Ep 43:  Sellassie's Choice

Ep 43: Sellassie's Choice

Sellassie doesn't plan to take the Covid vaccine. He doesn't trust it. But it feels like the whole world is trying to convince him to. We unpack 'Black hesitancy' and talk to some of the people tasked with convincing their communities to vaccinate. 

Ep 44: The Sounds of Blackness
29min 59sec
What is a sound that embodies Blackness?  Today we invite you to unwind, lean back, disconnect and drift while we ask some phenomenal personalities, like LeVar Burton, Stacey Abrams, David Oyelewo, Sh ...
Ep 42: Head on a Swivel
32min 53sec
Lately,  some of have been watching our back. It's not something we always want to admit, but the current vibe is triggering. We're back, a new season, and today we get a bit personal. We meet two peo ...
Ep 41: Connecting Black
26min 7sec
Ep 40: From the Queen: Black is King
24min 28sec
Black is King, the visually stunning film by Beyoncé has brought up a lot of conversation. We talk to “the blue man” dancer Papi Oji about his role in the film and dig deeper into some of the praise a ...
Ep 39: For Ima
33min 47sec
We're at that moment — again. Another black person gone, and another, and another. It hurts. Everyone seems to be watching, and everyone seems to have questions.    But this isn't new, and we're not h ...
Ep 38: That Black Tax
32min 51sec
For many of us, success and 'making it' also means you're expected to help out and support your family. Whether you're Black American, or a child of Black immigrants- that 'Black Tax' is often somethi ...
Ep 37: Together and apart
36min 58sec
We're getting into the myths surrounding the coronavirus and discussing how Covid-19 could have a different impact on black people. We also hear from workers in the service industry who share their st ...
Ep 36: Black on air
32min 4sec
The pen, the mic, the camera - all powerful tools that people in media have used to get our attention, but for Black women journalists, getting a hold of that power and keeping it, has been a tough pa ...
Ep 35: Je suis noir
25min 41sec
In this episode we meet Deborah from Brooklyn, who’s about to pack her bags and move to  Paris. It's a place she’s always adored, along with the likes of other famous African Americans; Richard Wright ...
Ep. 34: The Black Introverts
25min 20sec
Why might things be different for a Black introvert? When writer Sequoia Holmes broke it down in her essay "Black Women aren't allowed to be Introverted"  we wanted to stoop this out some more. So we ...
Ep 33: All Black Everything?
31min 30sec
Should we support Black no matter what? We discuss the pressure to conform with liking all things Black, even when you don’t. Whether it’s Black art, the Black politician, or a hashtag. The feeling th ...
EP. 32: In Deep Waters
28min 45sec
Season 4 is here! In this episode we're talking about Black folk and water. Yes, swimming.  We hear from a man who nearly lost his life while on vacation, and take a deeper look into our relationship ...
Ep. 31 The Unexpected Family
42min 20sec
It's our season finale and we're getting into issues of the fam; the things that our families say and do that have helped us or hurt us. We get into what it's like to gain a family unexpectedly and he ...
Ep. 30: Black Enough
24min 3sec
Ep 29: Sounds from a Well Read Black Girl
41min 56sec
What’s a sound that embodies blackness? In this episode we ask around and then get deeper into conversation with Glory Edim, the founder of Well Read Black Girl, a Brooklyn based book club and online ...
Episode 28: Killer Mike calls it like it is
27min 40sec
Killer Mike is a rapper, activist and father who once tried to live 3 days buying only from black businesses -- and wasn’t happy with what he found. We sit down and stoop out what it means to buy Blac ...
Episode 27: Assalam Alaykum, BMW
32min 12sec
Being Muslim, black and a woman; that’s something that deserves some stoopin’ out. Anti-blackness in Muslim America is real, and in this episode we look at how it often seems to fall on BMW’s (Black M ...
Episode 26: Mad Hotep
25min 34sec
Sometimes conversations stop when you walk into a barbershop, but sometimes they keep going no matter how uncomfortable you may feel. In this episode we unpack what it means to be a hotep; from person ...
Episode 25: You may not get it, but I love you
22min 12sec
What can love look like when your partner might not ‘get it’? In this episode we talk to interracial couples having difficult conversations around race, love and identity at a time when racial tension ...
Episode 24: What's in your blood?
36min 7sec
Thin nose, high cheekbones, kinky hair, what you got in your blood? Your blood won’t lie, but does it determine your identity? We meet two women- Uzaz Shami, a Nubian woman who didn’t expect her resul ...
Episode 23: The Nod
32min 6sec
It's that silent acknowledgement. That "I see you," moment. But not everyone is a nodder. We send producers on the streets to see if the nod is still going strong, and hear from one hesitant nodder wh ...
Episode 22: Gullah Geechee
20min 23sec
The Stoop goes to the low country of South Carolina to uncover some of the hidden history of the Gullah Geechee. The mix of African cultures in the deep south eventually transformed into a unique lang ...
Episode 21: Rhythm & Spirit
25min 15sec
We end this season by going deep into how we express ourselves at the intersection where spirituality meets artistic expression - and how that intersection can be complicated.  We meet Alia Sharrief- ...
Episode 20: My child's hair
17min 51sec
Our babies and their hair. We hear how two parents discuss hair with their kids. Author Robert Trujillo wrote a book about his son, Furqan's, first flat top. Then we meet  Fatima Jones and he daughter ...
Episode 19: Summer Series- Buffalo Soldier
9min 28sec
It's summertime and we're sharing some stories, portraits essays and things that you've been telling us you want to hear more of. In this episode we hear from Shelton Johnson, a park ranger at Yosemit ...
Episode 18: Afro-vegan stirrin' the pot
27min 3sec
Episode 17: Black, Queer and Free
30min 19sec
Black homophobia is real- and we meet two influential people who are fighting it - each in their own inspiring way. Bishop Yvette Flunder, and author and activist Darnell Moore are Black, queer and fr ...
Ep. 16: Black Kiwi, thick skin
23min 19sec
He is from Rwanda, grew up in New Zealand and lives in Australia.  Architect, Jean Yves Dushime has a unique diaspora story, not just because of where he lives but because of how he has chosen to hand ...
Ep. 15: The African Writer's Dilemma
29min 28sec
Who gets to choose which African stories get told? We meet three writers, each of them pushing against a mostly white US and UK-based publishing industry in their own way. Guests:Siyanda Mohutsiwa, Sa ...
Episode 14: The birth of Solomon
32min 30sec
He was the perfect little brown baby. His name was Solomon. Thick curly hair, chubby legs and eyes closed with dark black lashes. Solomon's story is one that affects thousands of families whose babies ...
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