Aftershocks with Nadia Owusu; and Tough Questions on Russia, Myanmar, and Impeachment

Aftershocks with Nadia Owusu; and Tough Quest...

Memoirist Nadia Owusu joins The PEN Pod this week to talk her new memoir AFTERSHOCKS, about her life on the fault lines after a global childhood and her own battles with mental illness. Then we go global with PEN America CEO Suzanne Nossel, who talks about the demonstrations in Russia, the blow to democracy in Myanmar, and what to watch in next week's impeachment hearings. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

Facebook Lifts Its Political Ad Ban, Dr. Seuss, and Bloodshed in Myanmar; Plus, Author Sanderia Faye on Literary Activism
25min 39sec
On this edition for March 5, PEN America CEO Suzanne Nossel fields tough questions on Facebook lifting its political ad ban, an inflated controversy around Dr. Seuss, and the ongoing crackdown against ...
Economy Hall and Black History with Fatima Shaik; Plus, Tough Questions on the Big Lie, Cancel Culture, and Alexei Navalny
22min 18sec
On this week's edition of The PEN Pod, we talk to author Fatima Shaik about her latest book Economy Hall, which tells the intricate tale of a free Black community that spanned the 19th and 20th centur ...
PEN America Settles Its Landmark Trump Lawsuit; Facebook and Cancel Culture; Plus Abraham Riseman's Take on the Life of Stan Lee
28min 20sec
On this celebratory edition of The PEN Pod, PEN America CEO Suzanne Nossel walks us through the organization's legal victory in its settlement with the U.S. government over former President Trump's at ...
PEN America Literary Award Finalists; Plus, Tough Questions about a New York Times Reporter, the Impeachment, and a Saudi Activist Released
27min 57sec
On this edition of The PEN Pod, PEN America's Jane Marchant joins award-winning author Sandra Cisneros to talk about the release of our Literary Award Finalists, announced this week. Then in our weekl ...
Two Debut Queer Brazilian YA Novelists; Plus, Suzanne Nossel on Muzzling, Facebook, and a Free Press
41min 43sec
On this week's edition of The PEN Pod, we hear from a pair of debut Brazilian YA authors Lucas Rocha, author of WHERE WE GO FROM HERE and Vitor Martins, author of HERE THE WHOLE TIME, both exploring t ...
Defending Free Expression in the Biden Era; Plus, Koa Beck on White Feminism
35min 23sec
On this week's PEN Pod, Suzanne Nossel explores how free expression defense will change under a Biden administration and where writers and readers will have to keep up the fight. Then, author and jour ...
George Saunders on the Craft of Short Fiction; Plus, Suzanne Nossel on the Impeachment and Incitement
26min 36sec
On this episode of The PEN Pod, bestselling author George Saunders on his new book A Swim in a Pond in the Rain, the art of short fiction, and what we can glean from Russian literature in our current ...
Tough Questions about Wednesday's Insurrection on Capitol Hill with Suzanne Nossel
13min 31sec
On this edition of The PEN Pod, we unpack Wednesday's horrific attack on the Capitol by Trump-led supporters with PEN America CEO Suzanne Nossel. In our weekly "Tough Questions" segment, we review the ...
Tough Questions About Truth, TikTok, and Tehran with Suzanne Nossel
11min 17sec
On this last installment of Tough Questions for 2020, Suzanne Nossel reflects on how disinformation about the election may hobble the efforts of the next administration; she explores the outrage over ...
Sandy Mui and COVID-19's Toll on Journalism
10min 12sec
On this edition of The PEN Pod, we explore the impact COVID-19 has had on journalists and journalism, particularly when it comes to local news. In a new project out today, PEN America's own Sandy Mui ...
Barack Obama and the Freedom to Write; Plus, Tough Questions with Suzanne Nossel
49min 18sec
We kick off this gala week episode with our weekly TOUGH QUESTIONS segment, where PEN America CEO Suzanne Nossel unpacks the tricky free speech questions that came up over the past week; on this episo ...
Black Futures with Jenna Wortham and Kimberly Drew; Plus, Tough Questions with Suzanne Nossel
24min 54sec
On this Friday edition of The PEN Pod, we discuss the vanguard of Black art and creativity with Jenna Wortham and Kimberly Drew, out this month with their new collection BLACK FUTURES. Then, Suzanne N ...
Micheline Aharonian Marcom and The New American; Plus, Tough Questions with Suzanne Nossel
22min 15sec
Micheline Aharonian Marcom discusses her latest novel, The New American, telling the story of a young immigrant forced to leave the home he knows. Then, PEN America CEO Suzanne Nossel fields tough que ...
Nova Ren Suma, Emily X.R. Pan, and Foreshadow
15min 8sec
Young adult bestselling writers Nova Ren Suma and Emily X.R. Pan join this edition of The PEN Pod to discuss their new YA anthology Foreshadow, as well as the broader landscape of the ever-more-popula ...
Tough Questions About a Petulant President; Plus, Ruby Hamad and White Tears/Brown Scars
33min 1sec
As the president continues his campaign of disinformation, our CEO Suzanne Nossel discusses how he's damaging our information infrastructure, but also the heartening steps journalists have taken to ex ...
Julia Rose Kraut and Threat of Dissent
11min 39sec
The United States has long heralded itself as a place where dissenters are welcome.  But the country has a long history of ideological exclusion that stretches to present day. We discuss this with his ...
Tough Questions About Election Week; Plus, Rhonda Mitchell and Writing the Now
21min 9sec
It's been a heckuva an election week. We turn to free speech expert and PEN America CEO Suzanne Nossel to discuss the tough questions this campaign has presented over the past few months; how to fix o ...
Special: Election Day with PEN America featuring Nora Benavidez, Natalie Diaz, and Alice Randall
35min 26sec
On this special edition for Election Day 2020, we have a conversation with PEN America expert Nora Benavidez on what to expect in the coming hours and days, how to prepare for disinformation, and how ...
Tough Questions on What to Expect in the Coming Days; Plus, Kevin Young on Poetry, Museums, and Our Shared History
26min 28sec
On this Friday edition of The PEN Pod, PEN America CEO Suzanne Nossel discusses what to expect as we head into the final stretch of the campaign season; our decision to honor the young woman who docum ...
We Will Emerge: Laila Lalami
10min 48sec
In this special edition of The PEN Pod, we share one in a series of essays from writers across the country sharing their hopes and anxieties in advance of Election Day. Here, novelist Laila Lalami wit ...
We Will Emerge: Jean Guerrero
15min 39sec
In this special edition of The PEN Pod, we share one in a series of essays from writers across the country sharing their hopes and anxieties in advance of Election Day. Here, author and journalist Jea ...
Tami Charles and All Because You Matter
26min 40sec
On this edition of The PEN Pod, our Gina Chung speaks with bestselling children's and young adult writer Tami Charles about her new book, All Because You Matter, providing a starting point for parents ...
Tough Questions on the Election, Disinformation, and Social Media; Plus, Yun Ko-eun and The Disaster Tourist
16min 29sec
On this edition for Friday, October 23, we talk tough questions with PEN America CEO Suzanne Nossel, focusing on the  days of disinformation ahead and how the social media platforms are reacting, as w ...
David Heska Wanbli Weiden and Winter Counts; Plus, Matt Bailey on Facebook, Twitter, and the New York Post
17min 16sec
On this Tuesday edition of The PEN Pod, we bring you an interview with debut novelist David Heska Wanbli Weiden, whose new book Winter Counts is a thriller that also explores the tension between justi ...
Michi Trota and Storytelling; Plus, Suzanne Nossel on Facebook, the New York Post, and China's Higher Ed Influence
34min 29sec
On this episode, PEN America's Gina Chung talks storytelling, representation, and elevating new voices with writer and editor Michi Trota. Then, CEO Suzanne Nossel explores the free speech controversi ...
Behind the Decision Desk: A Conversation with AP, CNN, and Fox News
1h 13min
On this special edition, we bring you a conversation among the top decision desk editors from AP, CNN, and Fox News. Ray Suarez moderates our #WhatToExpect2020 roundtable with Sally Buzbee, Senior Vic ...
Lisa Jewell and Invisible Girl
16min 56sec
Author Lisa Jewell joins The PEN Pod today to discuss her latest thriller Invisible Girl, out in the U.S. today. The novel explores the disappearance of a young woman and the dark corners of incel cul ...
Fredrik Backman and Anxious People; Plus, Suzanne Nossel on Trump's Diagnosis, the Debates, and Campus Speech
29min 17sec
On this episode, our Gina Chung talks to award-winning bestseller Fredrik Backman about his latest book Anxious People and how he blends mystery and comedy. Plus, our Suzanne Nossel fields tough quest ...
Bill Konigsberg and The Bridge
14min 18sec
On this edition of The PEN Pod, our Gina Chung in conversation with young adult author Bill Konigsberg. He reflects on his latest novel, what it means to openly reckon with mental illness, and how thi ...
Eddie Cole and The Campus Color Line; Plus, Tough Questions About the Debate and #WhatToExpect2020
29min 9sec
On this Friday episode, our Jonathan Friedman interviews scholar Eddie Cole about his new book exploring the role college presidents have played in shaping and derailing racial equity in America. Then ...
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