Hanson and Forrest talk about relaxing anxiety, weathering the storm, and taking in the year as a whole. Support the Podcast: We're on Patreon! If you'd like ...   Show more

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