Networking Like A Boss: How To Build Organic Relationships

Networking Like A Boss: How To Build Organic ...

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Nasa probe Osiris Rex lands on asteroid
Science In Action

Science in Action talks to Nasa researcher Hannah Kaplan who is part of the team for the space agency’s sampling mission to the asteroid Bennu. Mission scientists were overjoyed this week when the probe Osiris Rex momentarily touched the asteroid and sucked up some of the sand an ...  Show more

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping
Just Films & That

Donkey roll!This week we are talking about a film of Alice’s choosing, The Lonely Island’s very own Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping.Is it underrated? Give it a listen to find out.We also talk celebrity cameos, favourite colours and whether a film can actually be too short?All ...  Show more

Mar 19 - C-R-I-S-I-S Spells Crisis
The Trish Regan Show

Does HE know something WE don't? President Biden calling Kamala Harris "President Harris" in another major gaffe. Now, it's getting ridiculous. Because it's not just the names of his team members that he can't remember... he doesn't know his policies. Including the details on his ...  Show more

Episode 161 - Myst: Chopped and Screwed
Gaming on Ten

This week, Nick and Don talk about every game that has ever been remastered. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Games mentioned : Tales of Vesperia - Switch Warioware Whatever It's Called Demo - Switch Heavy Bullets - PC Spinch - Switch Slim ...  Show more

The Big Miss-Diagnosis
The Hank Haney Podcast

Misdiagnosis (1:00 - 10:52). Overcoming the putting yips (11:04 - 29:26). 10-things you can do with your eyes closed (29:35 - 43:24). Follow Hank on Twitter @HankHaney, Minnesota Tim @TimParochka and Steve Johnson @GreatPredictor1. Go to for free daily golf ti ...  Show more