Whispered Relaxing Haircut Pt. 5
Shine ON You Crazy Diamond
The Sinking Ship Song
Prologue (Love Never Dies)
Yeti Mic Scratching Pt. 1
Sticky Tape ASMR
For a Few Dollars More (From "For a Few Dollars More")
Birds Singing in the Morning
Brushing & English Singing pt.1
ASMR 900K Ear Noms & Kisses Pt. 1
Slow Whispers & Mic Scratching
Hallelujah - Tribute to Pentatonix (Instrumental)
Relaxing Layered Sounds Pt. 1
Deep Drum Pulse
Dawr 1 Instrumnental Istihlal Bayyati 4 Pluse
Relaxing Layered Sounds Pt. 4