Million Voices (UpOnly 419) (Billy Gillies Remix - Mix Cut) [feat. Audrey Gallagher]

Million Voices (UpOnly 419) (Billy Gillies Re...

The Eyes of Andrea (UpOnly 419) (Mix Cut)
Lost In Love (UpOnly 419) (Madwave Remix - Mix Cut) [feat. Roxanne Emery]
The Potion (UpOnly 419) (Metta & Glyde Remix - Mix Cut)
Sweet Surrender (UpOnly 419) (Mix Cut)
The Traveller (UpOnly 419) (Mix Cut)
Can You See The Light (UpOnly 419) (Mix Cut)
Natural Indecision (UpOnly 419) (Paul Steiner Remix - Mix Cut)
For My Fathers (UpOnly 419) [Premiere] (Mix Cut)
Lost Memories (UpOnly 419) [Premiere] (Mix Cut)
Into Your Heart (UpOnly 419) (Mix Cut) [feat. AXYL]
So High (UpOnly 419) [PRE-RELEASE PICK] (Mix Cut)
Violet Dawn (UpOnly 419) (Mix Cut)
Existence (UpOnly 419) (Mix Cut)
Quarantine (UpOnly 419) [FAN FAVORITE 409] (Depressive Mix - Mix Cut)
Reality (UpOnly 419) (Mix Cut)
Heart's Illumination (UpOnly 419) (Mix Cut) [feat. Maria Milewska]
You Ran Away (UpOnly 419) [Premiere] (Dub Mix - Mix Cut)
Syn3rgy (UpOnly 419) (Mix Cut)
Square One (UpOnly 419) (Mix Cut)
Iron Angels (UpOnly 419) (SounEmot & Iberian Remix - Mix Cut)
For My Fathers (UpOnly 419) [Premiere] (The Avains Remix - Mix Cut)