Pro-Divorce (w/ Ginny Hogan)

Pro-Divorce (w/ Ginny Hogan)

Carolina and Devin talk major financial news like Steve Mnuchin’s wife’s upcoming film about being greedy and why her husband insists she’s not greedy at all! The girls also go over some of the worst date stories submitted by their lovely listeners and recount THE WORST DATE OF ALL TIME. They are then joined by comedian/writer GINNY HOGAN (Author of Toxic Femininity in the Workplace) to discuss quarantine relationships, sending drunk texts, and why we should celebrate divorce! Learn more about your ad-choices at

BONUS: Bachelor Hometowns Recap!
26min 39sec
Devin and Carolina felt inclined to jump on the pod to quickly recap the HOMETOWNS episode of The Bachelor that aired this week. They discuss Bachelor Nation tropes, the racist girl who fell from the ...
Lying at Magnises Happy Hours (w/ Sydney Battle)
1h 39min
Devin and Carolina are joined by writer/performer/comedian/Brooklyn Mom impressionist SYDNEY BATTLE to discuss being hustled, scammed, bamboozled, hood winked, led astray! We are talkin’ LIES and the ...
Free Britney & Pay Fe & Morning Show Do More!
1h 6min
Carolina and Devin are spiritually joined by their good friend Britney to discuss shame, trauma, and more feelings they wish on Matt Lauer. They also get into the plight of McDonald’s jingle writer Ju ...
Backpacks, Aquariuses & Other Red Flags (w/ Janelle James)
1h 15min
This week, Carolina and Devin are joined by comedian/writer/icon Janelle James (Black Monday, Central Park) to discuss red flags - the ones we ignore and the ones we present to others. We cover men sc ...
Witches of Chatroulette (w/ Zachary Booth)
1h 24min
Devin and Carolina are joined by actor Zachary Booth (Damages, The Other Two, After Louie) to discuss getting naked on Chatroulette, psychics, mediums, witchiness, signs from Marilyn Monroe and loss. ...
(500) Days of Being an Incel
1h 18min
Carolina and Devin discuss the Kimye divorce and the pros and cons of Harry Styles, then delve into the good, the bad and the incels from the 2009 film "(500) Days of Summer." Plus we are BLESSED by a ...
Transcendental Defecation (w/ Brian Huskey and Charlie Sanders)
1h 18min
Carolina and Devin are joined by comedian/writers and hosts of the BALD TALK podcast Brian Huskey and Charlie Sanders to discuss how good bald showers feel, insecurities, nightmare tinder dates, and F ...
F*ckpeople & Fake Spanish Accents (w/ Obama’s Other Daughters)
1h 24min
This week, Carolina and Devin are joined by the hilarious and insightful comedy troupe OBAMA’S OTHER DAUGHTERS. You may know these four comedians from their Comedy Central sketches or from the YOU DOW ...
Love for 2021?
48min 17sec
The gals prepare for the new year and answer listener questions. Devin discusses a new cinema discovery and Carolina may bring home an alpaca to her family. Learn more about your ad-choices at https:/ ...
Bianca Brady Pt. 2 - Truly the Worst Breakup Story
1h 6min
Carolina and Devin forced comedian/podcaster Bianca Brady to spend a second hour with them so they could glean more of her wisdom on things like codependency and stopping to smell the roses in the for ...
Bianca Brady Pt. 1 - Feelin’ 150 Years Old
1h 9min
Devin and Carolina are joined by comedian and podcaster and celebrity bone structure scientist Bianca Brady to talk about everything from the power of Worcester aunts to Rooney Mara’s pointiness to th ...
Holiday Rom Coms w/ Tess Sitzmann
1h 36min
Carolina and Devin talk HOLIDAY ROMANTIC COMEDIES, an underrated genre, with the one & only Tess Sitzmann, who famously has platonic male friends. They hit on all of our favorite and not so favorite h ...
Banned From Planet Hollywood with London Hughes
1h 29min
Devin and Carolina will show their children this episode one day, as proof that they talked to THE London Hughes (comedian, writer, performer) about the sexual appeal of a Staten Island accent, the sh ...
1h 2min
Carolina and Devin talk all things Thanksgiving: bringing your partner home for the holidays, experiencing eating disorders, throwing the WiFi router at Grandma, and Devin’s infamous chili night. They ...
THE BACHELOR NATION EPISODE with Kendall Long and Beth Jacobs Cohon
1h 58min
The girls are joined by their funniest & cruelest friend Beth Jacobs Cohon, and their new friend/author KENDALL LONG (The Bachelor, Bachelor in Paradise) to discuss dating in BACHELOR NATION, fighting ...
Horse Girls and Ghost Girls with Julia Shiplett
1h 22min
Carolina and Devin discuss the romantic histories of the new President and VP elects and then are joined by comedian/writer Julia Shiplett to discuss the trials and tribulations of middle school and h ...
Dunkin > D*ck
1h 18min
Devin and Carolina distract themselves with listeners’ questions. They talk Incels on The Bachelorette, the end of the honeymoon phase, being yourself in relationships, and falling in love at Dunkin D ...
Boy meets Girl, Girl joins Cult with Chelsea Devantez
1h 26min
The True Romance HALLOWEEN SPECIAL! Carolina and Devin are joined by comedian/writer/director Chelsea Devantez to discuss Scientology, Tom Cruise, getting drunk on a cruise, and when Leah Remini got f ...
A WAP to Remember with Sherry Cola
1h 30min
Actress/Comedian Sherry Cola (GOOD TROUBLE) joins Carolina and Devin to discuss the classic film A WALK TO REMEMBER. They deconstruct the movie’s cinematic motif’s such as Mandy Moore’s cardigan, Shan ...
The Bravo Universe with Danny Pellegrino
1h 29min
Comedian Danny Pellegrino blesses the pod to talk with Devin and Carolina about the reality TV love lives we can’t turn away from. They discuss various REAL relationships from Bethenny ever After, to ...
Clear Eyes Full Hearts Sometimes Lose
1h 17min
Carolina and Devin break down some of the early oughts teen TV shows that shaped their romantic ideals from Tami and Coach Taylor to Lizzie and Gordo. They also dramatically read from the Instagram li ...
1h 30min
On this episode of True Romance we hang out with Sophia Cleary, comedian and ex-doula who blows our minds with her wisdom. We talk the sneaky Swamp Creature that is JEALOUSY, and the lethal pillow-smo ...
Over Easy with Laura Wasser
1h 13min
Carolina and Devin discuss TRUE DIVORCE with famed attorney Laura Wasser. Learn more about your ad-choices at
1h 16min
Carolina and Devin discuss weddings, engagements and MARRIAGE, aka the contract of servitude that they both really really want to sign for some reason. They touch on Instagram proposals, eloping, thei ...
This is Major with Shayla Lawson
1h 5min
Carolina and Devin are joined by Shayla Lawson, the author of "This is Major: Notes on Diana Ross, Dark Girls, and Being Dope" to discuss waiting till marriage, Mark Zuckerberg’s bangs, and how online ...
Your Ex’s Birthday and other Quandaries
58min 27sec
Devin and Carolina answer their listeners’ inquiries about long distance, whether or not to contact an ex and Laguna Beach. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Call Me By Your Name 3 with Jared Goldstein
20min 11sec
Carolina and Devin talk mall culture, romance novels and love stories with comedian and Nikki Fre$h star Jared Goldstein. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Let’s Talk Sex and the City with Lauren Lapkus
1h 26min
The girls bring in special guest Lauren Lapkus from The Wrong Missy to discuss the problems and triumphs of the iconic series Sex and the City, and to run through a definitive ranking of all the show’ ...
Friendzones Forever
1h 2min
Devin and Carolina discuss a range of listener-submitted topics, from Zoom dating to four lokos, and answer burning questions such as "should you fall asleep on the first date?" Learn more about your ...
Love and Other Deadlines with Desi Lydic
1h 10min
The Daily Show correspondent Desi Lydic joins Devin and Carolina to discuss why American women can’t have it all unless they marry Mrs. Doubtfire. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.ihear ...
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