BAM 206: Framework for Control Changes Post COVID-19

BAM 206: Framework for Control Changes Post C...

In this week's episode, we look at our five-phase framework for controlling your building's HVAC and Building Automation Systems post-Coronavirus.

SBA 239: What is data?
25min 57sec
What is data? How is data produced? What do you need to understand about data? In this episode of the Smart Buildings Academy Podcast we explorer what data is, how data works, and what data is used fo ...
SBA 238: BACnet SC is a Horrible Idea
33min 24sec
Why is the industry embracing BACnet/SC? Is it a good idea? What are the ramifications of rolling out a new protocol stack to the market? In this episode of the Smart Buildings Academy Podcast, I disc ...
SBA 237: Building Automation As A Service?
29min 7sec
In this episode of the Smart Buildings Academy Podcast, we discuss building automation as a service. What is it? Is it viable? Why would you use it?
SBA 236: Developing BAS Technicians from Scratch in Less than 180 Days
35min 36sec
We are facing a shortage of 20,000+ BAS Professionals. Our current methods of workforce development are not keeping pace with the need for talented BAS professionals.  In this episode of the Smart Bui ...
SBA 235: Troubleshooting Processes Part 2
16min 36sec
In this episode, we discuss how to respond to troubleshooting calls.  You will learn how to apply the five-question methodology to pinpoint troubleshooting issues and how to potentially address the is ...
SBA 234: BAS troubleshooting Basics Part 1
26min 28sec
Have you been struggling to troubleshoot building automation, HVAC, and IT systems?  If so you're not alone. In this episode of the Smart Buildings Academy Podcast, we discuss how to effortlessly trou ...
SBA 233: Top 5 Areas You Should Focus on in 2021
22min 36sec
2020 has been a challenging year and I firmly believe 2021 will be even more challenging. In this episode of the Smart Buildings Academy Podcast, we are going to discuss what you can do to prepare you ...
SBA 232: Engineering BAS Inputs and Outputs
27min 57sec
Learn how to layout BAS inputs and outputs for your controls hardware designs in this episode of the Smart Buildings Academy Podcast.  We discuss:  How to determine what devices to select Where to sta ...
SBA 231: The 5-step Building Controls Hardware Engineering Process
27min 36sec
In this week's episode of the Smart Buildings Academy Podcast, you will learn the 5-step building controls hardware engineering process.  We will discuss: How to perform proper takeoffs How to evaluat ...
SBA 230: Cyber-Security Basics for BAS
25min 2sec
Is your building automation system secure? Does your BAS need to be secure? And what does secure even mean? In this episode of the Smart Buildings Academy podcast, we discuss the fundamentals of cyber ...
SBA 229: Expectation Handling in the Contracted Environment
22min 24sec
Have you ever run into a project delay that wasn't your fault?  Did you find yourself running into wall after wall when you tried to get the project team to help you out? If so this episode is for you ...
SBA 228: The OJT Myth
30min 36sec
What if I told you that you can develop a BAS Technician in 6 months? Would you believe me?  The OJT myth is a belief that the only way we can develop technicians is to put them in the field for sever ...
SBA 227: 7 Things Every BAS Professional Should Know About IT
29min 56sec
In this episode of the Smart Buildings Academy Podcast we look at seven key concepts that every building automation professional should know about information technology.
SBA 226: 4 BAS Retrofit Sales Strategies
17min 18sec
We are entering a retrofit market. Are you prepared to maintain your building automation sales pipelines in this new retrofit market? I remember when capital work largely dried up in 2009 and the only ...
SBA 225: Troubleshooting Common Building Automation Issues
32min 38sec
In this episode of the Smart Buildings Academy Podcast, we are going to discuss how to troubleshoot common issues that we experience out in the field. Over the past couple weeks I've been keeping an e ...
SBA 224: How to Get a Job in Building Automation
33min 0sec
In this episode of the Smart Buildings Academy Podcast, we discuss how to get a job in building automation.  We discuss the essential skills for getting a job in the building automation space, the dif ...
SBA 223: Consultative Sales for Building Automation Professionals
34min 18sec
In this episode, we take a deep dive into how to use the consultative sales process to identify solutions to problems impacting your customer's business.  We cover: How to profile your customer How to ...
SBA 222: The Future of Digital Technologies in Buildings With Tyson Soutter
1h 22min
Tyson Soutter is an experienced smart buildings professional who has an extensive background in smart buildings technologies. Similar to myself, Tyson started as a technician and worked into more tech ...
SBA 221: Project Oversight for Owners
32min 4sec
Are you a building owner trying to figure out what actions you should be taking during new construction or major retrofit projects? If so this week's episode is for you. In this episode, we are going ...
SBA 220: How to Manage Building Automation Projects
29min 59sec
Managing building automation projects is tough. There are so many nested tasks and expectations that you need to oversee! In this week's episode, we discuss how to effectively manage Building Automati ...
SBA 219: The Controls Hierarchy of Needs
22min 45sec
In this episode, we discuss the controls hierarchy of needs and how to best serve your customers based on their needs.
SBA 218: Answering Your IAQ Questions
36min 11sec
In this episode, I answer your IAQ questions. We discuss what IAQ is, how to control IAQ, what you need to know about IAQ and COVID-19, and much more.
SBA 217: How to structure your BAS Team
23min 17sec
Building out your BAS team for growth is one of the key factors for success  Having people in the right roles at the right time will give you the ability to flex with your customer's needs and to addr ...
SBA 216: Creating Your BAS Standard
29min 22sec
In this episode, we discuss our step-by-step process on how to create a building automation standard for your organization.
SBA 215: Onboarding BAS Professionals
27min 58sec
Do you have a formal onboarding process for your employees? Have you analyzed why and when your employees get stuck in their talent journey? In this episode, we discuss how to develop your building au ...
SBA 214: Creating Your Own Pandemic Mode Part 2
24min 56sec
In this episode, we are going to be completing part two of creating your own pandemic mode. So last week's episode Episode 213, we started to dive into what pandemic mode was, how it works, and how to ...
30min 29sec
In this episode, we discuss what a Pandemic Mode is, how Pandemic modes work, how to inventory your building systems and changes you can make to your sequence of operations.
SBA 212: IT Networking 101
26min 12sec
In this episode, we walk through the fundamentals of IT. We look at the journey of a message from a BAS device through a network to another BAS device. In this lesson, you will learn about networking ...
SBA 211: IP Controls Implementation
29min 22sec
In this episode, we walk through IP Controls Implementation. We look at what IP Controls are, how they work, the most common IP Controls architecture patterns, and how to implement IP controls.
SBA 210: Making your BAS Data work for you
30min 25sec
How do you make your BAS data work for you? There is a lot of talk about data analytics and data tagging but that all assumes your BAS is properly using your data.  In this episode, we discuss how dat ...
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