EP 90 Parham Ramezani, Group CEO at Parham & Co, & Moe Jabry, COO of A LIst

EP 90 Parham Ramezani, Group CEO at Parham & ...

This week I'm joined by Parham Ramezani, Group CEO at Parham & Co. and Moe Jabry, COO of A LIst. Parham & Co are a company 7 Brands and growing. One of their brands, A List, is leveraging the power of social media by linking an exclusive database of influencers, models, fashionistas, athletes etc, with venues in Dubai by creating unique and unconventional marketing content. It is a tech company who has taken an idea and are using technology to reach thousands of influencers at a click of a button to promote restaurants, spas, gyms, experiences, and much more. Reaching up to 14,000,000 eyes daily. Having worked with 70 plus partners and growing, serving over 150 influencers daily.  Today we will talk focus on one of those brands,  A List, where the idea came from and how it works, we will also discuss the maturity of the influencer industry, and what Pharnam & Co look for in potential investments.
EP 91 Janardan Dalmia, CEO of Trukkin ME
45min 43sec left
Janardan Dalmia, Founder and CEO of Trukkin. JD is an experienced finance professional involved with investing and organizing capital raising for private equity and venture capital deals  He has been ...
EP 89 Faizal E. Kottikollon, Founder & Chairman of KEF Holdings
40min 59sec left
In this episode of Dubai Works, we have Faizal E. Kottikollon, Founder & Chairman, KEF Holdings with us. Since establishing KEF Holdings with the mission to be different and make a difference, Faizal ...
EP 88 Rizwan Sajan, Founder & Chairman, Danube Group
24min 4sec left
This weeks guest is Rizwan Sajan, Founder & Chairman, Danube Group. Over the last 27 years, the company has charted a path that transformed from being just one shop with one employee to global employe ...
EP 87 Ian Carless, Partner At Warehouse 4
48min 30sec left
In this episode of Dubai works, our guest is Ian Carless, Ian is the founder of Warehouse 4, in Al Quoz in Dubai, Warehouse Four attracts the world’s leading brands to host everything from workshops f ...
EP 86 Shaaista Khan Osman, CEO & Osman Osman, MD, Blu Blood Entertainment
47min 5sec left
In this episode of Dubai Works, we will be discussing the journey of Blu Blood Entertainment, an Artists & Events Management  created in the South African market over a decade ago,  With over 35 years ...
EP 85 Michael Ellis, Chief Culinary Officer for Jumeirah Group
40min 58sec left
This week in Dubai Works, we have the pleasure of being joined by a true gastronomic encyclopedia, Michael Ellis, the Chief Culinary Office at Jumeirah Group. A role he has occupied since 2018 having ...
EP 84 Joey Ghazal, Founder of The Maine
35min 21sec left
Joey Ghazal is a Canadian restaurateur and founder of Fighterbrands Holdings Ltd, Pine Tree State Trading Co and The MAINE. He has developed, owned and managed notable restaurant and bar concepts in B ...
EP 83 Sudhir Syal, CEO of BookMyShow Middle East
43min 29sec left
Sudhir Syal  is CEO for the Middle East and Head Of Global Trading, of Book My Show Middle East, a leading online entertainment destination. The company started out as  a pure online ticketing platfor ...
EP 82 Sanjay Dabur, Vice-President and Head of Energy Business at Sharaf DG Energy
59min 53sec left
This week I'm joined by Sanjay Dabur, Vice-President and Head of Energy Business at Sharaf DG Energy, with over 20 years industry experience, he is spearheading Renewable Energy business development w ...
EP 81 Omar Jackson, Founder OJ Lifestyle
51min 12sec left
Omar Jackson’s story is nothing short of inspiring. His passion for entrepreneurship was realised at the early age of 13until now as a partner in a private equity firm. He recently launched his lifest ...
EP 80 Gaj Ravichandra, Co-Founder of Kompass Consultancy
52min 55sec left
In this episode of Dubai Works, we interviewed Gaj Ravichandra is an International Career Path Strategist & Executive Coach, Organizational Psychologist, and the Co-founder of Kompass Consultancy. For ...
EP 79 Katie Harvey, Co-Founder of Q Communications
57min 13sec left
In this episode of Dubai Works, we will interview the C-Founder of Q Communications, Katie Harvery.  Q Communications is an international communications agency, with bases in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, London ...
EP 78 Paul Malee & Rami Shamaa Co-Founders & Managing Directors of Maison Privee
51min 40sec left
Paul Malee & Rami Shamaa Co-Founders & Managing Directors of Maison Privee a virtual hotel brand offering high standards of accommodation and service focused on corporate visitors and discerning touri ...
EP 77 Sebastian Bond, CEO & Founder of Kitab Sawti
52min 48sec left
In this week's interview of Dubai Works, we interview the CEO and Founder of Kitab Sawti, Sebastian Bond. Kitab Sawti is an Arabic audio content production and distribution platform that brings to you ...
EP 76 Charles Wright, Co-Founder, Hopi
51min 8sec left
This week's guest is Charlie Wright, the Co- Founder of Hopi. Charlie in a Dubai based entrepreneur, who previously had a venture in the gaming industry and his latest business, Hopi is a new, premium ...
EP 75 Tom Woolf, Founder & CEO of EdAid
56min 59sec left
In this episode of Dubai Works, we have interviewed Tom Woolf, CEO of EdAid.  Thomas is an entrepreneur and former professional athlete. His pioneering approach to frontier markets and technology has ...
DUBAI WORKS EP 37: Dr. Sara Al Madani, Entrepreneur
13min 0sec left
Her Excellency, Sara Al Madani, is one of the most prominent business figures in the UAE. Her ventures vary from fashion to tech to restaurant businesses, and her accolades include Entrepreneur of the ...
EP 74 Georgie Woollams, Managing Director and Founder of Katch International
55min 28sec left
In this episode of Dubai Works, we've interviewed Georgie Woolams is the founder of Katch International, a communications agency set up initially in London in 2010, before establishing itself as one o ...
DUBAI WORKS EP 36: Ravi Bhusari, CEO of Duplays and Nook
15min 52sec left
On this episode we meet one of the original tech start up entrepreneurs in Dubai, Ravi Bhusari co-founded Duplays, a community networking platform in 2007, and has since gone on to set up a co working ...
EP 73 - Salma Sakhnini, CEO of ICON Group
54min 55sec left
Salma Sakhnini is CEO of ICON Group, she has over 25 years of industry experience including as Regional Vice President with Citibank for 12 years and as Chief Operating Officer with Rasmala Investment ...
DUBAI WORKS EP 35: Jasper Hope, CEO of Dubai Opera
25min 47sec left
When Dubai Opera pulled back the curtains in 2016 people didn’t know what to expect from the first of it’s kind in the region, 3 years and over 600 shows later, it’s safe to say that The Dubai Opera h ...
EP 72 - Marcus Smith, Founder of InnerFight
56min 27sec left
In this episode of Dubai Works, we've discussed the story of InnerFight and how did Marcus Smith start this business, key reasons for success, the fitness industry and current trends, and we touched-b ...
DUBAI WORKS EP 34: Raza Beig, CEO of Splash Fashions
17min 43sec left
Landmark Group is one of Dubai's success stories, a company that has grown up with the city, expanded internationally and has many household retail brands. One of the most acclaimed is Splash Fashions ...
EP 71 - Dennie Wallace, the Founder of Wallace And Co
48min 0sec left
In this episode of Dubai Works, my guest is Dennie Wallace, the Founder of Wallace And Co.  Wallace & Co. are a British design led home fragrance company in the UAE, providing best in class wellness a ...
DUBAI WORKS EP 33: Luka Jurkovic, General Manager of REVIVE Cryotherapy
19min 7sec left
Many people will know of Cryotherapy, as a specific form of muscle therapy, but now an innovative Dubai based company are adapting this treatment for horses. Revive are a company pioneering cryotherap ...
EP 70 - Richard Sikkel, CEO Massar Solutions & Commercial Director, Peter Retief
43min 13sec left
Massar Solutions CEO Richard Sikkel is an ex-Tesla U.S Silicon Valley who used to work with Elon Musk and various other prominent roles across the globe.  In this episode, we have discussed the future ...
DUBAI WORKS EP 32: Rashid Al Ghurair, CEO of CAFU
16min 43sec left
Oil is synonymous with the Gulf Region, yet it’s not often we see new technologies and startups in the energy sector. A new company called CAFU is changing that up by providing fuel on demand via an a ...
EP 69 - Massimo Cannizzo, CEO and Co-founder of GELLIFY Middle East
54min 27sec left
In this episode of Dubai Works, our guest is Massimo Cannizzo, the CEO and Co-Founder of Gellify Middle East.  Massimo specializes in the space of innovative technologies across multiple industries an ...
DUBAI WORKS EP 31: Karim El Jisr, Executive Director Of SEE Institute
12min 52sec left
The Dubai Sustainable City is so much more than a housing, Karim el Jisr, executive director of SEE Institute in The Sustainable City, explains all the work that they do, and how we are at a tipping p ...
EP 68 - Maha Abouelenein, Chief Value Officer For Gary Vaynerchuk
41min 4sec left
Maha Abouelenein is the Chief Value Officer for Gary Vaynerchuk and EVP of Business Development for VaynerX. In this episode of Dubai Works we discussed, COVID19 and communication strategies, Digital ...
نشرة الصباح 312: أمازون توفر 2000 وظيفة تجهيزاً لتخفيضات الجمعة البيضاء
نشرة الصباح 311: شركة موديرنا قد تحصل على اللقاح في نهاية نوفمبر
نشرة الصباح 310: تحقيق بسبب "إعجاب" حساب البابا بصورة مودل على انستقرام
نشرة الصباح 309: آبل تُخفِّض معدل العمولة في متجر التطبيقات إلى 15%
نشرة الصباح 308: تويتر تطلق ميزة فلييتس
نشرة الصباح 307: الإمارات تمنح الإقامة الذهبية لفئات جديدة من المقيمين
نشرة الصباح 306: موعد الحصول على لقاح كورونا ومحمد صلاح وإيلون ماسك مصابون بكورونا
نشرة الصباح 305: شركة تعيد رواتب الموظفين التي خصمت في فترة كورونا وعطل فني في يوتيوب
نشرة الصباح 304: آبل تطلق ثلاث حواسب ماك بمعالجات خاصة بها
نشرة الصباح 303: تفاصيل لقاح فيروس كورونا وتأثيره على الأسواق
نشرة الصباح 302: ميزة جديدة من واتساب لحذف كل الملفات والصور المزعجة
نشرة الصباح 301: تأثير فوز جو بايدن بالانتخابات الأمريكية على المنطقة العربية
نشرة الصباح 300: قصة حياة أسطورة كرة القدم ديفيد بيكهام تتحول إلى مسلسل على نتفليكس
نشرة الصباح 229:من سيفوز بالانتخابات الأمريكية؟ وما تأثيرها على الأسواق؟
نشرة الصباح 228: لأول مرة، برجر كينج تطلب من عملائها الشراء من ماكدونالدز
نشرة الصباح 227: سامسونج قد تطلق جالكسي إس21 بلا شاحن ولا سماعات أيضاً
نشرة الصباح 226: ابل تنافس غوغل بإطلاق محرك بحث خاص بها
نشرة الصباح 225: حقيقة إلغاء نظام الكفالة للوافدين في السعودية
نشرة الصباح 224: تغيير جذري في رسائل انستقرام
نشرة الصباح 223: نتفليكس تتيح يومين مجانيين لغير المشتركين وواتساب تضيف ميزة لإلغاء الإزعاج في الجروب
نشرة الصباح 222: اعتزال حبيب نورمحمدوف وكريستيانو يرد
نشرة الصباح 221: شركة باي بال تدعم استخدام البيتكوين في منصتها
نشرة الصباح 220: واتساب تطلق ميزة جديدة تنافس زووم وأسهم سناب شات ترتفع
نشرة الصباح 219: نتفليكس تطلق أفلام تحت عنوان صنع في لبنان
نشرة الصباح 218: شراكة بين ”ناسا“ و ”نوكيا“ لبناء شبكة اتصالات الجيل الرابع على القمر
نشرة الصباح 217: جوجل تضيف ميزة جديدة تساعدك على معرفة الأغنية العالقة فى ذهنك
نشرة الصباح 216: تحقيق بخصوص بنك مصري يدعم حملة ترامب
نشرة الصباح 215: رونالدو مصاب بفيروس كورونا ومميزات الايفون الجديد
نشرة الصباح 214: صفقة اندماج أكبر بنك في السعودية
نشرة الصباح 213: سوريا تحترق وقصة طفل مؤثرة ترك المدرسة لبيع النايلون