the reframe podcast: re010 - Omran Shafique

the reframe podcast: re010 - Omran Shafique

re027: Let's Add Venture to Life - with Mohammad Khan Momekh

Mohammad Khan, better known as Momekh, literally lives his life as an adventure.  Momekh is a coach and consultant for high performance in life and work and takes pride in helping creatives, entrepreneurs, executives, and thought leaders build their own powerful and profitable br ...   Show more

re026: Harnessing the Power of a Diaspora - with Marwan Abdelhamid

You can either be arrogant with your privilege or use it to empower others around you. At just 20 years, Marwan Abdelhamid has realized the importance of creating meaningful business relationships and has cofounded a business networking platform called "Grow Home" that connects d ...   Show more

re025: Every Extraordinary Starts with Ordinary - with MK Elkhamissy

In his own words, "I see myself as average, no different to any other person. Life has given and taken a lot from me. The difference is I made the choice to take every loss and every win like a true athlete, never giving up never backing down. I have designed my life and business ...   Show more

re024: Excellence in Creative Expression - with Zeeshan Parwez

Zeeshan Parwez has made his mark not only as a musician, but one of the most innovative video producers, animators, and directors from Pakistan. You can follow Zeeshan at the following channels: LinkedIn: Zeeshan Parwez Twitter: If you get value out of ...   Show more

re023: Giving a Rockstar Treatment to the Training World - with James Dodkins

James Dodkins is UK's #1 Customer Experience Influencer. He uses his real-life rockstar background to create unique 'musical keynotes' in his customer experience training workshops. You can follow James at the following channels: LinkedIn: Twitter: ht ...   Show more

re022: Success in Social Media Content Creation - with Emkwan

EMKWAN is one of the Middle East’s top tech YouTubers and content creators. He focuses his channel and social media around unboxings, reviews, and commenting on the latest from the world of technology and lifestyle. With over 25 million video views and 115,000 subscribers, EMKWAN ...   Show more

re021: What does it take to follow your passion - with Shahzad Sheikh

Shahzad Sheikh is the BrownCarGuy - he's been a journalist and content creator for over 30 years primarily in the automotive field, across print, digital, youtube, but also radio and TV. Most recently he was based in Dubai for 13 years but moved back to London in the UK at the be ...   Show more

re020: Lessons from a successful momprenuer - with Samar Owais

Samar is an email conversion strategist and copywriter for SaaS and eCommerce businesses. She's one of those rare kind of freelancers who started their own business right out of college. She spent ten years in Dubai before moving to Pakistan in 2018. Today she helps SaaS companie ...   Show more

re019: Cybersecurity, Crisis Management and Personal Security - with Norbert Almeida

Norbert Almeida aka “NORBALM” is a Security, Risk & Crisis manager with over 22 years of global experience. As a Crisis Management specialist Norbert has delivered training & lectures at a number of local and international forums. His audience has included Govt. officials both in ...   Show more

re018: Impact of Covid19 on our work environment - with Abe Seksek

Abe Seksek is back on the show to discuss the impact of the Coronoavirus on our work environment. If you get value out of today's episode, we'd really appreciate a rating on iTunes. You can also subscribe to the podcast on all major platforms. Please help us spread the message by ...   Show more

re017: Understanding Digital PR and Positive Side of Social Media - with Hasan Zuberi

*This episode was recorded on Zoom. We encourage everyone to stay home and stay safe during the current crisis of COVID-19 Hasan Zuberi is an experienced PR professional with over 15 years of experience spreading across Asia, namely in: Pakistan, Indonesia, Singapore, and the UAE ...   Show more

re016: How to Stay Safe from Coronavirus and Raise Healthy Children - with Dr. Nisha Soares

In this episode, we discuss the challenges around the global pandemic of the Coronavirus and how to stay safe. Dr. Nisha is a specialist pediatrician at Al Zahra Hospital Sharjah where she is highly involved in the Neonatal ICU and running a busy outpatient clinic. We have first- ...   Show more

re015: Never Stop Discovering Yourself – with Abbas Masud

In this episode, our guest Abbas Masud discusses his life, experiences as a veteran and senior banker, an avid traveler, and a creative soul. Our takeaway from today's discussion is to never stop discovering yourself and never constrain your potentials. You can connect with Abbas ...   Show more

re014: Intellectual Property: Protecting your Ideas - with Dr. Sanjdar Muminov

Dr. Sandjar Mominov is an International IP expert with over 22 years of experience in various IP related aspects. He is recognized as one of Top 5 IP experts in the world. Dr. Sandjar Co-founded the Dubai Copyright Office 6 years ago and serves as the Chief IP Expert. You can con ...   Show more

the reframe podcast: re013: How to Build a Business Around Your Passion - with Arafaat Ali Khan

Arafaat is the first name that comes to mind when you talk about pop culture in the Middle East. He launched the Comic Con in Dubai and grew it 4 times in a couple of years. In this episode, we talk about his passion and perseverance in following his dreams to build a business ar ...   Show more

the reframe podcast: re012: Classrooms vs Corporate Office - with Deepak Mehra

Deepak is a senior banking professional and the author of Ready, Steady, Go, his book on valuable and practical advice on career growth. In this episode, Deepak shares his insights on the contrast between the education system and the corporate world, and how to fast track your ca ...   Show more

the reframe podcast: re011: Build Your Own Future - with Dariush Soudi

Dariush Soudi is an entrepreneur and a business influencer who loves to build brands and teams to support them. He is an international speaker and trainer, but the real value is in how Dariush turned his life around to live a life of dreams. You can connect with Dariush on Linked ...   Show more

re009: Let's talk Human Resources - with Nisheeth Pathak

On the 9th episode of "the re:frame podcast", Nisheeth Pathak joins us to discuss the Human Resources Function and its future in the world of technology and AI. Nisheeth has experience of almost 2 decades managing HR functions including Recruitment, Performance Management, and Le ...   Show more

re008: Building Innovative Products with Ammar Akhtar

Ammar is an entrepreneur based in Dubai since 2007 and has formed several successful initiatives mostly inclined towards mobility and technology. Ammar is the brain behind the online booking systems for Budget, Thrifty, Dollar and many other companies in the UAE. He is the Founde ...   Show more

re007: Entrepreneurial Mindset with Zohare Haider

Zohare is an entrepreneur managing 2 startups and an active member of the startup community in Dubai. He continuously mentors new startups and is very helpful with his insights and experiences. In this episode, Zohare shares his journey and the positive impact he has made on the ...   Show more

re006: How to become the most unlimited version of yourself with Sam Fouladgar

Sam is a Transformational Coach who helps people unlock their most unlimited version of themselves. In this episode, we discuss the mindset of successful people, how social media has altered the perspective of happiness and success and what to do about it as well as dealing with ...   Show more

re005: Sharing extraordinary stories via Compelling Filmmaking with Sadia Uqaili

Sadia is an artist, filmmaker, educator, and activist. She is the Founder of Explore Their Stories, with a non-profit mission to discover, document and share the extraordinary in our everyday lives. Sadia is the Director of a current production "Bapsi: The Silences of My Life", a ...   Show more

re004: Storytelling, Brand Strategy and Content Creation with Lucas Skrobot

Lucas is a communication strategist and the owner of a brand & media strategy company called (Anchored Consulting LLC). He hosts a Podcast called Own the Future and has also published his book titled: “Anchored: The discipline to stop drifting”. You can connect with Lucas on Inst ...   Show more

re003 - Developing innovative ideas and building bridges for entrepreneurship with Abe

Ibrahim Seksek, better knows as "Abe" is the Managing Director of Dubai Smart City Accelerator powered by Start-up Bootcamp. Abe has a long history of managing large teams and delivering exceptional results in multiple organizations. At Startup Bootcamp, Abe enables new entrepren ...   Show more

re002: Discovering your niche with Altamash Javed

Altamash Javed is known for his unique style of photography. He uses symmetrical framing to give a unique perspective to the things around us. Altamash has been working with Apple and Sony in the Middle East and regularly mentors new and amateur photographers. Altamash believes i ...   Show more

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