The American Empire Has Hit Rock Bottom, Says Rania Khalek

The American Empire Has Hit Rock Bottom, Says...

The Disruptors (Ep. 2): Joe Arida's Creative Message in a Mad World

‏Joe Arida is a Beirut-based multidisciplinary designer, art director and editorial stylist and the founder of fashion brand La Terre est Folle and a new furniture brand, Unintentional Functional Objects. A self-described humanitarian, he talks about sexual taboos and diversity i ...   Show more

The Disruptors (Ep.1): Nafsika Skourti's Boundary Breaking Couture

‏Designer Nafsika Skourti is shattering stereotypes in the Middle East with her label. She talks about the challenges of operating out of Jordan and the true meaning of 'sustainable' fashion in a region that's still developing.  

Dana Al Fardan is Bringing Rumi Back to the Middle East

‏Dana Al Fardan is Qatar's first internationally renowned female singer-songwriter. She talks about her upcoming projects including a musical based on Rumi, the best selling poet in the US. She explains the importance of reclaiming the lessons of Rumi in our daily lives and how t ...   Show more

From Cash to Cashless: The Middle East's Turbo Paradigm Shift

‏David Parker is a specialist in International Investment Promotion. He has spent the last five years working with Bahrain’s Economic Development Board, helping the small Arab country work towards its Economic Vision 2030 goals. He explains how the region is shifting towards bein ...   Show more

China, Iran and How the Abraham Accords Will Transform the Middle East

‏Angus Blair is a CIB Professor of Practice at the Business School at the American University of Cairo and an expert in corporate governance and ESG investing. He explains how the Abraham Accords could help speed up the Middle East's development as it faces the threats of water s ...   Show more

Bill Gates conspiracy theories and why tax havens need to go with Hassan Damluji

‏Hassan Damluji is Deputy Director of Global Policy & Advocacy at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and author of 'The Responsible Globalist.' He explains how the foundation's $1.75 billion investment so far is being deployed to fight COVID-19 and the importance of funding the ...   Show more

Fatima Al-Banawi: Trailblazing in Saudi Arabia’s Film Industry

‏Fatima Al-Banawi is a Saudi Arabian filmmaker and actress who came into the limelight after starring in the film 'Barakah Meets Barakah', a romantic comedy that was produced and shot in Saudi Arabia but first released in Germany in 2016, before cinemas were allowed in Saudi Arab ...   Show more

From Beirut to Times Square: Anghami's True Story

‏Elie Habib is the co-founder of Anghami, the music streaming platform that became the first Arab tech company ever to be listed on the NASDAQ. Fresh off the IPO, he reflects on a journey that started in 2012, when the small Lebanese startup started building a catalogue by upload ...   Show more

Wade Davis explains why we should all be entrepreneurs of knowledge

‏Wade Davis is a Canadian anthropologist, author and explorer. He talks about 'The Unravelling of America', an essay he wrote for Rolling Stone that got over five million views, how his PhD thesis on the zombie culture in Haiti became a Hollywood movie and his latest book Magdale ...   Show more

How Farah Nabulsi directed Oscar-shortlisted 'The Present' in occupied Palestine

‏Farah Nabulsi is a Palestinian British filmmaker and human rights advocate. She talks about directing a scene at the infamous Bethlehem Checkpoint 300 and working with Palestinian actor Saleh Bakri. She explains why she makes films meant to raise the global social conscience and ...   Show more

Bitcoin Secrets from Bahrain with a Fintech Insider

‏Fawaz Shakralla is the Head of IT at the Bahrain Institute for Political Development (BIPD) and an expert on blockchain for telecom, banking, infrastructure and ERP project management. He weighs in on the current Bitcoin hype, the effect of day traders and explains the differenc ...   Show more

Your Essential Guide to the Covid Vaccines

‏Dr. Souha Kanj is a specialist in infectious diseases at the American University of Beirut Medical Center. She explains the differences between different types of vaccines coming on the market, Russia's Sputnik vaccine, the effect of COVID-19 on fertility and the pitfalls of une ...   Show more

Why global tech investors are betting on the Middle East and its neighbors

‏Philip Bahoshy is the Founder and CEO of Magnitt, a Dubai-based platform focused on tracking and enabling emerging venture markets including the MENA, Pakistan and Turkey. He shares highlights from their annual 2020 report, including the rise of fintech and why Saudi Arabia was ...   Show more

Beirut Through the Eyes of a London Investment Banker and Hotelier

‏Nabil Debs is the founder of Plutus Capital Advisory in London. He’s also behind Arthaus, a collection of experiential hotels around the world. He talks about restoring his family's 19th century estate in Beirut, war tourism, his exclusive concierge service that includes setting ...   Show more

Science Fiction And Islam: The Secret to a Better World?

‏Jörg Matthias Determann is an associate professor of history at VCU in Qatar and the author of the new book 'Islam, Science Fiction and Extraterrestrial Life'. He talks about the history of the genre in the Middle East, the connection between religion and science and how science ...   Show more

Sukkari Life's Saudi Blogger on Becoming a YouTuber

‏Raoum Bani is a Saudi chef and yoga instructor in Riyadh who promotes a plant-based diet. She talks about being an influencer in the Islamic kingdom and her journey from blogger to successful YouTuber. We discuss the power that content has over our lifestyle and how to find your ...   Show more

Soraya Chemaly Says We Need A Feminist Group Focused on Men

‏Soraya Chemaly is an award-winning writer and activist whose work focuses on the role of gender in culture, politics, religion, and media. She explains why we need to change ideas of gender that are ingrained in early childhood in order to disrupt the fundamental inequalities th ...   Show more

Qusai on Why Arab Hip Hop Can Go Global

‏Qusai AKA Don Legend is a Saudi American hip hop artist, record producer, rapper and actor. He talks about his journey as a musical trailblazer and explains why he thinks Arab Hip Hop can make it on international music charts. He also explains how he's connected with corporate b ...   Show more

Why You Can't Redefine Beauty, According to Gad Saad

‏Gad Saad is a a Lebanese-Canadian evolutionary psychologist and professor at Concordia University. He talks about his new book 'The Parasitic Mind: How Infectious Ideas Are Killing Common Sense'. He speaks out against post-modernism, radical feminism, identity politics and how t ...   Show more

Why Podcasting is the Way to Your Heart and Mind

‏Tariq Elmeri is a documentary filmmaker and the host of the Da Miri podcast. He talks about social media fatigue, the demand for more in-depth content and the insightful conversations he has on his show. He explains the value of finding a niche audience and the opportunity this ...   Show more

James Zogby on How Joe Biden Might Change the Middle East

‏Dr. James Zogby is the founder and president of the Arab American Institute, a Washington, D.C.-based organization. He talks about how a new Democrat administration in the US might affect security in the Middle East, the prospect of trade between old rivals and the best solution ...   Show more

Hadley Gamble on Hezbollah, Saudi Arabia and the US Election

‏Hadley Gamble is the host of Capital Connection on CNBC in Abu Dhabi. She talks about how a new Biden administration might impact the region economically, covering the Jamal Khashoggi murder and her brutal interview with Lebanon's former Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil at Davos, ...   Show more

The MENA Tech Revolution: Sharif El-Badawi's Gambit

‏Sharif El-Badawi is a founding Managing Partner of Plus Venture Capital, a $60 million VC fund that's been launched with a target of 120 investments over the next three years. The former managing partner of Falcon 500 talks about their unusual investment strategy, the specifics ...   Show more

How Hatem Alakeel is Elevating Saudi’s Emerging Talent

‏Hatem Alakeel is a Saudi designer and the founder of Authenticité, a platform he created to bridge Saudi talent with the rest of the world. As the country shifts away from being dependent on oil and works towards Vision 2030, the market is attracting foreign investors. He talks ...   Show more

Sex, Takeout and Sheesha with Sarah Bahbah

‏Sarah Bahbah is an artist and photographer of Palestinian descent who has amassed almost a million followers on Instagram. She talks about posing in her latest series entitled '3eib!' (shame in Arabic), sexual taboos and how she bypassed traditional channels like museums and gal ...   Show more

Unleash Your PR Power Now

‏Zeina El Dana is the founder and CEO of Z7 Communications in Dubai, one of the Middle East's most powerful lifestyle PR firms. She explains how luxury brands are staying relevant, emphasizes the growing need to invest in innovative digital events and reveals the fundamentals for ...   Show more

GQ's Adam Baidawi Says Subculture Is Reshaping the Middle East

‏Adam Baidawi is the Editor-in-Chief at GQ Middle East. He talks about why GQ is no longer just for men, why more young Arabs should join the media industry and how connecting with subculture in the region is key to the magazine's success. He gives tips on networking as a writer ...   Show more

The Carl Gerges Experience: Tales of a Lebanese Rock Star

‏Carl Gerges is the drummer of Lebanese band Mashrou' Leila and also the founder of his newly launched architecture studio. On the heels of the 'l Love Beirut' fundraising concert with UK artist Mika that has already raised over 1 million Euros, he talks about being censored by a ...   Show more

The Arab Who Built an Empire on Beer

‏Mazen Hajjar is the CEO of Hawkers, a craft beer brand based in Australia. He talks about establishing 961 beer in Lebanon in 2006, the brew‘s ancient history in the Middle East, the important scientific and technological breakthroughs the industry has sparked and why you should ...   Show more

The Resurrection of Fetchr

‏Hussein Wehbe is the new CEO of Fetchr, a Dubai-based shipping company that avoided collapse by cutting over 1200 jobs and raising fresh funding in August 2020. He talks about the new vision, shifting his mindset towards the future and building a strong company culture.  

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