Suzy is a Headbanger (feat. Justin White, Dan Cadera & Craig Mcfadden)

Suzy is a Headbanger (feat. Justin White, Dan...

I Don't Wanna Go Down to the Basement (feat. Lysanne Lombard, Tyler Adams, Michael Thorne & Errol Girvan)
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (feat. Dan Bourque, Marco Rocca, Ronbert Dwyer & Errol Girvan)
Don't Come Close (feat. Cameron Murphy, Ronbert Dwyer, Dan Adhesive & Alf Chase)
I Want You Around (feat. Nicholas McNally, Michael Thorne, Mike Kizer & Errol Girvan)
You Sound Like You're Sick (feat. Michael Thorne, Yves Bourque & Jeremy O'Neill)
Outsider (feat. Marco Rocca, Max Repko & Dan Adhesive)
Warthog (feat. A Jerk, Mario Ferrari & Andrew Robson)
Love Kills (feat. Jefrey Carpenter, Alf Chase, Marco Rocca, Max Repko & Nicholas McNally)
I Wanna Live (feat. Mike Kizer, Tyler Adams, Nicholas McNally & Jeremy O'Neill)
Merry Christmas (I Don't Want to Fight Tonight) [feat. Sammy Klacker, Dan Cadera & Craig Mcfadden]
Main Man (feat. Nick L, Rob MacInnis, A Jerk & Andrew Robson)
She Talks to Rainbows (feat. Alex Madsen, Yves Bourque & Cameron Murphy)
Swallow My Pride (feat. Ginette Landry & Simon Hébert)
I Just Want to Have Something to Do
You Should Never Have Opened (feat. Justin White, Mario Ferrari & Jeremy O'Neill)
I Wanna Be Well (feat. Dan Bourque, Marco Rocca, Ronbert Dwyer & Errol Girvan)
Gimme Some Truth
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (Live)
Little By Little
Crazy On You
Sunshine Of Your Love
Million Miles of Water
Lonely Is The Night
The Masterplan
Doesn't Remind Me
Bulls On Parade (feat. Sophia Urista)