Tik Tok

Tik Tok

Note to Self
Say Something
Trip Off You (feat. Jerry Green)
Note to Anger
Note to Depression
Paper Hearts
Close (feat. Li & the Lonerz)
Note to Understanding
Note to Acceptance
Let It Go (Live)
Look What You Made Me Do
Flashlight (Tribute to Jessie J)
Rosa sin Espinas (Radio Edit)
Love Me Like You Do (Remixed Sound Version)
Dream It Possible
If i was your girl i'd give it to you all around the world (Tribute to Natalie La Rose and Fetty Wap)
Stummer Schrei
I Want You to Be Happier
What Does A Fox Say
Glad You Came (I'm Glad You Came)
Roma - Bangkok (feat. Lali)
The Darkness (Mix Cut) (Project 46 Remix)
Monster (DotEXE Remix)