#045 "Eric Jorgenson - Building The Infrastructure Behind Online Education"

#045 "Eric Jorgenson - Building The Infrastru...

On today's episode I speak with Eric Jorgenson, the Product Strategy guy at Zaarly and the author of the Almanack of Naval. We spend time discussing the forms and importance of leverage, building the infrastructure around online education, and the most unexpected benefit of publishing his book. Links: Eric's Twitter The Almanack of Naval Eric's Personal WebsiteCourse CorrectlyContact Me:My TwitterMy Website5 Key Takeaways: 1. I think of mental models as just like a quick, memorable sort of metaphor for like a way that the world works.  So it's kind of a mental toolkit, I guess, is like the way I would think of mental models. 2. I definitely have a focus on the idea of leverage, where you build specific knowledge, you take on accountability, and then you apply leverage through capital, labor or product. 3. I also know that there are people selling basically scams, as online courses and their landing pages pretty much all look alike. So I think there's, there's definitely some like credibility that can get built, which is like, I started Course Correctly. Course Correctly focuses on independent, unbiased, like thorough reviews of online courses. So I've actually, like, hired somebody who starts soon here, and we're gonna like, kind of double down on starting to build that much more aggressively. 4. I think there's really interesting stuff to do around curriculum, like treating every course, as a modular piece, and building curriculums and stories and career paths. So somebody who's coming in saying, like, you know, I'm 19, when I'm 25, I want to be like, a founder of a technology company. And I want it to be like a venture-backed, scalable thing. It's like, Okay, cool. Here are the courses that like we would all put together, we're gonna start, you know, it's maybe one year of full-time education, but then five years of part-time education. 5. It's easy to overlook the fact that like, even 100 people reading a blog post, like, while you just go about your day, or like, are asleep is a fucking miracle, right? Like that is an awesome miracle. And is 100 more people, like if we were in a room and you were going to get up in front of them and read this book, like, you'd be nervous.

#046 "Fabrizio Rinaldi - Founder of Mailbrew on Balancing Design and Functionality"
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#044 "Bilal Zaidi - Getting Early Traction for Creator Lab"
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#041 "Robbie Crabtree - Performative Speaking Joins On Deck"
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#040 "Dan Go - Transforming Life through Fitness"
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#039 Noah Kagan - Getting to 100k Subscribers on Youtube
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#038 "Romeen Sheth - Frameworks for Angel Investing & Operating"
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#037 "Justin Mares - Turning Side Hustles into Businesses"
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Today Justin Mares joins the show to talk about the benefits of starting side hustles, the health and loneliness epidemics in the United States and his journey building two large CPG companies. Justin ...
#036 "Erik Torenberg - Unbundling Higher Education and Building Personal Moats"
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Today, Erik Torenberg joins the show to talk about unbundling higher education through On Deck, the best way to build career moats, and his favorite frameworks for hiring. Erik is the co-founder of bo ...
#035 "Ben Tossell - Investing in the Future of No-Code"
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On today’s show, I talk with Ben Tossell about the future of no-code, starting his own rolling fund, and the keys to building an online education community. Ben is the founder of Makerpad, a no-code e ...
#034 "Thomas Frank - Work-Life Balance and Notion for Creators"
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#033 "Benji Hyam - Content Marketing, Trends in 2020 and Starting an Agency"
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On today’s episode Benji Hyman is joining the show to talk about managing agency work, building an online community and course, and how he and his co-founder Devesh created and sold a side project. Be ...
#032 "Cathryn Lavery - Launching DTC Brands and Picking the Right Co-Founder"
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#031 "Corey Haines - The Psychology behind Marketing"
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Today, Corey Haines, joins the show to talk about the mental models and psychology behind marketing, the keys to building internet communities, and how he used no-code to build a marketing job board. ...
#030 "Ari Lewis - Starting a Newsletter in the Attention Economy"
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Today, Ari Lewis joins the show to talk about why everyone should start a newsletter, actionable lessons from Disney and Barstool, and what he learned from hiring a writing coach. Ari helps companies ...
#029 "George Mack - Mental Models, Sensory Deprivation and Attracting Luck"
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Today, George Mack joins the show talk about attracting luck, what high-performance lessons we can learn from Josh Waitzkin, sensory deprivation tanks, and the mental models behind video games. George ...
#028 "Matt Ragland - The Journey to Becoming a Full-time Creator"
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Today, Matt Ragland joins the show to talk about his recent decision to become a full-time creator, how to get better at bullet-journalling, and what goes into a perfect coaching experience. Matt used ...
#027 "Juvoni Beckford - Lifelong Learning through Reading, Writing and Meditation"
55min 24sec
On today’s episode, I am talking with Juvoni Beckford, a Senior Software Engineer at Google. Juvoni is also the epitome of a lifelong learner as a voracious reader, a passionate community builder with ...
#026 "Hiten Shah - Billion Dollar Mistakes and Separating the Forest from the Trees"
54min 53sec
Today, I am speaking with Hiten Shah, the co-founder of FYI, a company that helps you find your documents in 3 clicks or less. He previously co-founded CrazyEgg and KISSmetrics as well. In our convers ...
#025 "Ana Lorena Fabrega - Synthesis School and The Future of Education"
45min 30sec
Today, I am speaking with Ana Lorena Fabrega, she is a former elementary school teacher who is now an edupreneur, a passionate educator outside the classroom with a vision for the future of education ...
#024 "Anna Gat - Founding Interintellect and Zones of Genius"
33min 13sec
On today's podcast, I speak with Anna Gat, the CEO and founder of Inter Intellect, a startup dedicated to bringing people together for intellectual discussions and salons. On today's episode, Anna and ...
#023 "August Bradley - Notion for Systems Thinking"
51min 49sec
On today's podcast, I'm speaking with August Bradley, an ex founder who helps small to mid-sized businesses enhance operations with Notion. August also recently created his Notion course, Pillars, Pip ...
#022 "Robbie Crabtree - How to Become a Better Speaker through Performative Speaking"
50min 28sec
On today's podcast, I interview Robbie Crabtree, a trial lawyer who is in the process of building out a transformative speaking curriculum at Performative Speaking. On today's episode, we discuss what ...
#021 "Kaleigh Moore - Apprenticeships for Freelancing"
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#020 "Nik Sharma - Media and Marketing Landscape 2020"
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On today's episode, I am talking with Nik Sharma, the CEO of Sharma Brands, which helps operate your favorite DTC Brands. Nik was the director of DTC at Hint Water and also led DTC e-commerce at Vayne ...
#019 "Nat Eliason - Idea Flow and 30 Year Thinking"
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#018 "Marie Poulin - Managing Life and Business in Notion"
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#016 "James Clear - Habits, Identity and Mental Models"
54min 14sec
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