ELI5 Soccer - why is it not as popular in the US as in other countries?

ELI5 Soccer - why is it not as popular in the...

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Why is soccer not as popular in America, as compared to American Football? Where did the name soccer come from? Did you know that its official name is Association Football? How do soccer players bend a soccer ball?   ... We explain like i'm five!   Thank you to the r/explainlikeimfive community as always and in particular the following users whose questions and comments formed the basis of this discussion: 1632,flysayah, zbignich, danplashkes, mullacc, cutth & southpawswede To the ELI5 community that has supported us so far, thanks for all your feedback and comments. Join us on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/eli5ThePodcast/ or send us an e-mail: ELI5ThePodcast@gmail.com

ELI5 Batteries - what causes lithium batteries to degrade?
6min 56sec
Are there ways we can slow the degradation of our smartphone batteries? Why does it seem like a wireless house phone battery can last for many more years than a smartphone battery? Why do traditional ...
Rewind ELI5 Spanish Flu - as a global pandemic, why was it nicknamed Spanish Flu?
8min 1sec
Why was the Spanish Flu of 1918 called the Spanish Flu when it was a global pandemic? Why was the 2nd wave more deadly than the first? How many people were affected? Where did it originate? ... We exp ...
ELI5 Lightning - why does it zig zag and not go straight down?
6min 29sec
Why does lightning travel in a zig-zag rather than a straight line?So why does it strike precise points such as the end of a pole? If the average lightning bolt contains up to 1 billion volts, how is ...
ELI5 Colorblindness - can special glasses really fix it?
7min 2sec
Why are men so much more likely to be colorblind? How do colourblind people know they’re colourblind? How are colourblind people able to recognize the colors when they put on those special glasses, wh ...
ELI5 Contrails - why do some airplanes leave streaks and others don't?
6min 39sec
Does the visible streak an airplane leaves behind depend on the type of plane? Why do some airplanes leave streaks and others don't? What conditions make for good contrails? Why don't jet engines have ...
ELI5 Air Fryers - just fancy convection ovens?
8min 42sec
How does an air fryer work? Isn't it just a fancy convection oven? Is it really more healthy? What does the air fryer have in common with the instant pot?   ... We explain like i'm five!   Thank you t ...
ELI5 Exercise Induced Nausea - why we feel like vomiting after intense exercise?
8min 43sec
Why do we feel like throwing up after intense exercise? What is the significance of the Medulla Oblongata? Why are some people more prone to nausea? What are some practical tips for reducing exercise ...
ELI5 Grapefruit - why no mixing with medications?
6min 47sec
What is it about grapefruit that makes it incompatible with so many prescription drugs? What is CYP3A4? What about other similar fruits? Why the name grapefruit if there's no relation to grapes?   ... ...
ELI5 Calories - why raising heart rate with exercise is good but bad through stress, caffeine etc?
9min 20sec
Why does cooked food sometimes offer more calories than its raw counterpart? If you eat a 2000 calorie meal, why can you still feel hungry after a few hours? Why is restaurant food vastly more calorie ...
ELI5 Blood - how does circulation work after an amputation?
8min 33sec
Why does blood not stick to human skin like a permanent marker, yet stains things like clothes really badly? How does circulation work after an amputation? How many blood types are there? What does A ...
ELI5 Earthquakes - how do they design buildings to withstand them?
7min 56sec
If an earthquake is the moving of a giant plate, why is the epicenter a single point and not the entire fault line? How do they make buildings earthquake proof? When did an earthquake shift an entire ...
ELI5 Hot Dogs - part of McDonald's founding story?
7min 23sec
Why aren't hot dogs sold at fast food places, while burgers are everywhere? How are hot dogs part of McDonald's founding story? How does Joey Chestnut's body deal with 70 hotdogs in 10 minutes? Where ...
ELI5 Ball Point Pens - why do the caps have holes?
5min 28sec
Why do most pen caps have holes? When a pen quits half way through the word, why will it write on a fresh piece of paper but not over the letter it failed on? Why do some people call the ball point pe ...
ELI5 Dry Ice - why it should not go in the swimming pool?
9min 4sec
How is dry ice made? Why does metal make a 'screaming sound' when dry ice is touched to it? Is it possible to make fizzy fruit with it? Why should we never put dry ice into a swimming pool?   ... We e ...
ELI5 LED Bulbs - why the blue one warranted a Nobel prize?
9min 26sec
What is so special about the blue variety of LED? Why do LEDs still get so hot if they are supposed to be energy efficient? If LEDs were invented in the 1960s, why have they only become popular in the ...
ELI5 Snow - what makes the perfect snowflake?
7min 21sec
Why does the world seem so quiet when it’s snowing outside? How is a snowflake formed? What atmospheric conditions make for a perfect snowflake? What makes perfect ski snow?   ... We explain like i'm ...
ELI5 Asteroids - why NASA wants to catch an asteroid?
9min 8sec
Explain asteroids vs comets vs meteoroids? An asteroid sample from the asteroid Bennu is now on its way back to earth (due in 2023) - why does NASA want to catch an asteroid and send samples back to e ...
ELI5 Pluto - is it a planet or not?
7min 24sec
Why did Pluto suddenly became a dwarf planet? Why did they change it in 2006, and who defined what makes a planet and what doesn't? Why did we get so excited about new photos of Pluto a few years ago? ...
ELI5 Asbestos - how does it cause cancer?
6min 59sec
Why is a town in Canada called Asbestos? If cancer is a bad mutation of a cell, how does a fiber like asbestos cause it? What made asbestos so popular in the first place? If asbestos causes cancer, wh ...
ELI5 MSG - how does it make food tasty?
6min 1sec
Why does MSG have a bad reputation? What is Monosodium Glutamate? How does it make everything taste delicious? What is umami taste? Is MSG really unhealthy for you, or is that a myth?   ... We explain ...
ELI5 Fast Planes - why so little progress in recent decades?
9min 48sec
Why haven’t there been more ridiculously fast planes built, like the SR-71 over the last few decades? What was the real reason that the Concorde stopped flying? Did Richard Branson nearly buy it? What ...
ELI5 Shampoo - all colors of shampoo foam white, why?
7min 36sec
Why do adult shampoos sting your eyes while kid shampoos are eye friendly? What is the difference between shampoo, soap and shower gel? Why is it that no matter the color of the shampoo, the foam is a ...
ELI5 Vitamin D - what do you mean it's not a vitamin?
7min 28sec
How does the body get vitamin D from the sun? Why is vitamin D not actually a vitamin? Why do we need it? What foods are high in vitamin D? What happens if we get too much? Why are there so many types ...
ELI5 Dreams - why running is so hard in dreams?
9min 13sec
Why do we forget our dreams in the mornings? Why is it so hard to run in our dreams? Why is it explained by proprioceptive feedback? How come kids can't control peeing in their sleep the way adults ca ...
ELI5 French Fries - really they weren't invented in France?
7min 58sec
Why are they called chips in England and fries in the US? If they weren't invented in France, where did they come from? What is it about french fries in particular that make them nearly impossible to ...
ELI5 Microwaves - the full truth behind why no metal?
8min 52sec
Why does microwaving a mug of water alongside a frozen bread roll, keeps the bread from getting soggy? Why can't we put metal objects in the microwave? Especially since the inside is made of metal, in ...
ELI5 Eagle Eye - do they have zoomed in vision?
6min 7sec
When scientists say an eagle can see a rabbit in a field from a mile away, what do eagles actually see. Is their vision automatically more zoomed in? Do they have better than 20/20 vision? Why is 20/2 ...
ELI5 Calendars - how the world agrees on the day & date?
10min 13sec
Why did the Russian team arrive at the 1908 olympics 12 days late? How does the whole world agree on what day and date it is? Why did the Pope step in to replace the Julian calendar? Why is 2000 a lea ...
ELI5 Nursery Rhymes - why so morbid?
7min 8sec
Why are nursery rhymes so morbid? Is Ring Around the Rosie really based on the bubonic plague? Why were they used as anti-authority memes? Where does the term Mother Goose rhymes come from?   ... We e ...
ELI5 Hair - pluck out a hair, then rub the pain away, why does this work?
8min 35sec
When I pluck a hair out of my forehead, the area hurts a lot, but I can reduce the pain to nearly zero simply by briefly rubbing the area. Why is this? What is the gate control theory? Why do some hai ...
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