How the power of psychedelics can heal depression and anxiety

How the power of psychedelics can heal depres...

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Ever wondered how psychedelics can change your life? Or are you just curious to learn more about how psychedelics can be a gateway into expanded consciousness, healing, and more? In this week's episode, I interview my friend and guest, Dina Burkitbayeva who is a serial entrepreneur and investor in the mental health space. Her fund’s (Forward Vision Fund) investments include ATAI Life Sciences, COMPASS Pathways, The Third Wave among others. Dina is very passionate about supporting companies and institutions building alternative solutions to mental health and helping promote the message that there are more ways to treat mental health than just medication and talk therapy. Dina runs an investment syndicate on Angelist focused on pre-seed and seed companies in the alternative mental health and higher consciousness companies. She also runs a newsletter focused on latest news and trends in the investment and business aspects of the psychedelics therapeutic space. In this conversation, we cover the following: 1. What are psychedelics? 2. The most widely used psychedelics like Psilocybin, Ayahuasca, ibogaine and Ketamine 3. Why have they become so popular and which companies to look out for in this space 4. How can they be used to heal mental health and specifically anxiety and depression 5. How you can invest in this space 6. Stories of healing from people who have used them when nothing else worked Follow @Gateways_To_Awakening On Instagram if you’d like to stay connected. I’d love to hear from you and learn more about what topics you’d like to learn about, and which shows and topics you enjoyed the most!

How we store emotions in the various energetic systems of the body according to Chinese medicine, with Danny Geren
43min 5sec
This week's episode will tell you which emotions often hide in which organs and how to remove stuck emotions in the body that can be weighing you down. In this Episode, I talk to Danny Geren, L.Ac, DA ...
The healing power of sound and binaural beats with Elizabeth Krasnoff
1h 0min
Have you ever wondered whether sound can change your mood, or change your nervous system? In this episode, I interview Elizabeth Krasnoff, a master in the world of sound healing and binaural beats. We ...
How to remove obstacles and reprogram your mind for success with Marisa Peer
55min 45sec
In today’s episode, I sit down with Marisa Peer, Britain’s leading hypnotherapist, and Mindvalley teacher, where we dive into how to remove obstacles and reprogram your mind for confidence and success ...
The intuitive osteopath; learn to cultivate your attention to heal yourself
45min 56sec
Today’s episode is with an intuitive osteopath, who will teach us about cultivating our attention in order to heal ourselves. On this show, we’ll be featuring our guest, Michelle Veneziano, DO, who is ...
The power of Shiatsu and how it can transform your life
55min 22sec
Today’s episode is about the healing art of shiatsu and why it’s important. I chat with Peter Skrivanic. Peter has been a practitioner of Shiatsu and Reiki for over 20 years. As the former director of ...
How to harness our happiness even amidst difficult times with Marci Shimoff
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Today’s episode is about how we can harness our happiness even amidst difficult times with Marci Shimoff - one of the world’s international experts on happiness, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Woma ...
A new approach to mental health with holistic psychiatrist with Ellen Vora
45min 41sec
Today’s episode is about a new approach to mental health with holistic psychiatrist, Dr. Ellen Vora, an MD graduate from Columbia University medical school. Dr. Vora is a board-certified psychiatrist, ...
The power of visualization and energy healing with the Institute of Noetic Sciences
1h 14min
Today’s episode is with the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) where we’ll learn about health & healing, energy medicine, and finding your noetic signature. Helané Wahbeh is the Director of Research ...
Soulful parenting, the importance of the sacred in one's life, and a new vision for men's spirituality, with David Harshada
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David Harshada Wagner is a creative mindset consultant, spiritual teacher, author, artist, and proud father who has dedicated more than 30 years of his life to the path of selfless service, spiritual ...
The Transformative power of Kundalini Activation Process “KAP” energy & Feast for Good with Rei Chou
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In today’s episode, we learn about the transformative power of Reiki and Kundalini Energy with our guest Rei Chou. Rei's purpose is to create experiences that help people realize they’re part of somet ...
What are the Gene Keys? Why are they so important to understand your life mission and purpose - with Richard Rudd
1h 3min
An international teacher, mystic and poet, Richard Rudd attended Edinburgh University where he gained a Master’s degree in literature and metaphysics. All his studies became synthesized in 2002 when h ...
Qi-Gong, the Dao, Consciousness, and Pathfinding with Thomas Droge
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In today’s episode, we talk about Qi-gong, the Dao, consciousness and pathfinding with Thomas Droge -- a classically trained acupuncturist, herbalist, teacher and author. Thomas is incredible -- he is ...
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