104 Dental Emergencies

104 Dental Emergencies

103 Pediatric IV Fluids

Pediatric intensivist Dr. Will Cagle joins the show to discuss the AAP Maintenance IV fluid guidelines and considerations when choosing IV fluids for pediatric inpatients. What do you need to know from the 2018 AAP maintenance IV fluid guideline?  How common is hyponatremia in ho ...   Show more

102 Transfusions of Blood Products

Join EM physicians Mike Samuels and Dan McCollum as they discuss different blood products that can be transfused.  Why don't we commonly use whole blood? Who needs to receive packed red blood cells? Are there any dangers to giving platelets? When is fresh frozen plasma needed?  E ...   Show more

101 Kawasaki Disease

Kawasaki: Dr. Pushpa Shivaram, an assistant professor of pediatrics and pediatric cardiologist at the Medical College of Georgia, joins Dr. Zac Hodges and Sonal Dugar (M4) to discuss this very important topic in pediatric medicine. What exactly is Kawasaki disease and why is this ...   Show more

100 Transfusion Reactions

Transfusion reactions are a dreaded complication in the ED.  Join emergency physicians Michael Samuels and Dan McCollum as they discuss the following and more! How do you recognize different types of transfusion reactions? How are different reactions managed? What infections can ...   Show more

99 Bronchiolitis

Dr. Reda Bassali, professor of pediatrics and pediatric hospitalist at the Medical College of Georgia, joins Dr. Zac Hodges and Gavriella Mendel (M3) to discuss this very important topic in pediatric medicine. What exactly is bronchiolitis and why is this topic so important? How ...   Show more

98 COVID 19 Vaccine

Join Dan McCollum and Michael Stephens as they discuss the new vaccines against COVID-19.   Are they studied well enough? How effective are they? What side effects occur, and are they serious? What do we NOT know about these vaccines? The approved vaccines are safe, effective, an ...   Show more

97 The B52 is Trash

Join ED clinical pharmacist Jimmy Pruitt and Dan McCollum as we discuss the reasons that the traditional "B52" cocktail of haloperidol, lorazepam, and diphenhydramine is badly in need of updating. Why this cocktail is slower than you think. Newer medications that are more effecti ...   Show more

96 Treatment of Opioid Withdrawal with Buprenorphine

Join Dan McCollum and EM clinical pharmacist RJ LaCoursiere as they discuss the use of buprenorphine for the treatment of Opioid Use Disorder. Who should be considered for treatment with Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)? Why should it be avoided if the patient isn't in acute w ...   Show more

95 Pediatric Respiratory Failure

Respiratory Failure August 10, 2020 Dr. Renuka Mehta, a pediatric intensivist at the Medical College of Georgia, joins Drs Matthew Smith and Zac Hodges to discuss the fundamentals of respiratory failure. What is the structure of the initial evaluation of a critically-ill child?  ...   Show more

94 Pediatric Sepsis

Join doctors Smitha Mathew, Kaitlin Verdone, Zac Hodges, and Dan McCollum as they navigate the difficult waters of pediatric sepsis.  What exactly is sepsis?  Are there any differences in the treatment of pediatric sepsis compared to adult sepsis?  What should I do if I see a sep ...   Show more

93 Sore throat

Dr. Tony Zitek drops some knowledge on you about the deceptively complex topic of sore throats.  What diagnoses are important other than strep and viral pharyngitis?  Why should assess neck mobility during your physical examination?  How should you treat common causes of sore thr ...   Show more

92 Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Join Christopher Watson, Zac Hodges, and Dan McCollum as they discuss the management of pediatric traumatic brain injury.  What should you look for on exam? When is intubation appropriate? How can you treat increased intracranial pressure? Where should you send your patient if yo ...   Show more

91 Urinary Tract Infections

Join emergency physician Tony Zitek as he guides you through the diagnosis and management of urinary tract infections.  Which elements of the history and physical exam are key?  What are the pearls and pitfalls in the diagnosis of UTI?  When is a culture needed?  How do I obtain ...   Show more

90 COVID-19 and the novel coronavirus

Join Dan McCollum as he discusses COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. What are the symptoms of this disease? How is it spread? What personal protective equipment is needed? What are key elements of the history and physical exam? Are there any treatments that he ...   Show more

89 Neonatal fever

Join Zac Hodges and Dan McCollum as they have a conversation about neonatal fevers with Dr. Kathryn McLeod, an experienced pediatrician at the Children's Hospital of Georgia.  We discuss the general approach to taking the history and physical exam of a patient with a fever under ...   Show more

88 Pediatric Sickle Cell

Join physicians Eric Ring, Zac Hodges, and Dan McCollum as they discuss how to properly care for the pediatric patient with sickle cell disease.  Dr. Eric Ring is a pediatric specialist in Hematology and Oncology at the Children's Hospital of Georgia in Augusta, GA.  What are the ...   Show more

87 Pediatric DKA

Join Zac Hodges, Chris Watson, and Dan McCollum as they discuss the management of pediatric diabetic ketoacidosis, or DKA.  What are key findings on the history and physical exam that point to DKA?  What is the initial management of these patients?  How is the management similar ...   Show more

Big Picture Advice to New EM Interns

Just a few days after the new EM interns start, today's episode will talk about my advice to new EM interns.  Think of this as the "big picture advice" or a 30,000 foot view of how to approach EM residency.  I'll talk about 4 major big picture points to keep in mind as you start ...   Show more

Sickle Cell Anemia by Dr. Jared Walker

Today’s episode is on the evaluation and management of sickle cell anemia in the Emergency Department. Dr Jared Walker, a third year EM resident at the University of Florida Jacksonville, has written and recorded this excellent review of sickle cell disease. This episode will dis ...   Show more

North American Snake Bites by Dr. David Hansen

Today's episode will discuss North American poisonous reptile bites with a focus on snake bites.  This episode was written and recorded by Dr. David Hansen, an active duty physician with the US Army.  It will review common presentations of snake bites, the relevant history and ex ...   Show more

Thyroid Emergencies by Dr. Patrick Ng

Today's episode is a quick review of Thyroid emergencies by Dr. Patrick Ng, a 3rd year EM resident in San Antonio, recorded by Jacob Schriner MS-3.  Thyroid emergencies can be difficult to recognize in the ED because they present in so many different ways.  Today's episode will r ...   Show more

Sepsis Definitions

This episode is a re-broadcast of the first sepsis episode in February 2012.  I am republishing the part of that episode that deals with the definitions of sepsis.  I think the new sepsis guidelines rely too much on clinician judgment and gestalt in identifying septic patients so ...   Show more

Croup by Stewart Harsant and Taylor Fischer, PA-Cs

Today's episode is on Croup- just in time for the middle of the croup season.  Your ED may even be filled with kids with a barking cough as we speak.  Today's episode was written by Taylor Fischer and Stewart Harsant, two physician assistants who have done an excellent job of sum ...   Show more

Hypothermia by Dr. Andrea Sarchi

Just in time for the midway point of the winter season, this is a podcast on management of hypothermia in the ED.  Dr. Andrea Sarchi wrote the script which was recorded by Jacob Schriner, a second year medical student at Emory University School of Medicine.  In this episode we'll ...   Show more

Opioids in the ED Part 2 with Dr. Sheyna Gifford

In part 2, Dr Sheyna Gifford will discuss the how to differentiate opioid overdose from other causes of altered mental status, some special disposition situations (especially with methadone), and how we can quickly screen for opioid abuse and provide patients compassionate care, ...   Show more

Opioids Part 1 with Dr. Sheyna Gifford

It's no secret that we have a major opioid problem in the United States.  The number of people addicted to opioids has reached epidemic proportions and we are certainly seeing this everyday in the Emergency Department.  In this episode Dr. Sheyna Gifford discusses a few facts abo ...   Show more

The undifferentiated sick infant by Dr. Tim Horeczko

EM Basic is back with a re-broadcast from the awesome podcast Pediatric Emergency Playbook by Dr. Tim Horeczko.  Tim is a double boarded in EM and Peds EM and works at Harbor-UCLA hospital.  This was the first episode he published at the beginning of September and it is pure gold ...   Show more

Heme Onc Part 1- Oncology Emergencies

This is the first of a two part series on Heme-Onc Emergencies.  In this episode, we'll discuss oncology emergencies to include neutropenic fever, tumor lysis syndrome, malignant spinal cord compression and malignant pericardial effusion.  Neutropenic fever is a common chief comp ...   Show more


Today's episode is another installment of the EM Basic Project.  Dr. Sheyna Gifford and Dr. Chrisanna Mink will talk about measles.  This is a disease that we thought we had stamped out long ago with vaccination but the rise of the anti-vaccine movement has caused several small o ...   Show more

Aortic Dissection

Today marks the 4th anniversary of the EM Basic podcast.  To celebrate this occasion, we are going to do a screencast on aortic dissection.  This is a very challenging disease to diagnose because patients have lots of different presentations that can make it difficult to diagnose ...   Show more

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