We Were Young (Extended Master)
I Want You to Love Me
Play the Guitar (ft. Lady Vale)
Silence (Original)
Like The Sunshine (Radio Edit)
Sonnentanz - Kellerkind Remix
Chasing Unicorns (feat. Lenny)
Let's Get Slow (Jean Tonique Remix) [feat. Benjamin Diamond]
All You Need (Day Mix)
Walk with Nelson
How We Gonna Stop the Time (feat. Stee Downes)
Erebus (Dub) (Original Mix)
Feels Like This (Alle Farben Remix) (Radio Edit) [feat. Belle Humble]
Automatic (Kasbo Remix)
Small Flowerd (Original Mix)
Slip Away (feat. Rahjwanti)
Ibrik (Mixed)
TopDown (feat. Maggy Rich)
Something New (Alex Schulz Remix)
Dark Side Of My Mind
When They Come (Original Mix)