Selling sustainable fashion and how to live an authentic life

Selling sustainable fashion and how to live a...

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Designer Roni Helou explains his approach to growing his sustainable ready-to-wear label, winning the Fashion Trust Arabia 2019 Prize and how he sources vintage and dead stock to create modular, multipurpose pieces that are meant to outlast trends. MySay link:
James Zogby on How Joe Biden Might Change the Middle East
37min 11sec left
Dr. James Zogby is the founder and president of the Arab American Institute, a Washington, D.C.-based organization. He talks about how a new Democrat administration in the US might affect security in ...
Hadley Gamble on Hezbollah, Saudi Arabia and the US Election
36min 7sec left
Hadley Gamble is the host of Capital Connection on CNBC in Abu Dhabi. She talks about how a new Biden administration might impact the region economically, covering the Jamal Khashoggi murder and her b ...
The MENA Tech Revolution: Sharif El-Badawi's Gambit
39min 39sec left
Sharif El-Badawi is a founding Managing Partner of Plus Venture Capital, a $60 million VC fund that's been launched with a target of 120 investments over the next three years. The former managing part ...
How Hatem Alakeel is Elevating Saudi’s Emerging Talent
37min 24sec left
Hatem Alakeel is a Saudi designer and the founder of Authenticité, a platform he created to bridge Saudi talent with the rest of the world. As the country shifts away from being dependent on oil and w ...
Sex, Takeout and Sheesha with Sarah Bahbah
44min 7sec left
Sarah Bahbah is an artist and photographer of Palestinian descent who has amassed almost a million followers on Instagram. She talks about posing in her latest series entitled '3eib!' (shame in Arabic ...
Unleash Your PR Power Now
33min 33sec left
Zeina El Dana is the founder and CEO of Z7 Communications in Dubai, one of the Middle East's most powerful lifestyle PR firms. She explains how luxury brands are staying relevant, emphasizes the growi ...
GQ's Adam Baidawi Says Subculture Is Reshaping the Middle East
31min 54sec left
Adam Baidawi is the Editor-in-Chief at GQ Middle East. He talks about why GQ is no longer just for men, why more young Arabs should join the media industry and how connecting with subculture in the re ...
The Carl Gerges Experience: Tales of a Lebanese Rock Star
38min 6sec left
Carl Gerges is the drummer of Lebanese band Mashrou' Leila and also the founder of his newly launched architecture studio. On the heels of the 'l Love Beirut' fundraising concert with UK artist Mika t ...
The Arab Who Built an Empire on Beer
33min 18sec left
Mazen Hajjar is the CEO of Hawkers, a craft beer brand based in Australia. He talks about establishing 961 beer in Lebanon in 2006, the brew‘s ancient history in the Middle East, the important scienti ...
The Resurrection of Fetchr
28min 0sec left
Hussein Wehbe is the new CEO of Fetchr, a Dubai-based shipping company that avoided collapse by cutting over 1200 jobs and raising fresh funding in August 2020. He talks about the new vision, shifting ...
Invested in Art: Advice from an Insider
29min 15sec left
Saleh Barakat is a Lebanese art expert, gallery owner and curator. He talks about the right approach to buying art and the real returns on investment. He gives tips on starting a collection and commen ...
Debunking Cryptocurrency and the End of Money
37min 19sec left
Talal Tabbaa is the Dubai-based co-founder and COO at Jibrel Network. He explains how cryptocurrency is regulated by digital scarcity, how it can protect investors against inflation and the advantages ...
Lockdown Dining: The Evolution of Food Delivery
23min 15sec left
Mohamed Al Fayed is the CEO and Co-Founder of Grubtech, a Dubai-based F&B tech company founded in 2019 that recently received $2 million in seed funding. He explains how the restaurant delivery indust ...
Repowering Lebanon with wind energy
19min 23sec left
Salah Tabbara is co-founder of Naseem Akkar Windfarms, Lebanon's first wind energy project that will power 225,0000 homes. In this episode recorded before the August 4th explosion at the Port of Beiru ...
Behind the music with Dounia
21min 43sec left
Dounia is a Moroccan-American singer, songwriter, model, and activist based in Queens, New York. She talks about grappling with her identity as a Muslim, writing explicit lyrics and how her unconventi ...
Game on: the race for global audiobooks domination
23min 5sec left
Sebastian Bond is the CEO & Founder at Kitab Sawti. The Arabic audiobook company was recently acquired by Sweden-based Storytel, a main competitor to Amazon's Audible, as part of a strategy to acquire ...
Chicken farms and the antibiotic apocalypse
33min 15sec left
Dr. Issmat Kassem is an Assistant Professor of Food Microbiology Safety at the University of Georgia. He sounds the alarm about an antibiotic-resistant gene called MCR-1 that's making its way from the ...
Fashion in the time of Corona with Mariam Yeya
35min 1sec left
Mariam Yeya is the Founder and Creative Director of Mrs Keepa, a Dubai-based fashion label. Fresh off the release of her new collection Champs de Liberté, she talks about going all out despite the eco ...
The Entertainment Effect with Kareem Rahma
42min 49sec left
Kareem Rahma is a comedian, poet, producer and film writer based in Brooklyn. He talks about Kanye West, identifying with the Black Lives Matter movement as an Egyptian-American, using entertainment t ...
Investing in sperm banks
27min 21sec left
Khaled Kteily is the founder and CEO of Legacy, a sperm freezing and testing service that ships sleekly-packaged kits overnight. The startup recently raised $3.5 million to expand its global footprint ...
The new world order and killer robots with Abishur Prakash
36min 29sec left
Abishur Prakash is a geopolitical futurist at the Center for Innovating the Future in Toronto. His new book 'The Age of Killer Robots' lays out the possible outcomes as countries move towards deployin ...
Making money out of flies
32min 23sec left
Syrine Chaalala is the co-founder of nextProtein, a French-Tunisian startup that has just raised over $11 million in series A funding. From breeding happy flies to crisping them and distributing the p ...
Bullseye: Building a localized job market in a connected world
23min 9sec left
Roy Baladi is a co-founder of Jobs for Lebanon, a platform that rallies the global diaspora and connects the world's biggest employers with talent in Lebanon, where a highly educated population is fac ...
TikTok's evolution and how it's taking over the Arab world
33min 5sec left
Rami Zeidan is the Head of Video and Creative at TikTok Middle East. He talks about how the platform is educating creators to develop content beyond signing and dancing, how it can be leveraged by ent ...
War zones, health tech and the rise of augmented reality surgery
29min 39sec left
Nadine Hachach-Haram is the founder and CEO of Proximie, an AR platform for surgery that has made its way into over 80 hospitals in 30 countries since it was founded in 2015. Nadine, who is based in L ...
Releasing books, apps and saving foreign workers during COVID-19
39min 23sec left
Chaker Khazaal is a Palestinian-Canadian author and reporter. He talks about why he loves living in hotels, releasing his new book 'Life Dice' during COVID-19 and how he's incorporated UPC codes that ...
Unleashing creativity and the art of selling incredible watches
31min 19sec left
Maximilian Büsser is the founder, CEO and Creative Director of MB&F, a Swiss high-end watch brand. Now based in Dubai, he talks about the importance of making space for creative thinking and happiness ...
Love and marriage: there's an app for that
24min 8sec left
Sameh Saleh is the co-founder and CEO of Hawaya, a dating app tailored to Muslims looking for a life partner. He talks about launching the startup in Cairo in 2017, their acquisition by Match Group, i ...
Breeding unicorns in the Middle East
27min 55sec left
Amir Hegazi is the author of Ecosystem Arabia, a new book that compiles insights from over 100 experts on startups, funding, entrepreneurship and policy in MENA. He talks about the challenges of conne ...
The funny thing about being a stand up comedian
33min 25sec left
Egyptian-American stand-up comedian Maria Shehata shares anecdotes from her career as a female comic and reveals what her father said when she announced her plans to perform in comedy clubs full-time. ...
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