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A conversation with the team

Ahead of the latest season (which launches at the end of this month!), our team gets together to talk about what they’re excited for, and what they’ve learned from producing the upcoming season of Kerning Cultures. Kerning Cultures’ season three launches on January 27th. Make sur ...  Show more

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S1E2: Mona Chalabi: Data Journalist
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Mona tells us about the unusual freedom her Iraqi parents gave her as a kid, the meticulous process behind her work, and how she’s dismantling the idea that data journalism is an impenetrable truth. This episode was produced by Hebah Fisher and Dana Ballout, with editorial suppor ...  Show more

Hebah Fisher: Kerning Cultures Co-Founder
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Today on al empire, our season finale and last episode. So who better to end it with than the person who made this all possible?  Hebah Fisher, KC Network’s co-founder and CEO, demystifies her name, shares beautiful family stories, and reveals a love for kickboxing. Through the h ...  Show more

S1E5: Dina Shihabi: Actor
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Dina, now an acclaimed actress with shows on Amazon and Hulu, initially set out to become a professional dancer, despite trying to quit ballet as a child. In this episode, she talks about the critical moments that propelled her acting career forward and the rewards of pushing the ...  Show more

S2E5: Ghizlan Guenez: The Modist Founder
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Ghizlan Guenez always loved fashion. But, as she entered the corporate world, Ghizlan could never find modest yet fashionable clothing to suit her style and the women around her. In 2017, she founded The Modist, the first online luxury site for modest fashion. This episode was pr ...  Show more