Ep. 39: How To Earn More Playing Time

Ep. 39: How To Earn More Playing Time

Ep. 44: The Story of Gabe Howard

In this episode, Gannon and Bryce interview a special talent who will be graduating in the coming weeks. He is a stud athlete and his name is Gabe Howard. He has been an up-and-coming star over the past few years with the Du-Pec (Durand-Pecatonica) Co-Op football team. His physic ...   Show more

Ep. 43: A Discussion On Participation Trophies

In this episode, Gannon, Josh, and Bryce come together to talk about a controversial topic, participation trophies. Yes, Josh Buisker our TikTok Manager joined us in this episode and he did a great job. We enjoyed the new dynamic to our Friday episode adding him in this week as h ...   Show more

Ep. 42: The Story of Jason Hermann

In this episode, Gannon and Bryce interview a very intelligent, hard working, entrepreneur style of a person, Jason Hermann. Jason Hermann has had undeniable success with two different sports while growing up. He has made an impact with the Stockton Blackhawks in both wrestling a ...   Show more

Ep. 41: Start As Individuals, Become Teammates, & End As Family

In this episode, Gannon and I take a look at how incoming coaches should interact with their new school. First we dive into the idea that every player should be treated as i'ndividuals'. Every new coach should take the time to get to know their players while developing the format ...   Show more

Ep. 40: The Will Gustafson & Hayden Neuendorf Story

In this episode, Gannon and Bryce interview two well-known players in the NUIC football conference in Illinois. William Gustafson and Hayden Neuendorf are teammates at Aquin High School (1A) located in Freeport, Illinois. Aquin is a small-school with around 88 people for enrollme ...   Show more

Ep. 38: The Story of Phillip Tanner

In this episode, Gannon and Bryce interview Phillip Tanner aka PT. PT is a former college football player who played at Middle Tennessee State and wound up being an undrafted free agent who signed with the Dallas Cowboys. Throughout his stint in the NFL, PT played for the Dallas ...   Show more

Ep. 37: A Deeper Look At The Term Accountability

In this video, Gannon and Bryce analyze and take a deep look at the term accountability. The term accountability is about being able to be a constructive critic and put emotion to the side by laying everything out on the line. It is living above the line instead of below the line ...   Show more

Ep. 36: The Story of Nate Boyer

In this video, Gannon and Bryce interview Nate Boyer. After 9/11 struck, Nate realized he wanted the military. He then joined the Army and turned out to be a Green-Beret. He was a true fighter for our country and should always be looked at as one. That was only the beginning to h ...   Show more

Ep. 35: Bryce Carlson & Carter Budenz Mock Draft 3.0 — The Entire First Round

In this video Bryce Carlson and his roommate in college, Carter Budenz dive into the first round and its entirety. From Trevor Lawrence going first overall, to a couple LB's slipping in the first, to a surprise DB going earlier than expected this mock draft includes discussion du ...   Show more

Ep. 34: A Deeper Look At The Term Leadership

In this video, Gannon and I take a look at one individual term, leadership. Leadership is a term that is very prevalent within sports and the business world. As a member of a team, as a coach, as a co-worker, teammate, etc... Have you ever taken a deeper look at the true/genuine ...   Show more

Ep. 33: The Story of Matthew Chavers

In this video, Gannon and Bryce interview Matthew Chavers. Matt is a former athlete with Freeport High School and now currently plays two sports in college at St. Xavier. Matt is a man who lights up the room with just his smile. He cares about others and makes others feel respect ...   Show more

Ep. 32: Bryce Carlson Mock Draft 2.0 — The Dallas Cowboys Trade Back

In this video, Bryce Carlson continues his mock draft addiction with his second mock draft. This time, he chooses the Dallas Cowboys only. It is a 5-round mock where the Dallas Cowboys trade back... Listen here to see what the new GM of the Cowboys decided to do. --- This episode ...   Show more

Ep. 31: The Importance of Being a Multi-Sport Athlete

In this video, Gannon and Bryce discuss the importance of being a multi-sport athlete growing up from the younger days of sports, to high school, and if you are blessed enough, college. We discuss and review the concrete evidence that suggests playing multiple sports will lengthe ...   Show more

Ep. 30: The Story of Isaiah Bruce

In this episode, we hear the story of another area stud-athlete. As many of you who tune in and whoever has been listening throughout the last couple months know we are from the 815 area in Illinois. The part you may not know is that many great overlooked athletes come through th ...   Show more

Ep. 29: Bryce Carlson Mock Draft 1.0 Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, & Chicago Bears

Bryce Carlson completes his first four round mock draft in hopes of helping the Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, and Chicago Bears. Drop a comment on what you think and we will do another one! The first of many leading up to the NFL draft! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anc ...   Show more

Ep. 28: Overlooked Illinois Recruits

In this video, Gannon and I take a look at past and present Illinois athletes in the football world that were/are overlooked by college coaches. We take a dive into guys like Aiden Chang, Isaiah Bruce, Rahveon Valentine, Major Dedmond, and the Mcshane Trio. In our eyes, Division ...   Show more

Ep. 27: The Story of Barry Church

In this episode, Gannon and I interview Barry Church. Barry is an Ex-NFL Safety who played for the Dallas Cowboys and the Jacksonville Jaguars. He began gymnastics as a kid and his father gave him the idea of football. He then joined the football team at his high school, Penn Hil ...   Show more

Ep. 26: Learn to Live, Above the Line

In this video, Gannon and I open up with a new weekly part within our Monday drops. That part is tagged, "Mental Monday's". Each week from now on you will hear two quotes, one from Bryce and one from Gannon. They will reflect on those quotes and share how what they mean to them b ...   Show more

Ep. 25: The Story of Deion McShane

In this episode, Gannon & I interview Deion McShane. Deion is a Freeport High School graduate and current football player at Division 1, Northern Iowa (UNI). Deion describes his upbringing and how the impact his brothers had on him led him to be an unreal athlete in track, baseba ...   Show more

Ep. 24: NFL Preview 2021

In this video, Gannon and I discuss many topics, NFL. We included our Super Bowl predictions, outlook on free agency, the draft, way too early super bowl predictions for next season, what we want to see vs what we will see, etc... --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The ea ...   Show more

Ep: 23: The Story of Luke Norman

In this episode, Gannon & I interview Luke Norman. Luke is the Men’s Head Coach at Highland Community College. He coaches basketball there and in this episode we take an in-depth look at who he is as a man, basketball player, and now first-year head coach. He is following in his ...   Show more

Ep. 22: The Spread Offense

In this episode, Gannon & I discuss the offense I want to run when I become a coach in the game of football. In this particular segment we analyze the spread offense and all it entails to its fullest details. Enjoy this episode & learn about the four implementations of the spread ...   Show more

Ep. 21: The Story of Major & Anthony Dedmond

In this episode, Gannon and I interview two very successful people. Major Dedmond and his father, Anthony Dedmond. This episode entails their stories that have already been written and the continued success they have stumbled upon throughout their journey. They are not humble wit ...   Show more


In this Episode, Gannon & I reflect on Season 1 and give a preview and deep look into what we have in store for Season 2, which is big things. Enjoy this episode which is full of behind the scenes information on what we accomplished and work towards during our two week break from ...   Show more


NFC & AFC Championship Predictions by Gannon & Bryce. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app https://anchor.fm/app  


In this surprise episode, we strictly talk NFL DIVISIONAL PLAYOFF PREDICTIONS --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app https://anchor.fm/app  

Ep. 17: The Story of Tim Shields (UW-Whitewater)

In this episode, Gannon & I interview Tim Shields, Director of Football Operations & Tight Ends/Fullbacks Coach. He has been around the game for quite a while and has always had a sense it would be in his life forever. He had dreams to be an NFL Agent and studied and learned unde ...   Show more

Ep. 16: In-Depth Discussion on Mental Health

In this episode, Gannon & I take a deep look at our individual stories with mental health struggles. The purpose of this episode is to let people know it’s okay to not be okay. If you are in sports or not, your mental health is important. We share our personal side of how to deal ...   Show more

Ep. 15: The Story of Broc Kundert (Football & NUIC Talk)

In this episode, Gannon & I interview a coach who has been in the game for eight years. Bounced around from a player at UW-Platteville to coaching at Freeport High School & Aquin High School. He currently remains the head coach of 1A, Aquin Bulldogs. His players play for him unde ...   Show more

Ep. 14: Building A Fast Paced Offense (Nickel Program)

In this episode, I examine my new program that I have developed, the Nickel Program. It consists of five characteristics that will help form a fast paced offense. Among those five characteristics, it will obviously instill something into the players. The fact of the matter is it ...   Show more

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