Growing a diagnostics powerhouse with Integrated Diagnostics Holding CEO Hend El Sherbini (Ep 21)

Growing a diagnostics powerhouse with Integra...

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Hend El Sherbini took over her mother’s testing facility MK Lab in Egypt and rebranded it to Al Mokhtabar in 2004, with the intention of providing affordable and quality testing beyond Cairo.  16 years later, El Sherbini sits atop Integrated Diagnostics Holding, a merger of Al Mokhtabar and Al Borg.  IDH is the first Egyptian company to list on the London Stock Exchange, and has since become a regional player with over 450 facilities across Egypt, Sudan, Nigeria and Jordan. El Sherbini speaks to the merits of institutionalizing her family business and highlights the role consolidation plays in enabling affordable healthcare.   ** Subscribe to Making it here for ** Subscribe to Enterprise, our 6am briefing on business, finance and economics in Egypt (also free) at   Making It is grateful for the generous support of: CIB, Egypt’s number-one private-sector bank and the partner of choice for CEOs and leaders of businesses at all stages of their growth stories. The United States Agency for International Development, which has a 40 year history of inspiring Egyptian success in partnership with the Government and people of Egypt. You can check out IDH here: See for privacy information.

How to fundraise with Actis Partner Hossam Abou Moussa (Ep 22)
40min 4sec
In 20 years of working in private equity, Hossam Abou Moussa has seen the makings of great businesses across industries in Egypt and other emerging markets. At Actis, he is a partner in the private eq ...
Playing moneyball with Arqam FC CEO Ali ElFakharany (Ep 20)
41min 3sec
Ali ElFakharany got hooked on sports data as a university student, and the blog he started to analyze the Egyptian Premier League blossomed into a company in 2017. But the local market was not ready f ...
Transforming security with MagicCube co-founders Hisham Shawki and Nancy Zayed (Ep 19)
42min 18sec
Hisham Shawki and Nancy Zayed launched MagicCube in 2014 with the intention of eliminating the redundancy of hardware-based security currently used in mobile and IoT devices. The primary target of the ...
Debating bricks or clicks with Majid Al Futtaim Properties CEO Ahmed Galal Ismail (Ep 18)
42min 44sec
With brick and mortar retail seeing declining growth in developed markets fueled by competition from e-commerce, Majid Al Futtaim tells a story that might look a little different in emerging markets. ...
Building a “people” business with Dr. Bahaa Alieldean, of the Alieldean Weshahi & Partners law firm (Ep 17)
43min 14sec
If your business sells time — yours or your team’s or both — then this week’s episode is for you.  Lawyering is perhaps the world’s second-oldest profession — and the source of endless jokes, the vast ...
Kickstarting an industry with Fawry CEO Ashraf Sabry (Ep 16)
42min 16sec
The majority of Egypt’s population are unbanked and have no access to financial services. Thanks to fintech players like Fawry, this is changing quickly — and for the better. When Ashraf Sabry founded ...
Breaking baladi bread with Zooba CEO Chris Khalifa (Ep 15)
44min 11sec
Zooba sells taamiya, not falafel. When Chris Khalifa launched Zooba in 2012, the goal was to elevate Egyptian street food from cheap, delicious, everyday sustenance to a global brand. By 2020, Zooba’s ...
Season 3 Trailer
2min 44sec
Making It is back for its third season. Making It is a show about building great businesses in Egypt. Each episode brings you a one-on-one sit-down with a CEO or founder at the top of their game. They ...
Enterprise After Hours Trailer
0min 58sec
The Enterprise Show is an Egypt-focused business, policy and pop culture talk show, produced by Enterprise, the daily brief on all matters business, finance, and economics. Each episode will see us si ...
A peek behind the curtain: How Trella is bringing supply chains into the digital age (Ep 14)
42min 44sec
Omar Hagrass, CEO of Trella On this week’s episode of Making It, we remotely sit down with Omar Hagrass, the CEO and co-founder of Trella, a digital trucking marketplace. The company’s application act ...
Triple Digit Growth: How SAP created a digital safety net for businesses (Ep 13)
37min 11sec
Hoda Mansour, Managing Director of SAP Egypt and Frontier Markets Hoda Mansour was twice recognized by Forbes as one of the most influential businesswomen in the Middle East for her work in SAP in the ...
Investing in digital disruption: How Algebra Ventures became synonymous with tech startups (Ep 12)
40min 46sec
Algebra Ventures Managing Partners Tarek Assaad and Karim Hussein From a background of senior positions at multinationals, Algebra Ventures Managing Partners Tarek Assaad and Karim Hussein are driven ...
Where preparation meets opportunity: How TPay Mobile put Egypt on the Fintech map (Ep 11)
30min 52sec
Sahar Salama, Founder and CEO of TPay Mobile In a country with low banking penetration and high mobile adoption, Sahar Salama saw a business opportunity in creating a payment solution through telecom ...
Amro Abouesh, CEO and Managing Director of Tanmeyah (Ep 10)
38min 37sec
Having served as Executive Advisor for Microsofinance at Banque du Caire and then as head of the microfinance and SMEs division at the Bank of Alexandria, Amro Abouesh believed in private sector finan ...
Surviving the end of a trend: going beyond cupcakes with NOLA (Ep 9)
38min 51sec
Laila Sedky and Adel Sedky, Founder and CEO of NOLA As Founder and CEO of one of the most recognizable brands in the confectionary business, Laila and Adel understand the business of selling happiness ...
We don't need no the classroom (Ep 8)
47min 11sec
Mohamed El Kalla, CEO of Cairo for Investment and Real Estate (CIRA).  As the head of one of the largest private sector education operators, El Kalla is someone who understands the business of educati ...
Season 2 Trailer
5min 25sec
Making It in the time of covid-19: Making It is back for its second season. Making It is a show about building great businesses in Egypt. Each episode brings you a one-on-one sit-down with a CEO or fo ...
The End of Season 1
29min 22sec
As we wrap up our first season of Making It, Enterprise's very first podcast, we thought we'd reach out to everyone who lent us an ear these past few months and thank them for their constant feedback. ...
Bringing art to the masses: How TAM is trying to democratize the art scene (Ep 7)
29min 22sec
TAM Gallery, formerly Arts Mart, started off as an online gallery that aimed to give new artists a chance to break into the Egyptian art world. Fast forward less than a decade later, TAM has three arm ...
Eat your heart out, Willy Wonka: How Edita beat out global household names to become the leading snack food producer in Egypt (Ep 6)
36min 11sec
If you’ve ever been starving in Egypt without a kitchen anywhere in sight, it’s likely that you’ve tried a snack by Edita. Since its founding in 1996, the maker of such brands as Todo, Molto, Bake Rol ...
Meet Sarwa Capital: the 20-year-old startup quietly building the infrastructure of consumer finance (Ep 5)
32min 24sec
Hazem Moussa will forgive you if you’ve never heard of Sarwa Capital, because unless you’re a finance geek (like us), Sarwa is hardly a company whose name you’ll hear every day — even though there’s a ...
One ring to rule them all: How the Azza Fahmy brand became a precious heirloom that was nourished into a global luxury powerhouse (Ep 4)
29min 30sec
After taking over the helm at Azza Fahmy back in 2006, Fatma Ghali, along with her sister Amina, built on the legacy of their mother, spearheading the expansion of the brand outside of Egypt and added ...
The team player: How Karim Awad has grown EFG Hermes from a regional giant into a global player (Ep 3)
34min 7sec
Karim Awad started at EFG Hermes as an analyst and rose to become the head of EFG’s high-profile investment banking unit — a job he held until he was tapped to run the firm as Group CEO in 2013. In an ...
Mr and Mrs Claus: The couple behind the killer concierge app Elves (Ep 2)
29min 14sec
Seeing the rapid growth of digital assistants, Abeer El Sisi and Karim El Sahy co-founded Elves in 2016, along with Ahmed Kassem. They looked at the deficiencies in current digital assistants and real ...
Back from the brink: How Gourmet Egypt survived the float of the EGP (Ep 1)
26min 3sec
After a ten-year run leading a high-end retailer of imported food in Egypt, Jalal Abu Gazaleh nearly fell off a cliff when the devaluation of the EGP saw prices skyrocket, inflation go through the roo ...
Making It: The Introduction
3min 2sec
An introduction to Making It, by one of our hosts Patrick, Enterprise's editor-in-chief and co-founder. See for privacy information.
2min 2sec
Introducing Enterprise's first podcast series that tackles great businesses in Egypt and the stories behind them, straight from the founders and CEOs themselves.  See for priva ...
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