C3 Social Impact Accelerator: Clever Play's Journey to Socially Responsible Business

C3 Social Impact Accelerator: Clever Play's J...

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Under the Banyan Tree - An economic tour of ASEAN

From factory relocations to tourism and exotic fruit exports, Herald van der Linde sits down with ASEAN Economists Yun Liu and Aris Dacanay to discuss the key themes shaping ASEAN’s disparate economic landscape. Disclaimer: https://www.research.hsbc.com/R/51/JwJWSxR Stay connecte ...  Show more

The Macro Brief – Funding the future

Mark McDonald, Head of Data Science and Analytics, looks at how venture capital is helping to fuel transformative technology and business innovation. Disclaimer: https://www.research.hsbc.com/R/51/9cHVhLJ Stay connected and access free to view reports and videos from HSBC Global ...  Show more

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S02E05 SocialFare: accelerare conoscenza e imprenditorialità a impatto sociale
Open Green. Storie di sostenibilità

Martina Muggiri, Startup Acceleration Program Coordinator, ci racconta Social Fare, un’impresa sociale nata a Torino che si occupa di accelerazione di conoscenze e di startup ad alto impatto sociale. 

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