DUBAI WORKS EP 27: Suhaila Ghobash, Festival Strategy & Execution Director, Dubai Events

DUBAI WORKS EP 27: Suhaila Ghobash, Festival ...

E135: Craig Stevens, CEO of Dubicars

In this episode of Dubai Works, we’re joined by Craig Stevens, the CEO of Dubicars, one of the UAE’s most trusted car dealerships. Dubicars have always made it a point to make the vehicle purchasing experience as enjoyable and transparent as possible for the consumers. And as of ...  Show more

E134: Philip Bahoshy, CEO Magnitt

In this episode of Dubai Works, we’re joined by Philip Bahoshy, The founder and CEO of Magnitt. A platform where venture capitalist and entrepreneurs can come together, connect and gain insight. Magnitt is the first and leading venture data platform supporting investors and found ...  Show more

EP 133: Ramzi Ghurani, Managing Partner of Petra Insurance

In this episode of Dubai Works, we are joined with Ramzi Ghurani, Managing Partner of Petra Insurance. Petra Insurance is one of the leading insurance companies in the UAE with 55 years of experience in the insurance sector. They provide policies for both personal and commercial ...  Show more

EP 132: Kez Taylor, CEO of ALEC Constructions

We’re joined today by Kez Taylor, the CEO of ALEC. A company that’s been setting new benchmarks in the construction industry, with its innovative designs. ALEC has also played a lead role in developing the EXPO 2020 site, as well as taking part in it, by being the only constructi ...  Show more

E131: Anthony Tattersall, VP EMEA of Enterprise at Coursera

What initially launched in 2012 by two Stanford Computer Science professors, has now become one of the largest online learning platforms in the world. In collaboration with over 200 leading university and industry partners, Coursera is now one of the largest online learning platf ...  Show more

EP 130 Rohaid Stanley, Co-Founder of Tryloka

In today's episode of Dubai Works, we’re joined by Co-Founder of Tryloka, Rohaid Stanley. a local enterprise who assist brands in the region in establish meaningful relationships with consumers by utilizing the power of smart product sampling. Their mission is to provide the camp ...  Show more

EP 129 Hasib Khan, Founder of Udrive

Founded in 2016, Dubai based start-up Udrive was the first to leverage mobility by introducing the rent-by-the-minute concept to the region. Over the last four years, the company has legitimized its service to over a quarter of a million UAE citizens, residents and visitors to co ...  Show more

EP 128 Payam Honari & Ziad Tariq, Founders of ADASAT

In this episode of Dubai Works, we're joined by Payam Horani and Ziad Tariq, both co-founders of ADASAT, the regions leading platform for premium eyewear. After 25 years of expertise in the optical field, the founders launched ADASAT in September of 2019. Today, they have transfo ...  Show more

EP 127 Phil Harvey, CEO Phoenix Technology

In this episode of Dubai Works, we interview Phil, the CEO of Phoenix Technology, a global leader in cryptocurrency Mining, Hosting, investments and the official Bitmain distributor. He has accumulated a specific skill set over a number of years in various industries such as the ...  Show more

EP 126 Leith Matthews, Founder of Rokpool

On this episode of Dubai Works, we are joined with Leith Matthews, a Dubai based Entrepreneur. He launched his first business in Dubai in 2011 - MAKE Business Hub - the region’s first dedicated creative and entrepreneurial co-working cafe After selling MAKE Business Hub, then joi ...  Show more

EP 125 Naomi Bell, CEO of NRBeauty

In this episode of Dubai Works, we are joined by Naomi Bell, an entrepreneur who went from being a freelancer to opening her own salon in Motor City called NRBeauty, which offers highly qualified therapists and treatments. The salon bring the worlds leading brands, treatments an ...  Show more

EP 124 Deyan Dimitrov, Founder of Laundryheap

In this episode, we're joined by Deyan Dimitrov, the Founder and CEO of Laundryheap, which is a service that collects, cleans and delivers fresh laundry and dry cleaning in just 24 hours. Deyan set up Laundryheap in 2014, with a vision of filling the technological and innovation ...  Show more

EP 123 Madhav Dhar, Co-founder and COO of ZāZEN Properties

In this episode of Dubai Works, we're joined by Madhav Dhar, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of ZāZEN Properties. Madhav Dhar handles the real estate product development; from conception through to delivery. He is also involved in creating, executing and managing the compa ...  Show more

EP 122 Elinor Davies-Farn, Founder of Olew Hair

In this episode of Dubai Works, we're joined by Elinor Davies-Farn, a Welsh entrepreneur and founder of natural hair care brand Olew Hair, an award-winning haircare brand that specialises in natural, vegan and cruelty free products specifically designed for curly hair. The brand ...  Show more

EP 121 Rafi Dikranian, CMO of SIPPY

In this episode of Dubai Works we interview Rafi, the Co-Founder and CMO of SIPPY – the region’s first digital platform empowering the specialty coffee community to compete against the mainstream players. With 13+ years of experience in retail and a serial entrepreneur, Rafi als ...  Show more

EP 120 Anisha Oberoi, Founder of Secret Skin

In this episode of Dubai Works, we are joined by Anisha Oberoi, Founder of the Middle East's conscious beauty e-commerce platform for sustainable beauty, Secret Skin. Secret Skin was born after Anisha fought a year-long battle with breast carcinoma - given the toxicity of the ...  Show more

EP 119 Dr. Ramesh Ramachandran, Ex CEO and principal at MEGVIN Advisors LLC

Today we are joined by Dr. Ramesh Ramachandran an innovative entrepreneur and executive leader in the hydrocarbon and chemical sector across the Americas, the Middle East and India with extensive experience in transformational stewardship, navigating organizations through period ...  Show more

EP 118 Julio Bruno, CEO of Time Out Group

In this episode of Dubai Works, we are joined by the CEO of Time Out Group, Julio Bruno. Time Out Group is a global media and hospitality business that helps people explore and experience the best of the city through its two divisions – Time Out Media and Time Out Market. Time O ...  Show more

EP 117 Mark Willis, CEO of Turkey, India, Middle East and Africa at Accor

In today's episode of Dubai Works we are joined by Mark Willis, the CEO of Accor for Turkey, India, Middle East and Africa. Pprevious to Mark's appointment, he was the President for the Asia region with Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts, a very dynamic area with a robust expansion st ...  Show more