Can't Play Me
Run Around
Rash Decisions
Wish It Was Me
Not Perfect
Hands on You
Tu Nombre Exaltaré
Center (Flying Into Daybreak Album Version)
Radiant (feat. Bryson Breakey)
Your Love is Everything
Love Has Done It (feat. Zach Neese)
God So Loved The World
Holy, Holy (King Of Love Album Version)
I Really Love You (Spontaneous) - Live
What a Beautiful Name
Mystery (feat. Kari Jobe)
How Much Do You Think You Are Worth?
Everything to You (Spontaneous) - Live
Thank You 4 the Art (feat. Facade HQ)
I Need You/Create In Me (Medley)
Lord, We Long To See Your Glory (Help Us To Sing) (King Of Love Album Version)
My Delight Is in You (feat. Christy Nockels)