Alma (feat. Karelle Tremblay)
Salute (feat. Quills)
Track 6 is the Interlude with Phil
Party (feat. Rymz)
Give It All
Touch Me (feat. Kelli-Leigh)
Sonnentanz - Original Version
I Got U (Jonas Rathman Remix) [feat. Jax Jones]
Mrs. (feat. Stevie Appleton)
Eat Your Friends (feat. Shoffy)
Burning In My Soul
Missing You (Ridney Rework) [feat. Terri Walker]
Sacred Touch (feat. Misha Miller) (Alex Vives & Ivan Deyanov Remix)
Come Fly Away (KANT Remix)
Sticks & Stones (Sascha Kloeber Bootmix)
California Dreamin (feat. Chelsea Perkins)
Owe It to Yourself (Beyond Paradise Remix)
Lying In The Sun (feat. Bright Sparks)
Ice (feat. Kylan Road)
Waiting Here (Niklas Ibach Remix)
Godspeed You (Charming Horses Edit) [feat. Ozark Henry]